Dairy Of A Great Jambite Lion [Part 6- Machete For Exam]

To lighten up your weekend, let’s continue the Dairy Of A Great Jambite Lion series….

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So one of the most interesting things about going to a public uni in Naija is cult life. Not like you have to be in one, but the stories were always flowing and in many ways, the activities of cults on campus just always created some sort of action film environment. If you went to uni in Naija you definitely have some sort of cult story. Either you joined, you were harassed by cult boys, you were toasted by one, or you just around when something went down, or maybe you saw a mutilated dead body… who knows?

Me jejely as an ajebo liverless boy, the idea of joining cult was not even entertained sef. Even though at some point my popsy ‘suspected‘ I was in one cos of my partying life style, my mind no strong reach there.
In my 2 years in Nsukka, I had 2 “major” encounters with confra guys.
First one wasn’t really a personal one, but the shit was as real as it get. It was first year chemistry exam (Chem 101 I think). We were in the major science building shaped like a quadrangle on the 3rd floor about to start writing our exam when all of a sudden there was commotion across the hall.
As we were still trying to figure out what was happening, 2 “strong face” boys barged into the classroom. One carrying a machette and another carrying a pistol.  They were definitely looking for someone, and unfortunately for us he was in our class. That’s how omo boy sitting a few seats behind me crashed out of the window and just took. Yes we were on the 3rd floor and bros jumped with no hesitation.
And then trust our people. Once those guys ran out to go chase the wanted bros, all man scatter from class room. All you could hear around the building as people ran was screaming girls, and random chants of “Blood Of Jesus. Blood Of Jesus!” In retrospect it was actually quite hilarious. But at the moment , your adrenaline is pumping, and your senses are super alert as you’re fleeing the area.
By the time I got downstairs some people had run all the way back to their hostels. Some girls were crying, and me I was just there stunned like “damn! All these stories I’ve been hearing about exam time and graduation time is true o.” At that moment I confirmed that this kind life can’t be for me at all.
Word on the street was they found the guy’s head near observatory, and his body near school gate. Me I no see, but the gist seemed pretty strong that it was hard not to believe.
Now my second experience with cult boys will almost make me reconsider not ‘blending’

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