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Dairy Of A Great Jambite Lion [Part 4 Math 111]

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When I refer to Math 111 I’m talking about the first year class that we all had to take. I’m also referring to a girl that saved my jambite year from the land of worwor-ism.
Math 111 was introduced to me actually by a family friend. When she found out I was at nsukka, she said oh, u should meet my friend ____. She showed me a pic of her (b4 facebook and BB days) and I was like cool. “If I see her, I’ll def say hey.” And so a few weeks after being back in school I met her after math 111 class hence the name math 111.
Now math 111 was one of those creme Enugu babes that spoke igbo with fone` Independence layout babes. U know those ‘I have bros and sisters in yankee, and I’m really just here cos of xyz reason’ type of babes. Well spoken, dressed like a channel O video babe, and was very smart too.
Finally!! A creme, correct babe all round that I can hang with. Once I knew Math 111 was at least willing to hang out with me, I went to jewel and just told her it won’t work out. Not like there was anything to actually break off sef, but just in case. Funny enough the day I went to tell Jewel that it wont work, there was one ‘Nna’ boy in room forming toasting, and when I told her in private she wasn’t even bothered sef. For the most part, I was not ‘Igbo’ enough for her. I guess maybe if I pulled my lime green trouser above my belly button then I’d fit… ok just kidding. But really it ended up being a mutual thing. I was just glad she wasn’t upset.
Now on to bigger better tings. Math 111 and I started hanging a lot, and I used her to shine ehn. She will hold my hand, and be very cuddly in public, and all that stuff. It looked good on me because all the other ajebo PH, Lagos, Abuja babes that would never blink at me started saying hi/hello. But the costs were very steep. As a chasis babe, Math 111 would not enter bike like the rest of us -it was cab or nothing. She would never step foot in ziks flats – for good reason sha, cos babes that came there were whistled at and much more. She will not eat at Mama Leke, so everytime she said let’s go do lunch after class boys had to look at their pocket well well b4 saying yes or “my uncle wants me to see him.” I mean going to all these advanced places you’ll order fried rice, meat, mineral for you and the babe. I mean it’s somehow if she’s the only one eating meat and you’re not, so in my mind I was eating birthday food everyday without the birthday money.
The math 111 semester was a good one, but omo after a while boyz had too analyse the scenario. Na so so posing I dey do. Pant I no see, kiss I no get, and I’ll be entering cab all the time like say I be big boy. Chopping meat everyday for what? Abegi. Babe had to go.
So one night we’re walking to mary slessor hall where she stayed and I’m about to tell her we should cut down on the hanging out, and she just drops the news that she’s getting married. One lawyer guy she’d been seeing in Enugu was ready to seal the deal and she was ready to do it too.
Well damn! Na wa o. I won’t lie even tho I was about to end it, it pained me small. Na so I dey pose with babe, dey do sufferhead with my small pocket money, and one big boi lawyer guy for Enugu has already uprooted the tree from the source. Bad guys inc. Is okay.
Anyways, good thing it was close to end of semester so it was time to go home. No money to enter bus from 9th mile so boyz had head to obolloafor for night bus tings… Another night I’ll never forget

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