Dairy Of A Great Jambite Lion [Part 3- Hunger Nah Bad Ting]

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So now I’m heading back to Nsukka with clear eye. I shall no longer be tricked into riding okada with local babes anymore. From now on, nah only creme babes. Lagos, PH, Enugu, Abuja, Calabar, KD, Benin, Jos… That’s it. If una no get airport, then I’m not doing.
So I hopped on that plateau riders bus heading for the east, and somehow I actually can’t believe I’m excited to go back to school. In the midst of all the bags of potatoes, and tomatoes in the middle of the bus, I was actually excited about going to school. Maybe it was the money I had. Yes, I had money. Money that would soon evaporate.
Now the thing about having a lot of money when you go back to school is that you actually think it’ll last forever. When everyone comes back from home they’re chopping fried rice, plantain with extra meat, with mineral, etc. When times are hard nah okpa and pure water in the morning and akpu with draw soup and no meat for night. There’s a worse stage: When the well is dry. Zero naira and Zero kobo. Let me share this story.
So me and OD are sitting in his room one day, just jejely thinking of which babe’s room we’ll go to to “visit” and use style to eat food there. Next thing, one of my guys, Bishop, burst into the room and starts crying. Now we’re both looking at dude, like “ole boy, person don die?” Bishop looks and says no, but “abeg make somebody borrow me 5 naira. I never chop since yesterday and I don sleep tire hoping the hunger will go away.” My guy continues with “omo I swear as I wake up now, nah tooothpaste I lick sef cos nah the only kind of food wey I get. I swear God go bless una if una fit give me 5 naira.”
Me and OD look ourselves like we don see who we better pass o. Damn homie! Nah hunger dey make my guy dey cry like this so? Wow.
So we start going door to door and begging for 5 naira. Eventually one of our neighbors, Musa gave us 20 naira, and the funny thing is the moment he did, see how we begin celebrate. I mean we turned up the music in the room and danced for like 10 mins b4 we went down to go buy fried yam and akara. After we all ate, and bishop had left, I looked at OD and said ”Omo u see as bishop dey cry?… Damn! Nna Hunger nah bad ting o” I swear this shit happened years ago, but I’ll never forget it. The feeling of being so hungry and so hopeless as to where ur next meal is coming from is just crazy.
But yea…Back to this journey back to Nsukka.

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