Dairy Of A Great Jambite Lion [Part 1: Welcome To School]

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I still remember when I first crossed that state line that said, Welcome to Enugu state, and it wasn’t festive season. Obollo afor that is usually packed during xmas season seemed like any other regular market. No traffic really, and driving by was a breeze through. Yes, I was going down to the east for school and not for christmas. Brand new experience for me.
We navigate through and eventually get to Nsukka, and not long after we get to the school gate that looked like it was from 1935. “Welcome to University of Nigeria, Nsukka. To Restore The Dignity Of Man.” I looked at my mom and was like “Is this the school everyone has been making noise about? What dignity are we restoring actually? The place looks like a village.” …and really it did. Little errand kids (umu nsukka) were running around the place, and there way more okadas than I had ever seen in my life.
As a jos boy I was used to a certain type of ajebo life (pre-crisis), and that was not what was going to happen in this town or village sef. The place was hot, red dust was everywhere, women were selling okpa in wheel barrows, and everyone’s face on campus was just very strong. You know when you see strong face you go know say the place is not for the fried rice boys.
My momsy was only going to spend 1 day with me and then just deposit me with my uncle. First things first, registration, where I met OD who will end up being my main man for the duration of my stay in UNN, and then get the key to my room. This was 1 tiny room that I was jejely thinking was just mine until 2 other “strong face” guys show up and say they are my roommates. I introduced myself, and then I decided to go shopping with momsy. After going shopping, guess what I came back with? A bucket, 1 of those thin matresses, a broom, a bag of garri, and pack of st Louis sugar. It was like boarding school all over again. I thought Uni is supposed be permanent flexing and chopping life with plenty plenty babes around. Lai lai o. That was not happening in these parts… at least not yet. Funny enough the last thing that came to my mind, was the academic aspect of the school which was really top-notch.
So far though, nothing was exciting about Nsukka. “This Uni sucks. I should’ve just stayed in UniJos where I know people, or maybe gone to UI. At least lagos is not far from there.” But on the bright side, OD had his room across from mine, so at least I don make one friend from this zone. OD was from Okigwe, and seemed to know area pretty well.
Thank God that I had an uncle sef that was a prof so at least I went to his house to eat rice, and enjoy small AC. I met my cousins, Magad & TC who were around my age, so they were cool, and then I met a friend of theirs. The finest short girl I had seen in my life till date. She ended up being known to all of us as AAA (like the small size battery). We had nicknames for all the babes we talked about, but that one nah another story. Lol.

Anyways, after a few days, I started getting settled and got a hang of the place, and started to feel more at home. Me & OD had become correct friends as per we lived across from each other and had the same course so we pretty much likes twins. Yea people called us that.
Weeks went by, and one thing was apparent. Nsukka was a good school but it was dry, had very few fine babes (at first anyways), and a lot of the fine babes that came into this school just downgraded themselves somehow…Village effect if you will, and after a while when you’re around peeps that are not so into their looks you tend to adjust your eye small. That’s what happened when I met my first uni runs. Let’s call her Jewel.
To Be Continued.
Source: www.jaguda.com

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