Hiring a Ghostwriter: Eight Important Questions to Ask

8 Important Questions to Ask about Hiring a Ghostwriter.

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Are you considering hiring a professional ghostwriter for your next writing project? If so, you may have many questions. Considering every concern you want to be addressed can be a challenge, especially if the deadline is approaching. You must consider the questions that will bring you closer to an ideal ghostwriter for your project. Yes, it can be a challenge, but the right questions can make choosing an ideal ghostwriter for your project much easier.

Here are some important questions you must ask your ghostwriter before welcoming them on board.

1) Ask for a Sample Contract

Ghostwriters often work with contracts. If a ghostwriter you are considering working with claims to have experience working with other clients, they will have a sample or two to share with you. Looking at a contract can give you insight into how working with a certain professional will go for you. Some ghostwriters may have drawn their contracts, which can be adjusted based on mutual agreement. However, blanket contracts from freelance sites may be rigid, and both parties must abide by their terms and conditions to work.

2) Inquire About Knowledge of the Matter

While ghostwriters are very adaptable and versatile, asking them about their hands-on experience matters a lot. If they have already worked on a similar subject, genre, or niche, you can rely on their expertise with full confidence. 

On the contrary, ghostwriters without experience can make adjustments to their charges to allow for research. If they have to research more based on the research gap, they will likely charge you more for the service. Make sure that you hire a ghostwriter who has prior experience and knowledge on the subject matter. It will not only make your work stand out but also save you money. 

3) Know About the Backlog

Before you hire a ghostwriter, you need to know about how many projects they have in their place. Many people who seek freelance Canadian ghostwriters always remember to ask such important questions to avoid problems later.

No one likes to turn away their opportunities to earn, and your ghostwriter may be in a backlog because of their prior commitments. Instead of letting their workload affect you, you can ask them to tell you all about their commitments to other clients. This information can help you understand how much time a ghostwriter will be able to give your work and if there are suspicions of quality being compromised on the way.

4) Question About the Charges

Hiring the ideal ghostwriter for your writing project also depends on your budget. If you have a limited budget, you may have to make compromises on certain aspects, such as their years of experience or customer satisfaction rates. 

Asking about their charges at the beginning of your conversation can help you save time and energy. You may even be able to secure the best talents at reasonable rates if you have good negotiation skills. In addition to asking how much they change, make sure that you also inquire about how they charge their clients. Do they charge by the hour, by the page, or by the word? This information can also help you make your final decision.

It is best to be financially prepared since some ghostwriters ask for a portion of their fee to be paid upfront or based on every milestone they achieve. You should understand how your ghostwriter works in advance to make necessary arrangements.

5) Question About What is Included

Just because you have hired a ghostwriter does not mean that you have absolved yourself from all responsibility. The services provided by every ghostwriter for a service charge can differ in many ways. You must inquire about it before hiring them. For example, some ghostwriters may write for you, research, edit, and provide revisions, while others may write and bid their farewell.

Instead of feeling shaken at the moment, it is better to inquire your ghostwriter about the services they provide in advance. Knowing what you are paying for can help you stay prepared and manage your expectations.

6) Enquire About the Timeframe

Ghostwriters are usually very responsible with deadlines. It is an aspect that you will likely not have to worry about. However, it is important to remember not to rush the deadline. You may make the ghostwriter compromise on the quality of your work.

While many ghostwriters may not be able to provide you with an exact date for the completion of the writing task right away, you can ask them for an estimate on the time they needed for similar projects in the past. This way, you can get an idea of the timeframe and plan the rest accordingly.

7) Learn About Outsourcing

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for some ghostwriters to outsource some of their projects to other people seeking opportunities to work. The outsourced work may be of low quality and it may compromise the overall quality of your work.

Instead of living in doubt and investigating the matter all by yourself, you can ask the ghostwriter if it is a common practice for them to outsource important aspects of their work, such as proofreading, editing, formatting, or anything else. If you are uncomfortable with a part of your work being outsourced, do not compromise your ease. Instead, you can look for other ghostwriters who directly take accountability for their creations.

8) Question About a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Whether you want to disclose that a ghostwriter wrote your book or not lies on your end. You should not compromise on your comfort for anything.

If you are not comfortable with letting the world know about the involvement of a ghostwriter, it is important to get a contractual agreement before forming a partnership. If you do not want your work to be disclosed as ghostwritten, things do not have to be complicated. You can ask your ghostwriter to provide you with a non-disclosure agreement or supply your own to establish boundaries.

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