Dairy Of A Great Jambite Lion [Part 2 A Girl Named Jewel]

This is a continuation of the Diary of A Great Lion series. Do read the first part on the following link to easily follow up with this second part.

Dairy Of A Great Jambite Lion [Part 1: Welcome To School]
Interesting story by a super lion…… Read and share your thoughts

Now Jewel was for all intensive purposes a razz bush girl. She wore those long skirt suits around with different colors, orange, lime green, flowery, sky blue. You name it she had it and wore it to class on the regular. She def wasn’t anyone I’d be proud of being my first UNN runs, but like I said, given the circumstances. I’m a jambite, staying in Ziks flats with roommates, no car, no money, and no big name father. My standards has to fit somewhere. On the flipside though, she was one of the most down to earth babes I’d meet in Nsukka.
So one day me and OD decided to have a make shift house party with jewel and her friend. Yes 2 boyz, 2 girls, and a cd player that had 2 cds. Boys 2 men, and Mariah carey. We had a few bottles of guiness stout in the room, and in 3,2,1 blue light comes on and party don start be that.
Now the highlight of this night, besides the smooching all night, was that jewel didn’t know the name to Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby” so anytime she wanted us to replay the song she’ll just say “play do dodoop” (like the first adlibs of the song). Actually I lied, she’ll say it in igbo “Tinye do dodoop.” LOL. I swear I’ll never forget that in my life cos she said it so many times, but at that moment wetin concern me, I was smooching my first university nyash, and tapping current for the first time in Uni. Somehow, someway by default, that was how jewel became my first Uni main squeeze.
We did everything together. School, shows, ride okada to the market, eat at Mama Leke and everything else. Funny enough I never got around to ‘sealing the deal‘. I don’t think I really wanted to actually. I enjoyed the company more than anything. Jewel was just right in my eyes. Nothing spoil.
But then I went to Jos during one of our strikes, and when my aunt asked who my main girl was, I showed her a pic, and she looked at me like… “what the heck?” Then I looked at the pic myself and thought the same thing. What the heck was I thinking? Somehow at that moment in jos, my eyes cleared and I saw those long “to your ankle” skirt suits, and was instantly convinced that I had been jazzed. This could’ve made for a good nollywood moment if there was a prayer session LOL.
Yeaaahh!! This needed to end the moment I got back to school. Even my makeshift babe in jos had a fill day laughing at me for weeks. So when it was time to head back, I did so with the full intention of going straight to Jewel & telling her it was over.
To be continued…

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