Let those who are going for Post UME read this and be wise, and let those whose dream of going for Screening has been shattered by JAMB read this and be encouraged. This article will guide you on what to do next.
From the information made available by JAMB, out of the over 1.5 million candidate that sat for the 2012 UTME exam,
901 candidates scored above 270__299;
71,339 candidates made 250__269;
601,151 candidates scored 200__249;
374,920 candidates scored 170__199;
Whereas 336,330 scored below 170.
If you are a Jambite, the question is not just which category of student you represent in the above information. The real issue is, ‘NOW THAT YOUR RESULT IS OUT WHAT NEXT?’
It is obvious that from the data above, some candidates are smiling whereas a greater number (over 711,250 candidates) are probably fuming and saying, ‘If only I have scored more. My dear, if you find yourself within this range, the only thing we have to say to you is that “If you spend today worrying about yesterday then your tomorrow is obviously in trouble.” Like many of us who are now undergraduates, we understand that you may have written JAMB more than once, but we encourage you not to give up. He that could not win today’s battle will probably win tomorrows’. My dear, get out of the seat of worry, don’t discard your textbooks. Pick them again and work on yourself. That is not to say that we are ignorant of the fact that the inability of students to do well in JAMB could entirely not be their fault. The fact that Mr. A scored poorly in JAMB does not mean that he does not have a good head sitting on his shoulders. Speaking from experience, so many factors can contribute to students’ failure. Some write but end up beholding what does not look like their result. There are also cases where people’s result are cancelled or withheld for no just cause.
My dear, what we are saying in essence is, “DON’T LET THAT DREAM DIE! DON’T LOOSE SIGHT OF THAT BIG PICTURE!” Of course it may tarry; the fact is that if you persist it will SURELY come. You may be down right now, but you are not yet out. Tell your parents and your friends who have written you out that the road to the university has no end. You may have crashed today, but we suggest that you go to a mechanic, fix your car and hit the road again. People are waiting to celebrate not just your matriculation, but your graduation and your excellence in life. You may just be on the way to being the next Steve Jobs, Chinua Achebe, Chimamanda Adichie, Wole Soyinka, Philip Emeagwali etc. Just make sure that the course you want to study is your passion not the recommendation of your friends and parents.
If the university is your most preferred, thank God you still have the wonderful option of gaining admission in any of the reputable Polytechnics, Monotechnics and Colleges of Education scattered all over the country.
The next category of students we want to address are people who are basking in the euphoria of having done wonderfully well in JAMB. These are those we see as people who feel that they scored beyond their imagination. As far as they are concerned, they have already gained admission. In fact, even as you are reading this article, most of them are dreaming where they are in a lecture hall. Are you in this category? Wake up! Before I continue this article, let me drift a bit and relate a personal experience to you.
After my first JAMB, I was so happy with myself for obtaining a record-breaking score. If not for my parents, I would have thrown a party to celebrate my success. My dear, do you know what?
At the end of Post UME that year, my result could not give me admission all because I was busy celebrating a battle that has not yet been won. As a result of this, I goofed in my Post UME and because I applied Medicine which had a high cut-off that year, I saw myself coming back to take solace in the well-furnished room in my parents’ house. Don’t panic for this article is written just to save you from my mistakes. Before you continue I want you to promise me something, make sure that all your friends that wrote JAMB and those who are coming for Post UME are going through this article with you. Let him who is going for Post UME read this and be wise, and let those whose dream of going for Screening has been shattered by JAMB read this and be encouraged. Then for those who like me are celebrating their ‘wonderful’ JAMB result, this piece will guide you.
Like we were saying, you don’t go celebrating the death of an ‘enemy’ when another is lurking around. Of course, we are not saying that you should not be happy, what we are simply saying is, ‘Don’t be carried away.’ The sad truth is that it is not all those that scored very high in JAMB that will gain admission this year.  Let’s bring it home so that you will understand. If UNN is your choice of institution, it will interest you to know that over 79,398 candidates applied the school this year. Although some did not score up to the mark that will enable them come for Screening, but the fact is that the school can NEVER admit half of that number. Therefore, we appeal to you to strive in order to be considered.
Finally, it is not just getting into the university that matters. Even as you gain admission this year, you should also be thinking about how to survive within the walls of the university. Ever heard of the two letter word GP? Well, this will be a story for another day. We cannot end this article without addressing the issue of those who cheat or bribe their way into the university. These days JAMB halls are so porous that getting a high score is like walking pass through that door in your room. It is so painful that 2go and other social networks have swallowed up the priceless habit of burning midnight candles. Well, if you’ve obtained the result in your hand through a fraudulent means, the bad news is that the University of Nigeria is not conditioned to favour you. We are not saying this to scare you, as you will soon found out. Therefore, we encourage you to do away with the, “Do it for me attitude or the show me the answer character.” There is always room for improvement so, start now to study and you will be surprised of the man you will grow to become in the near future.
11)    Establish a relationship with your maker___ God.
22)    Convince yourself that you can do it.
33)    Study as if everything depends on studying
44)   If you can, attend a good extramural lesson not a money-making centre where students are exploited
55)    VERY IMPORTANT, go through JAMB and Post JAMB past questions.
NOTE: We are on the verge of producing an authentic UNN Post JAMB past question. Make sure you don’t pick anything that calls itself UNN Past question anywhere on the street as so many fake stuff abound. The moment we are ready with the past question we will let you know via www.unn-edu.info.

                                                                                                           Justice E. Ebede

**UPDATE** The much awaited Total Victory Solution Set (UNN Post UME Past Question with detailed step by step solution to answers) is finally out!
Check the link below for details


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  • Tanks very much sir law,u ve really helped me,i almost lost hope but now i knw dat there is no reason to giv up


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