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UTME 2019 COUNTDOWN- Guide to Effective Preparation

Guide To Effective JAMB & Post UTME Preparation.

‘Tick! Tick! Tick!’ the clock goes.

One thing wristwatches and wall clocks have in common is that they never stop ticking, even when time is against us. I’m sure that if some of you have the means right now, you would bribe the clock to stop ticking so that you will have time to catch up with certain things. If that is how you are feeling right now, especially as 2019 UTME approaches, we urge you to accept our sympathy because you are on the wrong side of the divide.

Considering that JAMB is barely a few days away, if you, as a jambyte is not at the point of revision right now, then you’re at the wrong side of the divide again. Having been in the business of helping candidates achieve their academic goal, we @UNNINFO decided to open this trend___ UTME 2019 Countdown.

Our intention is to see how we could be of help to your scoring very high in this year’s UTME. Like a soldier going to war in a country overran by terrorists, this is entirely your battle. But, as you prepare for this ‘raging war’, we shall be here to help guide you the best way we can. Trust us; we’ve been in this business for years!

Here is a brief Summary of Sweet Sixteen by Bolaji Abdullahi, the JAMB reading text for 2019 UTME candidates.

The only thing we need you to do is to help us spread the news that UNNINFO has opened her door to as many candidates who wish to be inspired onto greatness. You can do this by helping spread our post, particularly those that have to do with UTME, across social media. Our mandate is to make sure that everyone writing JAMB this year is adequately prepared to avoid stories that touch. Our seasoned team of professionals, led by @Mr.Ekene would be churning out posts that would hit you to the very core.

We will tell you that blunt truth that would inspire you to work harder towards achieving greatness. One of such truth is that you should drastically cut down on the amount of time you spend on social media. If you must come online, let it be that the majority of what you come to do is to seek information on your forthcoming exam, at least, from now till the date you eat the hall to do the needful.

Also See 40 Questions on Sweet Sixteen for JAMB UTME Candidates.

Try and make this last sacrifice because time is running out. As you put finishing touches to getting ready for post UTME, place don’t adopt the fire brigade approach by waking up suddenly to try and study for very long hours unending. Don’t study to the point that you experience what is called Study burnout. Take a short break and drink enough water. Sleep well, schedule your study sessions and don’t make a habit out of cramming.

We can go on and on but let’s stop here for now. @Mr.Ekene will get back to you soon. Search for UnnInfo Official Group on Facebook and come onboard our ship. Let’s sail together to the shore of Success, because on that shore, TOTAL VICTORY is assured.

Tips: How To Successfully gain Admission into UNN – Best of Luck to you all.

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