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40 Questions on Sweet Sixteen for JAMB UTME Candidates

JAMB Question and Answer from Sweet Sixteen Novel.

Here are at least forty possible questions from Sweet Sixteen, the JAMB compulsory novel for 2019 Use of English Unified Tertiary Matriculation Exam (UTME).

Go through the question thoroughly to see how well you have prepared as about 10 questions might be drawn from the book. So it is very important you get all the questions if you are hoping to score high in this year’s UTME.

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40+ Possible Questions from Sweet Sixteen Novel:

1. How old was Aliya in the Novel?
(A) 16
(B) 18

2. According to one expert; ‘Comprehensive s*x education doesn’t encourage kids to have s*x’. True OR False.

3. Who is the Author of the book, “Sweet Sixteen”?
(A) Bolaji Adelaji
(B) Bolaji Abdullahi
(C) Bolade Abdullahi
(D) Jerry Agada.

4. ………. almost fainted when he heard that some students were caught on the school’s basketball court at night having ‘’s*x’.
(A) Mr James
(B) Aliya
(C) Mr Bello
(D) Bolaji.

5. Mr Bello is a ………… by Professions according to the novel.
(A) an Accountant
(B) Engineer
(C) Nurse
(D) Journalist.

6. Where were the students were caught having S*X?
(A) At the Chapel
(B) Behind a Lawn Tennis Court
(C) At the Basketball Court
(D) In the Toilet.

7. Adoringly, Aliya was referred to as……….
(A) Journalist
(B) S*x Addict
(C) Beautiful Lady
(D) First Lady.

8. …………. is the protagonist in the Novel, Sweet Sixteen.
(A) Mr Bello
(B) Aliya
(C) Mrs Bello
(D) Mr Fayose.

9. What is the color of Aliyah’s mug?
10. What is Mr Bello’s best color?
11. Who said this “Pay me so that I can teach you the secret to making his tea”
12. The letter Mr Bello sent to Aliyah on her 16th birthday was based on the outings they had.
13. Don’t tell me you don’t Netflix, who said this?
14. Who wanted his son to be a lawyer?
15. What was Aliyah’s first Ambition?
16. Why did Aliyah’s friend cheat during the physics exam?
17. I don’t think she is happy with what she did, who said this?
18. Parents shouldn’t compare their children with each other said by who
19. Who is the protagonist in the book sweet sixteen?
20. What was the introductory statement on Aliya’s 16th birthday letter?
21. In the department of rascality and smartness who was the gold medalist?
22. To Aliya what is the meaning of being dumb?
23. What is the title of chapter one of sweet sixteen?
24. What is Aliya’s mother profession?
25. To Aliya being called a child is the same thing as?
26. At the birth of Aliya what was he fathers profession?
27. The only thing Aliya’s father thought was worth celebrating was?
28. What name disgusted Aliya most?
29. At What age did Aliya start wearing bra?
30. At what age did Aliya get into secondary school?
31. What was Aliyas perception about her roommate Grace?
32. What was the proof that Aliya was serious in her chemistry for the term?
33. What kind of girls did Mr. Bello say boys like?
34. According to sweet sixteen what is the main aim of chess game?
35. Why did Aliya not return Tokunbos teddy bear which he gave her on Valentine’s day?
36. Aliya’s religion was?
37. What is the title of Aliyas 16th birthday letter?
38. What was Aliya’s sixteenth birthday present?
39. What was Aliya doing when Grace returned from the bathroom on Aliya 16th birthday?
40. What are the definitions Mr. Bello give as the meaning of dumb girls?
41. What statement does Aliya father make to end discussions during visiting days?
42. What sickness was Aliya suffering from?
43. What advice did Aliya’s father give to her when she asked if she could return the teddy to Bobo.
44. What is Bobo’s real name?

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