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Have You Done the Post UTME CBT Pre-Test? What Was Your Experience?

Hi Everyone,

We have received a couple of complaints about the ongoing UNN Post Utme Pre CBT Test.

If you have done the CBT Practice Test, please share your experience by dropping your comments on this post so that those in charge of the CBT practice portal may get your feedback here.

Note: The CBT Test is best done with a computer device. You may experience difficulties using a mobile phone.

For a step by step guide on how to participate in the UNN pre-cbt Test, click on the link below;

Also, if you are unable to get the practice card within your location and you want us to help get it for you, simply click on the following link to request for it =>https://unn-edu.info/services/cbt-test-card

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Comments (40)

  • how can i get mt acknowledgement slip,i only got application form the day i registered for the post utme

  • can one buy more than one pin to practise as many times as possibe. cos i used the first pin just twice nd the third time i tried it said token expired

  • I have practised for the precbt and found no result, i hope that my data was officially sent to UNN by jamb and that am eligible to sit fo the postume pls UNNINFO i need a reply Thanks.

  • Pls which bank exactly can I get it here in Onitsha?I don look for am tire

  • I bought the card, did all necessary registration. the
    n I tried the test but I could not see the result..
    please unninfo try to rectify the problem before the main exam… thank u very much

  • hi everyone i also did d cbt test at cybercafe but no result.so yesterday nite i tried it again but dis tym i used my fone.doing only english due to my megabite .i answered 14 ques in english gettin 60 but some re wrong.

  • is d CBT test a must

  • The portal is almost perfect but the only problem is that many answers are wrong. Please those incharge should sort that out.To avoid error during the main exam. I did mine and scored 92 pls how is the score calculated.

  • Good day admin… I’m a direct entry aspirant for civil law.. I tried login in my direct entry exam number but I was told its not valid what do I do?? …or can I use my formal jamb reg number that was used to retrieve my info from jamb? pls tell me how d direct entry students go about theirs regarding d CBT practice…hope to hear from u soonest..thanx

  • Pls sir,i bought favourable distinction on my past utme ques.nd ans is it ok?

  • Pls sir,hw much is the post utme form gonna cost?.And dose nt buying d scratch card is it gonna affect us?

  • Hi Mr Henry Divine… I scored 267 in my 2015 jamb… Am going for Accountancy. Pls what are my chances of getting into UNN?

  • Well….. After the test most of the answers were wrong…. I scored 62 nd i dont know if its over 100, took it twice, tried logging in again but was told invalid token

  • pls hw important z dis cbt test

  • well it doesn’t work well. The answers are wrong and please can you enlighten us on how the scores are calculated. also can you find a way in which the corrections in maths are worked out.

  • Some of the answers chosen was wrong

  • i wrote the pre cbt twice. NO RESULT. why?

  • I did my best on the CBT practice..but most of the correct answer i chooose did not correspond with the one already shown on the screen..that is after the exam (Preview)


  • I Was able to use my phone to write the Test. Mak God jst Help Pass d main Exam sha.

  • As this people say; some answers are wrong. is this a form of game or not, at is very appalling that UNN will be giving students WRONG ANSWER.

  • Mine didn’t give any result, why?

  • For jamb, i wrote english, economics, literature nd history buh during the cbt practice no questions appeared under history jst the other three subjects i was able to answer their questions. I tried it again nd same thing occured. Y??

  • The CBT test was a total waste of time. I pray this can of problem does not occur in the main exam. The total mark the CBT the test give is 46 and that’s nothing compare to what is excepted of us to get in order to pass for admission

    • Thanks for your comment. But it’s wrong to conclude that the CBT pre test is a waste of time.
      Well, like they say, “different strokes for different folks.”

  • The card is not on sell at my area (owerri)

  • pls dose dah bought d card, which particular bank did u buy it

  • pls is the unn cbt pratics opsional or mandatory?

  • pls this unn CBT is not
    working normal ooo!.my
    friend & I bought the card for
    d test,wen I logged in,the
    questions & options are OK
    but after answering,wen I
    submitted, I noticed that
    unn choosed wrong wrong
    answers.i found out that the wrong options unn choosed are not intentional but an error because wen my frnd logged
    in,the questions & options
    are same as mine but the
    options are mixed.e.g,in
    number 1,my option (a) is
    my frnd’s option (c) but if d
    answer is option (a),unn will
    choose (a) for my own & still
    choose option (a) as the
    answer number one in my
    friend’s own who’s correct
    option should be (c) without taking note of the mixed options.pls how
    can dis info reach those in charge of
    dis.marking different papper
    with one answer will fail
    many people if not all.unn
    pls help us & correct this
    error when uploading the
    main question for the exams
    or rather don’t twist d options
    to avoid mistakes pls

  • Its ok,after the login,av tried it trice,,just that,the mark won’t be given or shown,jus the answers to each question,but your score after practice won’t

  • When I login for the first time it was successful, but I tried the second time what it display in my system was invalid token. Then what is problem?

    • Author

      Are you sure you are using the correct generated Examination number to log in? You only need the generated Examination number and JAMB Reg Number to Log In, and not the scratch card pin.
      The scratch card pin is needed only during registration.

  • Some answers are wrong.

  • It is extremely faulty! It dosen’t let you enter your JAMB number on the registration page.


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