Post Utme Cancellation: UNN Aspirant Pens A Thought-Provoking Article

UNN Aspirant Pens A Thought-Provoking Article on Post Utme Cancellation.

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Minister of Education Steer Clear of My Education

For fear of being victimized, I’ll choose to be anonymous.

When I heard about the scraping of post UTME, I did not know whether to be happy or sad. Truth be told, we young people are tired of the rigours of having to write two very tough examinations just to gain admission into higher institutions of our choice. Although this is my second JAMB, somehow I have this feeling that if not for this bottleneck that was placed in our education system in the year 2005, yours truly would have been an undergraduate by now. Examination, they say is not a true test of knowledge, but the worst nightmare is to organize a shoddy exam. I have written series of examination, right from my primary school days to the time I wrote WASSCE and emerged as the best graduating student, one thing I’ve come to find out is that people don’t pass exam by chance. However, what happened to me in this year’s JAMB is what I am yet to comprehend.

Last year, I applied for Law at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. When I wrote JAMB and had a score of 270, I sat down and took a closer look at the individual score I made in different subjects; I smiled because the result was a reflection of my ability. From my very tight schedule, I had to make out time to start preparing for the post UTME. Remember that it was the same year I wrote WASSCE and NECO. Honestly, I lost a lot of weight, and when Post UTME result came out, I made 250. My average for both JAMB and PUTME last year was 260. Guess what, that score was not enough to give me Law because UNN had 287 as their cut-off mark. For those of you that wrote JAMB last year, recall that JAMB came up with this idea of redistribution. That is, moving students according to their score to other schools that have less applicants. I was very happy when I heard about the idea. Of course I was happy because I knew that with my 270 JAMB score, I would have a shot at UNN, my dream school. My happiness was short-lived because JAMB later did not implement that policy. I guess that’s what they are trying to enforce this year by getting the Minister of Education, tell us, on the 2nd of this month that Post UTME has been (or should be) scraped. In my opinion, Prof. Dibu Ojerinde is in bed with Mallam Adamu Adamu. They have both orchestrated this wonderful plan. Truth be told, this is a good plan but the timing is very wrong.

Let me take you down memory lane. This year’s JAMB received a lot of criticism. Students complained that the exercise was badly organized. Some aggrieved students even took to the street to vent their anger. Unfortunately, Prof. Ojerinde who, I thought should know better came out and claimed that the demonstration that was carried out by students was orchestrated by aggrieved CBT centres that had their contract cancelled. Prof., you and I know that was a fat lie. By blaming CBT centres and lesson centres instead of accepting the ineptitude of your system and the laxity of your workers, you lost the respect I used to have for you. Prof. let me ask you a question; do you think we are fools? Yes, I know that an average Nigerian youth does not read but the truth remains that we are not fools. I may not have gotten admission into the university but I know whom I am! I am an intelligent Nigerian youth who works hard every day. God knows that I’m better than my counterparts in most part of the world, and I’m not a fool. Having tasted success in my secondary school days, I know what it is like to be a winner. Unfortunately, JAMB decided to make me look like a fool when, on March 10, I wrote JAMB at a centre in Anambra State only to come home two days after and have JAMB send to me a text message that states that I scored 232. How is that possible? I thought. After being depressed for some days, I went online to look at the details of my result. I shouted when I saw that I was given 49 in English. This is not my result, I told mum who was with me in the room.

Well, when after a month I accepted the result that was sent to me by JAMB, I vowed to do my best, in terms of preparation to make sure that I prove my worth in post UTME when the time comes. Because I’m a go-getter, I had since got a Post UTME Past Question Paper and have been marrying my textbooks ever since. So, for Mallam Adamu Adamu to wake up one morning and tell us that he has scraped Post UTME is just unacceptable, especially at this point. In my opinion, I’ll rather they scrap JAMB and allow schools conduct examination for prospective students. JAMB as a body is messing up. They should take a cue from WAEC. Remember that Post UTME was introduced to clean up the mess up by JAMB. If the Federal Government wants JAMB to assume her constitutional role, they should first of all return her to her previous glory.

I gave up a JAMB score of 270 and a post UTME score of 250 because I believed that I’ll do better this year. My friend had advised me to buy a supplementary form and shop into English and Literary Studies last year but I told him that I’d make the merit list for Law this year. I had studied very hard for JAMB but they almost killed my zeal by sending me another person’s result. Just when it seemed I’ve gotten over it, Adamu Adamu now wants to put sand in my garri. God will judge you all! One calendar year of staying at home has taught me a lot of lessons, but trust me, unlike last year, I can settle for another course in UNN but God will punish anyone who reassigns me to any other school that is not University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Apart from the issue of proximity, I’m obsessed about the school.

Finally, Mallam Adamu Adamu, if really you want to scrap Post UTME, I suggest that this year’s JAMB be remarked by a neutral body and the results obtained be checked with what JAMB sent to candidates. I also suggest you call Prof. Ojerinde to come and explain why 40 marks were added to some candidates and were later removed from that of some people. JAMB had a lot of issues and I put it to you that scraping Post UTME shouldn’t be an option until JAMB is brought to a standard.


Source: Campus Portal.

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  2. Interesting


    Many have prepared for the exam.It is better to implement that next year.

  4. Obasi Chukwuemeka

    This is a bigi mistake by scrapping post ume… Its not tight at all Mallam Adamu Adamu please I beg u

  5. I think scrapping postjama isn’t the rigt thing, cus some rich parents will tend to buy admission to their children nd this will really affect the chances of intelligents students

  6. XclusiveComicxx

    I will only support this movement if and only if admission is given to every student that wrote jamb and scored 200 and above. But i know its not even remotely possible, which makes me suggest that this policy should be implemented next year

  7. XclusiveComicxx

    I will only support this movement if and only if admission is given to every student that wrote jamb and scored 200 and above. But i know its not even remotely possible, which makes me suggest that this policy should be implemented next year. PEACE

  8. I hope dey start it dz year…. am api unn here I come

  9. I think the idea of MALLAM ADAMU ADAMU scrapping post-jamb is a good idea… because with this jamb wud be the ones giving admission. And those corrupt parents that buys admission for their children there will be no chance for them cos jamb wud have the records of people who got admission. And those that got admission to the school illegally, they will be caught and sent out of the school premises cos they are not in the jamb’s record.. So i tink d idea of scrapping post-jamb is another way of eradicating corruption in universities.. Thumbs up to Mallam Adamu Adamu and Prof. Dibu….. We are in the era of change

    • Last year 2015/2016… I got 247 in jamb and 247 in post-jamb and the course i applied for was sociology which is 260 and i scored 247 after they divided my score. So i knew my score wasn’t up to the cut off. So I decided to buy supplementary form for #10,000 which i did. I changed to a smaller coure which is social work 213 as the cut.. With my score 247 i couldn’t get admission for d course which i shopped for which is sociology 213 as cut off mark.. I passed the cut off with 34 marks still UNN didn’t give me admission…..i was having confidence dat i was going to get admission dat i was even waiting till d last supplementary list came out but thank God my dad forced me to buy diz year jamb form if not i wud’v bin thinking of writing jamb nxt year

  10. I think dat d idea of scraping post jamb may be acceptable if the jamb is remarked

  11. There is nothing wrong in scraping post Utme, the problem is that Jamb is not giving candidates what they score. They give what they want as score and mainly below what candidate expect. And I have come to find out that is true

  12. Emmanuel Adidanyai

    Frankly speaking, jamb owes prospective undergraduates who took jamb this year an explanation for the questionable conduct of this year’s exams. However,the rescind of post ume is not a bad idea at all as dat will a long to curb the measure of corruption in universities.

  13. This is a dicy situation..scraping putme is favourable to students,because most schools use it as a revenue for quick cash and at the end deny students admission..Jamb on it’s own is not left out,it is culpable in the sense that it gives students result that’s not’s a collectively short-comings on the two-party.what the Govt should do is making sure their is fairness and accountability in the admission process if any is scrapped(Jamb or putme) goes down well..for its all cheating.

  14. ejim joy chinecherem

    I think the idea of scraping off post utme is a good idea. students can now focus in their jamb knowing their success depends on it and can purchase for the fee without financial problem after spending on so much exams like waec, neco, jamb and post utme.but before this can be achieve our jamb system should standalize

    What if UNN decides to have 200 as HER cut off mark,how possible is it that STUDENTS who scored 200 in JAMB would all be admitted since post utme is scrapped? Secondly, what if the departmental cut off mark for MASSCOM in UNN is 250,what is the possibility of STUDENTS who scored 220 in JAMB to be admitted since post utme is scrapped?

  16. Why is everyone comment on this post ume cancellation personal, is this how we gonna be leaders of tomorrow

  17. I, for one, am not a jambite but I do know that jamb is the worst examination board in Nigeria. Even if examination were indeed a true test of knowledge, jamb never was and can’t be. Anyone who is a fan to the scrap of post UTME never knew about jamb pre 2005 era. Post utme may have some dent but that of jamb is more alarming. Ojerinde and his cohorts really need to have a rethink.

  18. honestly speaking… this stuff will only be beneficial to the rich parent’s out there while the less fortunate will be left…there is no possibility that UNN will give admission to aspirants even if they got the cut off mark(200)..those going for medical surgery with jamb score ..(210) ..even if the sky should open and beg on their behalf UNN won’t accept it…because if it should be scrapped off…the streets will be filled with Dropout’s..

  19. I sincerely dont know which is better scrapping of post utme or jamb, bt with dis yr’s jamb, its better to do away with jamb. My friend am also a victim like u my total average last yr ws 259 for law bt d cutoff ws 297, i got 250 in jamb and this yr i got, rather they gave me 237, with 49 in eng and 37 in govt, subjects i will always score A+ anywhere anytime. What can i do? NOTHING! FG will not listen to our cry of remark. I hav already changed my dream course to Education at least its still my dream uni, i hav already promised it doesn’t matter how long, i’ll still study law in unn by then i’ll hav power and the right connection to back up my zeal

  20. I can say is a good idea becuase that post utme is a westing of time,there are some poeple who has look for admission up to 5 years still they coudn’t get admission into unn. So is a very good idea If they can give admission to every one who got up to 200 and above in their JAMB.

  21. My young friends. I feel your pain. I struggled to get admission into UNN by 1995 and 1997 all to no avail. JAMB jammed me and I wept bitterly. I finally went to a state University. Great ABSU . Determined, I sought admission for postgraduate studies at UNN in 2013 and got it. Graduated top of my class. May God protect and guide your dreams Amen.

  22. Sonwu Samuel N

    Cancelling putme is the best thing to do… Post utme allow desperate and connected parents to illegally secure admissions for their 14, 15years old children. what about student like me that our parents can’t afford basic needs, that are very disconnected. Think u Mallam Adamu Adamu. And pls help us look into lt because I still smells wayo. For me, post utme is exploitation.

  23. Sonwu Samuel N

    Pls my question is how is the screening coming to be like?

  24. Thumbs up bro.I really agree with you,if anything should be scrapped off in admission procedures,then Jamb must not be exempted. but which ever way they want it, am in this year after a terrible four years sit at home;hopefully to one day become a LION

  25. why now?

  26. When it comes to CBT nobody is marking it THe aswer is there b4 u write d exam…………From my view Dere is no Ish with the jamb scores.

  27. Nice one bro!, i support ur motion bt we should pray to God for wch ever that will be scrapped, should favour all cos we have really suffered…

  28. post-umte form out for sale?

  29. Post utme shldnt b scrapped until jamb remarks our scripts wella. Student were disappointed wit d kinda results we got.

  30. guys what u need now is to pray to God so that u will be among the admitted people. stop complaining post utme is a scam i support scraping of post utme

  31. That post utme is just a way for connected parent to put their kids into the school scraping the exam has its benefits but one thing is certain nont everybody will be there….

  32. Ojobor Emeka Kennedy

    It is really disheartening to hear that this is coming from a body saddled with the responsibility of administering exams known as jamb. Before the advent of the post ume which started in the year 2005,post ume was used as a peripherai to checkmate the ability of students who enrolled for jamb in the current year.And now, that same body finally wakes up one morning and decides it was scrapping the post ume. This is really unfair. What i think ,is that the future of this young ones should be considered first,cos they are the future of tomorrow.

  33. I wil only support d scrapping of postutme on d condition dat all schls(whether federal or state) must comply with d terms of cancellation. Measure must b taken 2 ensure dat no schl is exempted. Wif dis,u are gud 2 go.

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