How to Write Scholarship Application Letter

Scholarship Application Letter Sample.

Write a scholarship application letter to gain a scholarship. A couple of students have asked for a guide on how to write a scholarship application letter. Hence, this article. Note: The purpose of a scholarship application letter is to summarize your academic, social, and personal qualities. Also note that most scholarship selection officers spend ONLY 1-2 minutes reading your letter, so it is important to grab their interest in the first two sentences of your letter and make the letter summarily short.

Before you begin to write a scholarship application letter, take out time to think about the purpose of the letter. Jot down the important points you need to make in your letter while you brainstorm.

When writing the letter, be concise and stay on topic. Do not digress while trying to make a point.

Applications will often require you to state why the scholarship should be awarded. Tell them about the recognition and awards you’ve received. Emphasize activities that show your talents and passions, especially things that demonstrate your ability to lead, be creative, persevere, and care for your community. Sell yourself but don’t exaggerate.

Some applications require recommendation letters. Think carefully about who should write these letters and choose people who have as much information about you as possible and can speak to your strengths and ability to overcome your weaknesses. You are advised not to get a letter of recommendation from family members.

Take note of the scholarship requirements and include all the requested information.

Finally, make sure you proofread over and over again. The more people you can ask to help proofread your letter the better.


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