2012 Admission List


The so much awaited UNN admission List for the the 2012/2013 academic session is finally here.
The admission list which is that of first degree candidates, who have been offered provisional admissions is now accessible online.
The successful candidates are those who made the university their first and second choices in the last UTME and were screened last month as well as those who applied through direct entry.
Click on the link below to download the admission list in PDF format

(NB: The List is best viewed with a PDF capable device; preferably a Computer)

Congratulations to the newest Lions and Lionesses…..Welcome to the den.

Candidates offered provisional admission are required to adopt the following guidelines to
regularize their acceptance of the offer:
1) Visit the University of Nigeria website (www.unn.edu.ng) or portal
(www.portal.unn.edu.ng), log in your JAMB Registration Number to generate and
download a unique Payment Invoice for Acceptance Fee. Take the Invoice to any branch
of First Bank, Diamond Bank or any other bank on the e-tranzact platform to pay twenty
five thousand naira (N25,000) Acceptance fee. Ensure that the invoice number is keyed in
appropriately at the bank and obtain a Confirmation Slip containing a Confirmation
Number and your Invoice Number.
2) Visit the University of Nigeria website or portal (www.unn.edu.ng or
www.portal.unn.edu.ng) again and login your JAMB registration number, the confirmation
and invoice numbers, and then print the Admission Slip and complete the Acceptance Form
3) Proceed with other fee payments and registration as indicated on the University of Nigeria
Interested 2012/2013 UTME candidates who have not been offered admission as listed above but had a
UTME score of 200 or above and University of Nigeria’s P-UTME score of 180 or above are invited to
apply for our advertised courses.
Please visit the University of Nigeria website: www.unn.edu.ng, for the advertised courses and other
A. I. Okonta (Registrar)


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19 Responses to “2012 Admission List”

  1. Okafor Kennedy Chinedu

    Aug 31. 2013

    it pays to work hard. My advise is that all the admitted folks should face their studies to earn good grades while they have the opportunity as underGs.

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  2. Physics prof

    Feb 10. 2013

    Be studious,hopeful and indulgent but ,however,remember not to have a hand in every pie .

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  3. Chimarto

    Oct 13. 2012

    We the hosting community are even denied Admission…….that’s shit

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  4. Anonymous

    Sep 24. 2012

    why am i finding it difficult to update my mandatory profile and print my admission slip.it keeps writing,”page cannot be displayed”since Thursday,am tired of this mess!!!UNN,what is wrong?

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  5. Anonymous

    Sep 19. 2012

    Only 24 students were takenfor my applied course dentistry why?…
    Anyway im still hopeful my name will be on the 2nd Batch list.

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  6. Anonymous

    Sep 12. 2012

    No list was released for combined physical science. What could be the possible reason. *confused*

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  7. GOSpel

    Sep 10. 2012

    pls i have tried to download the online invoice to pay the acceptance fee but i cant generate thepage and jamb has nt yet acknowledged the admission list ……. WHY

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  8. Anonymous

    Sep 10. 2012

    Pls I want to go for the advatise courses but the link is not opening, what should I do?

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  9. Anonymous

    Sep 09. 2012

    how do someone get link and how do i go about advertised courses? Please its urgent before papa fire me!!

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  10. Anonymous

    Sep 09. 2012

    Glory be to God am now a lion hahahaha

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  11. Anonymous

    Sep 08. 2012

    god be my help

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  12. Becs

    Sep 08. 2012

    Waoo! God hs don it 4 me. I said i ws sure cos He works 4 me. Lawrence nd co join me 2 tnk Himoooo

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  13. Anonymous

    Sep 08. 2012

    D lord has don it 4 me oooo!! Av just bin admitted in unn am so hapi…d lord is gud..

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  14. Anonymous

    Sep 08. 2012

    pls can i be admitted with a D7 in mathematics to study accountancy then after i will complete with neco gce.

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  15. Anonymous

    Sep 08. 2012

    pls can they accept a D7 in mathematics on psycology or geography.

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  16. Ndubisi Ken

    Sep 07. 2012

    I made it oo…all tanx b 2 God

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  17. Lawrence

    Sep 07. 2012


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  18. Anonymous

    Sep 07. 2012

    I’m full sure dt my name is on dt list. God tnk U 4 doin it 4 me. Lawrence kudos 2 u guys.

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