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Apply for Robert Gordon University Scholarship for Nigerian Students 2017

The Robert Gordon University (RGU), Scotland, is offering a 1.5 million pounds scholarships to Nigerian students to study in Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland.

According to a statement signed by the Senior Communication Officer of RGU, Ms. Anna Duthie, the scholarship is part of the university’s commitment to attract top students from across the world to Scotland in order to provide diverse university community and multicultural learning environment.

She added that the scholarships were in different categories ranging from 500 to 15,000 pounds.

According to her, the scholarships have variety of forms such as offering of discount on courses, funding of first year of study and covering of full cost of degrees.

Interested applicants are to visit the University Scholarship website, to apply.

The scholarship would provide 10,000 pounds funding to international students seeking to study Architecture, Computer Science, Engineering, Pharmacy and Life sciences subjects.

RGU offers scholarships to International students and full fee paying students from the rest of the United Kingdom outside Scotland.

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