The Diary of Nobody Part 2

Sequel to the story we shared on Friday, February 29th, Mr. Nobody has this to say. Make sure you read The Diary Of Nobody Part 1 before diving to this.

I left Mary Slessor last Friday feeling very angry with myself. I felt stupid that I followed her to her hostel but could not get her name or her number. Why are girls like this? I thought on my way home. I couldn’t relax when I got to my lodge that night. I was forced to share my experience with my roommate. I wanted to hear his opinion and probably have him advise me on what to do.

Stan (not his real name) laughed me to scorn when I told him that I left my change and didn’t finish my food just to get the attention of a girl.

“Guy, na wa for you o. I been think say you no get time for girls.”

“Stan, this one is different; I just couldn’t stop myself from going after her. It was like the force of gravity was pulling me towards her.”

“Do you know one thing I like about you, Nobody? You have grade one in expressing yourself, and I think this quality would do you a lot of good when you’re with these girls.” I thought Stan’s statement was a compliment until he said, “Idiot! If gravity dey pull you towards her why e no pull you follow her enter her hostel until she gives you her number or at least her name?”

I stood staring at Stan like a complete Idiot. Why did I even tell him about this? I thought. You know the feeling you have when your friends scorn you at a point you’re expecting some soothing words from them. That feeling you have when they make jokes out of something you consider serious.

I didn’t know what I was expecting to hear from Stan but I at least wanted him to suggest to me what I should do next but he spent the entire night laughing at me. He made me feel like a fool but the girl I met at Frenzy was the reason behind my foolishness. If only she had given me her number; if only she had given me her name.

Since our first year, I and my roommate had always gone for night class on Fridays. So, when he was done laughing at me, he asked me to get ready so that we would leave for night swotting. I bluntly told him that I was not in the mood for night class.

He gave me a look of surprise and then said, “O boy, you have to be careful o.”

When he noticed that I was angry he added, “These creatures with braided hair and faces immersed in heavy make-up can go a long way in making or marring a man. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that they, to a great extent, decided what we guys graduate with at the end of our stay here.”

“So, he continued, “If you want to be a player, be ready for what comes with…”

“Stan, you’re an Idiot!” I went hystrical. “Ibu anu Mpama!”

“Guy, take it easy! Why you dey insult me na?”


I had a squabble with my roommate but when he left for night class it dawned on me that the reason why I’ve not had a girl friend all these while was because I chose a staunch Deeper Life member as my roommate. My life had been these way; when my departmental guys finishes urging me to make a move, I come home to have the fire they set in me doused by my roommate who’s a Born Again Christian. I’ve been like someone in the middle of ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Christ’ tugging me to either side. Honestly, these two sets of people, my roommate and my class mates influence me greatly. Although I’ve been very careful not to tilt to either side, on the Friday night I encountered the mysterious girl, I was ready to go to any length. However, what my roommate failed to understand was that I was not talking about becoming a philanderer; I’m just someone who fell in love at first sight.

Stan inspires me in ways that he can’t even fathom but I’m not ready to become as religious as he is. And I’m also not ready to let go of him as my roommate. He’s in Biochemistry, I’m in Economics; he’s religious, I’m not that religious but we connect like pals. I had thought he would understand my disposition last Friday but when he failed to do I decided to put my experience in writing. Surprised? Yes, I decided to write about my experience not because of the pretty girl I met in Frenzy but because of my roommate who failed to understand me. Now you have a glimpse of what I mean when I say that he inspires me. I care about his opinion but as for going back to Slessor in search of this girl that stole my heart, my mind was already made up.

When Stan left for night class last Friday, I lay still in bed trying to justify my actions. When I couldn’t sleep after rolling from one end of the mattress to the other, I turned my rechargeable lantern on and started writing. I sent my write up to various online portals but was lucky that UNNINFO published it almost immediately. I’ve followed the comments on the page and from what I gathered, a greater number of people want me to continue this foray.  In response to that, this is what happened when I got to Slessor this evening.


I was feeling awkward when I got to Mary Slessor around 7:40pm. I stood at the entrance of the hostel, just at the spot where I saw her last Friday thinking of what to do exactly. What did I even come here? I thought. My eyes peered through in the semi darkness trying to see if she was standing around. A few students where standing in a pair of a boy and a girl when I made my way to the canteen. Just then it occurred to me that my mystery girl could have a boy friend. I was however ready to take my chances.

I got to the canteen, sat down and asked for a bottle of soft drink and snacks. I sat there nibbling at my snack and hoping that she would appear from the blue. I was hoping that she read my story on UNN INFO and had seen where I mentioned that I’m coming in search of her. I sat there keenly observing the faces of all the girls that came into the canteen. I must mention that the Canteen attendant, whose name I think is Amara is quite a jovial person. I sat there listening to him crack jokes with almost all the girl that came into the canteen but after close to an hour my mystery girl didn’t show up.

Well, thanks to all those that had time to go through my story. If you’re a girl and you’re in Mary Slessor Hall, please help spread my story because you never can tell, your roommate may just be the girl I’m looking for.

Nne, it’s true that you’ve eluded me twice but you’re still in my radar. We may not have had time to get to know each other but one thing about me is that I hardly give up. And, for the record, I joined my roommate in night class today.

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