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Ojerinde refers to protests against new JAMB Regulation as “Noise”

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) registrar, Prof. Dibu Ojerinde actually referred to agitations against the board’s newly introduced admission policy as mere noise.

Read an official statement credited to the registrar below;

Professor Dibu Ojerinde JAMB Registrar Policy

Below is my simple and humble reaction to the noise about the list sent to institutions. I will only say:

“Father forgive them, for they know not what they are saying” for now.

We are actually helping the candidates not only to get admission but to get it on time.

The big universities are overloaded. Can you imagine 8,000 students seeking for admission to study law in a university that will take only 250 candidates for law!. The remaining 7750 candidates will wait endlessly and hopelessly till the end of the admission.

Or imagine 7500 candidates seeking for medicine in a university. Of these 7500 candidates, 2000 scored above 250 in the UTME. The university has a carrying capacity of only 150 candidates for medicine. The remaining 7350 who scored above 200 will be wasted. Particularly, 1750 candidates who scored above 250 will be wasted while other universities either do not have enough candidates or high scoring candidates.

Courses like Biological Sciences, Agric Engineering and related courses are lacking in candidacy!

We are saying, let’s give them a feel of chance somewhere else that has not gotten enough candidates by sending the names of these HIGH scorers to “needy” universities.

The names of such surplus candidates are being distributed to first Federal institutions, then State and finally Private institutions in that order depending on:


  • Availability of space in other universities,
  • Choice of the course of the candidate,
  • The geographical Zone of the choice of the candidate, and
  • Performance of the candidate.


By this approach, wastage of HIGH scores will be reduced, the fate of the candidates will be determined on time and yet the interest of their areas of study may be satisfied.

addition, the concept of selection by


  • Merit,
  • Catchment Area, and
  • Educationally Less Developed States


Will be adequately catered for.

However, I am not saying that everyone will get admission or even get their original choice of course of study. But it is better than wasting the time, finances, and good scores of these candidates. We need to fill the available spaces as given to us by the regulatory bodies like NUC, NBTE, and NCCE.

If, however, a candidate does not want the given opportunity, it is too “baaaad”.

This scenario was made clear to the institutions during the Policy meeting that took place on 14th July this year in Abuja.

Before the Policy meeting, we had discussions with the representatives of the Federal, State, and Private universities where the degree of the problems of candidates were presented and solutions were proffered. These decisions were backed up by copious statistics of applications to various universities.

Again “Father forgive them, for they know not what they are saying”

I believe that some so- called educational consultants have some hidden agenda which are being thwarted by our proactive steps. Let them know that this is a period of CHANGE. If they do not CHANGE they will be CHANGED.

Dibu Ojerinde (Registrar, JAMB).

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Comments (10)

  • dear sir i have my Jamb pin and s/n but i have forget my jamb, reg.no my jamb pin -1574466561324768 and the s/n-501807400 pls sir help me.

  • Pls whatever decision Jamb has taken, I have just a plead to make pls make sure that every candidate gain admission to the intended schools of their choice. Thank u.

  • I just thank that it’s been canceled. Students can now write their post ume
    at their school of first choice. Thanks to power of
    collective resolve. (God will see us all, there is God ooh)

  • if there would be automatic re-assgning then there should be also automatic admission: without writting of p-utme.

  • prof dibu you are either in sane or drunk, u sit down in ur house / office n make a STUPID decision it never occurred to u DAT dia are thousands of Nigerians who can’t afford to send dia kids to a private uni or even a state uni because u av d money u fink is like dat wit every oda person. wat a crazy idea. u just want to end up frustrating all dis candidates finking u are helping dem. dey knew all dis schools wia existing before dey chose DAT first choice. my frnd u are d one making noise, wat a stupid solution. y dint u fink of dis nonsense before dey got d jamb forms den instruct on aw many students each school needs den before u register ur jamb n ur choice of school has reached d number of students den u ll look for another school immediately in DAT way u av d right to make ur own choice ur self instead of dis nonsense .

  • Why will you assign students to private universities what of they can’t afford it.. Your all are not God that person that was removed might be lucky to gain admission.. U can score 200 in jamb and score 300 in utme… If the policy was to be adopted why was the change of course ND institution form sold.. It’s bad, jamb should even be scrapped

  • With God all things are possible… All hope is not lost because God is my hope and my Destiny(fate). He shall see me through.

  • Ojerinde u are not God and my destiny can never be in ur hand. Pls in ur speech as a learned person be polite to people u are giving a wrong choice and not words like nonsense as u have used

  • I said it and it has happened. This senseless policy has been abandoned. Students can now write their post ume at their school of first choice. Thanks to power of collective resolve.

  • Am from edostate edostate state aau abrosali university has start selling deir they have start selling post utm form and i guest it wont affect us


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