Success Nugget #1

Success Nugget


“Dreams come through only for those who wake early to pursue theirs.” Anonymous

Let’s start by welcoming you to this special year. It is our prayer that all your dreams will come through this year, particularly your academic dreams.
Thank God the celebrations are over. Howbeit, if you’re a student or someone who would be writing a major exam in a matter of months from now____ say WASSCE or UTME and you’re still in the mood of celebration, we want to say a very big SORRY to you because you’ll likely not make it except you have a super brain.
The only key to success is preparation; it doesn’t happen by chance. If you’re writing JAMB this year then there is not point reminding you that it’s no longer business as usual. The standard has been raised, so you have to brace up and be focused. Start burning those midnight candles to avoid missing out of this year’s admission into the University, Polytechnic or College of Education of your choice. As a student, it is your responsibility to study.

Dreams come through for those who are ready to pay the price. The Holy Bible says, ‘Seeth thee a man diligent in his work? He shall sit before kings and not mere men.”
Be determined not to be an aimless person or a time waster this year. Be a man or a woman of vision and passion. For those writing UTME or other major exams, start by telling yourself the grade that you want to make and work towards it. Get the materials that you need and discipline yourself to sitting down and study them and you would be sure that NOTHING will stop you from achieving excellence.

For UTME students, particularly those who intend coming to the University of Nigeria, get a copy of 909 by Dr. Chuta and Total Victory Solution Set (TVSS). https://unn-edu.info/unn-post-utme-past-questions-tvss-unn-p…
Keep in-touch with us on this medium, as we shall be reeling out all you need to succeed in the form of a Nugget. We want to leave you with this English proverb, “The early Bird Catches the Worm.”

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Comments (9)

  • very good speech my dear i like whot u said.because it is good to read very well when u coming to sorch challenge ok,thanks and God bles u all Amen.
    and 2 keep de information on in anywel for de good of de people in Nigeria.

  • keep the information rolling.i do cherish it.

  • ur speech is good. may God help any one who is ready and willing to study.

  • Happy newyr I like your comment God blessed you,your speech is encouraging keep it up.plz do update all about pg school demand plz kindly post us about the new info about the school thankz once again

  • In all, our preparatn nd hardwork should be coupld with prayers for d lord alone perfects all things.

  • nice speech dear. plz do keep us posted with the new info about the skul.

  • Please wen exactly is the vc’s list coming out? Will it be posted online? Thanks

  • info teem u are welcome. happy newyr.I like ur newyr speech.is challenging.keep it up.pls do update all about pg school demands.God bless u

    • i like your comment. praying that the Almighty God will favour me in this year and to every students who are to study in Jesus name amen. happy new month to every one .


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