Writing a Personal Statement Like an Expert: 7 Rules to Follow

How To Write Personal Statement for Scholarship Application.

The main target of almost every scholar is to continue his/her studying at a college or university. In order to make this dream come true, schoolers are supposed to have high grades, as well as outstanding personal traits. You should never underestimate the importance of your personal qualities. Higher educational institutions pay great attention to them. Oftentimes, they prefer this or that applicant exactly thanks to uncommon and important qualities. How can you tell the admission committee that you are the right person? Write an impressive personal statement.

A personal statement is similar to a reflective essay. It is likewise non-scientific, concentrates on a person who writes the paper and has a free topic. One may say that everything depends on you. Your task is to clearly deliver the main message – reveal your best traits and convince the committee that you should be accepted to the desired educational institution.

However, it’s easier to say than to do. You should be brilliant about your writing. It’s necessary to show your best skills and traits. In the meanwhile, you should not overdo. Otherwise, it would be nothing but a boasting. We have studied this case and have generated a useful list of rules, which will lead you to success.

Follow 7 rules provided by personal statement writing experts from a professional academic writing service. Take into account the following essentials:

  1. Answer the question. Be straightforward. Once you set your main question, answer it. The admission committee wants to know why you have chosen a concrete college/university and course, as well as why you should be accepted. Therefore, give concise and plain answers. Convince the committee that this is your primary objective.
  2. Don’t hide negative aspects. Nobody is perfect. Therefore, don’t try to avoid the negative. If you have some drawbacks, mention them. Know that the officers will surely find the truth. So, be honest and tell everything yourself. Thus, you’ll win additional points.
  3. Be original. Your officers won’t like to read a boring enumeration of your best qualities. They wish to know what makes you step out of the crowd. Show why you are so special. Mention all uncommon qualities you possess or at least those things you can make perfectly. Create intrigue and explain the value of your talents.
  4. State your objectives. The major purpose of a personal statement is providing a sequence of events that led you to the point you stand at. The jury wishes to know why you’re so passionate about the sphere of interests you’ve preferred. Mention people and events that made the greatest impact on you and made you turn on this path.
  5. Don’t write a too lengthy piece. Many students try to show merely every talent and hobby they have. As the result, they write too long papers. However, one of the rules is to never exceed two pages of writing. The jury will read hundreds of applications. Thus, its members will get tired. They will be looking for quite informative papers, which reveal them something special, which differs from the rest of the stories. Two pages will do for a plain and interesting story about you.
  6. Show why you’re special. You are supposed to be specific. Do not try to reveal all your talents big or small. Remember that you don’t have much space for everything. Focus on one or two specifications. For example, you may tell that you are very determined. Say that you concentrate on the most important points of your tasks and always reach success. Another positive trait may be work in a team. Colleges and universities seek students who are able to collaborate with others because an individual effort may be not enough. Show that you are a good teammate.
  7. Write correctly. Finally, you should obligatorily revise your paper several times. Legibility is the key. You will spoil any positive impression if you allow some mistakes. Make sure you made no grammar and spelling mistakes, choose appropriate language, etc. Your work ought to be legible.

Stick to these rules and you’ll sufficiently enhance your chances to compose a really impressive personal statement paper.

A Strict Structure to Follow:

You should also learn a definite structure for this paper. We have briefly described every section to show you what to write there. Consider the following points:

  • Introduction. Explain why you have preferred this institution and why you want to study a concrete course.
  • Section #1. Write about academics. Specify subjects, which are related to the course you’ve chosen. Clarify what relation they have and why they are so important.
  • Section #2. Show your sincere interest in the preferred subject. Demonstrate your intentions with the help of engagement with the subject beyond the classroom.
  • Section #3. Mention work experience(s) associated with your subject. These may be both paid and unpaid practices.
  • Section #4. Devote this section to your major hobbies and interests. They can also tell a lot about a personality. Explain why you like them and what they mean to you.
  • Conclusion.  Reiterate the main points again and tell one more time why you wish to study the chosen course in this college/university.

Don’t forget that you compose one paper, which will be reviewed by many colleges and universities. Take this matter seriously and do your best to ensure your future success. Follow our rules and recommendations and you’ll reach your goal.

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