NECO Geography Answers 2023 Essay Questions is Out

2023 NECO Geography Essay Answers Human and Regional is Out.

Detailed Neco geography answers 2023 for the essay paper can now be seen in this post. The National Exam Council (NECO) Human and Regional Geography paper will be written on Tuesday 1st August 2023.

Neco geography 2023 answer for Paper II: Human and Regional Geography, which will commence from 3.00 pm – 5.00 pm. The resources provided below on Neco Geography essay answers have been made available to assist candidates to understand the required standards expected in Geography final Examination.

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Neco Geography Answers 2023 [Essay]

1. (a) Highlight any three main characteristics of each of the following settlement types:
i. village;
ii. town.
(b) State any four factors which are responsible for the growth of urban centres.

2. Write explanatory notes on any four of the following:
(a) Great Circle;
(b) Greenwich Mean Time;
(c) Twilight;
(d) Dawn;
(e) International Date Line.

3. (a) What is back bearing?
(b) Explain the procedure for compass traversing.
(c)Explain three sources of error in compass traversing.

4. (a) Explain the effects of the following factors on the temperature of a place:
i. latitude;
ii. continentality.
(b) With the aid of a diagram, explain the formation of relief rainfall.

5. (a) Explain four conditions that favour the formation of delta.
(b) Describe any two types of delta.
ANS: (a) -active vertical and lateral erosion at the upper and middle courses of the river;
– sediments formed from the upper and middle courses are deposited at the mouth of the river;
– the presence of sheltered, tide-less coast to prevent the disappearance of sediments into deep waters;
– there should be no large lakes in the river course to trap the sediments;
– there should be no strong current at the river mouth to wash away the sediments.
(b) The types of delta include:
– arcuate;
– bird’s foot;
– estuarine;
– cuspate.

6. Study the climatic data for station A below and answer the questions that follow.

Month J F M A M J J A S O N D
Temperature (oc) 25 17 31 33 33 30 28 27 27 30 29 26
Rainfall(mm) 0 3 15 20 74 125 213 264 143 25 0 0

(a) plot a combined bar and line graph to represent the climatic data given above.
(b) Calculate for the station the:
i. annual rainfall;
ii. mean annual temperature.
(c) Suggest the type of climate in station A.

7. (a) Define environmental pollution.
(b) Name any four major forms of environmental pollution.
(c) Highlight four effects of environmental pollution.

8. (a) Define environmental balance.
(b) With the aid of a diagram, explain the water cycle.
(c) In what three ways are the water cycle important to man?

9. Write a geographical description of Chad Basin under the following:
i. relief and drainage;
ii. people, population, and settlement;
iii. economic activities;
iv. problems of development.


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