NECO Agricultural Science 2018 Questions & Answers is Out

NECO Agricultural Science Questions & Answers 2018 SSCE is Out.

Candidates will write the Neco Agric science examination on Monday 25th June, 2018 starting by 10:00am. The NECO agriculture exam will last for 2hrs 30mins.

The Neco agricultural science SSCE will comprise of Paper III & II (Objective & Essay).

Here, we will be posting out the Neco agriculture questions for candidates that will participate in the examination. Note that below is the questions from Neco agric past-questions and answers that we feel are likely questions for Neco agric exam preparation.

NECO Agriculture Question & Answer 2018:

Section II [Essay]
Answer any FIVE questions.
Write your answers on the answer booklet provided.

1. (a) Describe treatments that can be used to improve the quality of pastures on grazing land.
(b) Describe how fences can be used to improve the productivity of land used for grazing.
(c) Suggest ways in which fencing and improving grazing land can increase returns for a farmer.

2. (a) Give seven reasons for keeping farm animals.
(b) Classify cattle, goat, rabbit, horse, donkey, pig, snail and honeybee into:
(i)  Ruminants;
(ii)  Non ruminants.

3. (a) State four advantages if artificial insemination.
(b) State five functions of the rumen.

4. (a) Explain the term malnutrition in farm animals.
(b) Distinguish between maintenance ration and production ration.

5. (a) State four factors to be considered when formulating diet for farm animals.
(b) i. State four disadvantages of extensive system of keeping poultry.
ii. Mention six advantages of the battery cage system for keeping layers.


Keep following this page as more questions will be added soon.

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