NECO Office Practice Answers 2023 [Objective-Essay] Out

2023 NECO Office Practice Answers for Objective & Essay Questions Released.

The Neco office Practice exam paper for the 2022 June/July National Examination Council will take place on Thursday 11th August 2022. The exam will start at 2.30 pm and end by 5.30 pm lasting for a total of 3hrs.

Office practice is one of the new subjects introduced for o’level candidates for school-leaving exams. Here are Neco office practice questions for this year’s exam posted from past questions.

Neco Office Practice 2022 Answer.

neco office practice answers

2. (a) What is an officer?
(b) State five functions of an Office.
(c) State four factors to be considered in choosing an office layout.

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3. (a) Write short notes to explain the following:
i. Visitors’ book;
ii. Mail register;
iii. Dispatch book;
iv. Address book.
(b) List three qualities of good information.
(c) List five sources of information.

4. (a) Mention two types of mail.
(b) Explain the following classifications of mail:
i. incoming mail;
ii. outgoing mail.
(c) Write short notes to explain the following:
i. alphabetical filing;
ii. chronological filing;
iii. geographical filing;
iv. subject filing.

5 (a) Define communication.
(b) Explain the following types of communication:
i. oral communication;
ii. written communication;
iii. visual communication;
iv. audio communication.
(c) Enumerate three media of communication.
(d) List three communication service providers.

6. (a) Explain the term meeting.
(b) Explain the following meeting terminologies:
i. Agenda;
ii. Adoption;
iii. Adjournment.
(c) List and explain four types of meetings.

7. (a) What is a report?
(b) Explain the following:
i. Short report;
ii. Investigation report;
iii. Routine report.
(c) List and explain four parts of a report.


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