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Escherian Stairwell Wiki – All You Need To Know

The Escherian Stairwell – Fact or Myth?

Have you heard about the escherian stairwell ? Here is an escherian stairwell wiki which tells all you need to know.

The historic never ending staircase at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) was designed by Filipino architect Rafael Nelson Aboganda when the university moved from downtown Rochester to its current location in Henrietta.

The escherian stairwell was named from the term “Escherian” which refers to the works of Dutch artist M.C. Escher, whose prints and drawings often included impossible objects and paradoxical architectural features such as never-ending stairways (also known as Penrose stairs).

Escherian stairwell design

Does Escherian Stairwell Exist? FACT or FICTION:

Internet users were puzzled and amazed by a video from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) documenting the existence of an ‘Escherian Stairwell’ built by a graduate student of the institution. The video can be seen below.

However, the escherian stairwell design is an optical illusion stairs up or down which was achieved through the use of camera angles and special effects editing. The impressive actions of the actors in the video, whose very convincing expressions of astonishment at the phenomenon they’re pretending to experience help sell the illusion. Watch the escherian stairwell youtube video below.

The escherian stairwell: building a modern myth.

Amazing stairwell illusion and the answer:

Is the Escherian stairwell real? The answer you seek is simply that escherian stairwell is a myth and does not exist in reality. It is a carefully planned and executed hoax as admitted by its creator in a Kickstarter proposal soliciting funding for the “Help us build the myth” project. See attached quotes below;

What’s the project?

The most powerful aspects of myths are their ability to incite wonder and excitement. We’re creating a myth that does these things while also challenging audiences to think.

The myth is that located in Rochester, NY, is the Escherian Stairwell, an architectural marvel that seems to violate the laws of physics and basic logic by looping back into itself. In order to lend credence to this myth, we’re creating an episode for a family-friendly science show that demonstrates the staircase in action, various clips from a 1997 documentary with prominent thinkers grappling with the existence of this apparent contradiction and pontificating on its implications, and a whole slew of supplemental online materials for today’s internet savvy audience to stumble across while trying to see if this thing is real (websites, scholarly articles, fan-pages, blogs, etc.). Help us build the myth!

Where is the escherian stairwell located?
The famous stairwell is purported to be located in Building 7 on the campus of the Rochester Institute of Technology.

The Rochester Institute of Technology supported the “Help us build the myth” project as can be observed from an article published on RIT’s web site, the video showing the strange staircase was supposedly the third installment of a “Can You Imagine” series about “interesting facts, stories and myths of RIT”. See quoted article below.

Is it possible for a staircase to violate the laws of physics and basic logic by looping back into itself? This is one of the questions Michael Lacanilao, a film and animation graduate student at RIT, examines in his video series and Imagine RIT exhibit The Escherian Stairwell.Lacanilao created the video series, “Can You Imagine,” to highlight the many interesting facts, stories and myths of RIT. The exhibit, located in Artistic Alley in Gannett Hall room A171, will help festivalgoers search for the stairwell and give them a behind the scenes look at “Can You Imagine.”

“Four years can go by quickly and a lot of us don’t have the time to learn about all the things that RIT does and offers,” says Lacanilao. “When we take the time to venture outside our daily routines, we find that it really is the place where the left brain and right brain collide. I’m proud to be a part of that.”

So quite obviously, no such physics-defying staircase exists in the real world.

escherian stairwell 3d model
Escherian stairwell 3d model

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