Odunlade Adekola – Wife, Family, Movie, Profile, Biography etc

Nigerian Actor Odunlade Adekola Profile – Movies, Wife, family, Meme.

Mr Odunlade Adekola became famous for his shocking face internet meme. Here are the top things you never knew about his wife, family, movies and many internet memes.

Born on 31 December 1978 at Abeokuta, Ogun State, Odunlade is a Nigerian actor, singer, film-maker, producer and director. He is an indigine of Otun Ekiti, Ekiti State by origin.

Odunlade Adekola Meme Shocking Profile

Schools Attended.

  • John’s Primary School Abeokuta
  • St. Peter’s College in Abeokuta
  • Moshood Abiola Polytechnic where he obtained a diploma certificate.

Who is odunlade adekola married to?

Odunlade Adekola first wife Ruth Adekola is the love of his life. The union have produced four lovely children. Odunlade adekola new wife who is allegedly odunlade second wife or girlfriend, Bukky Adeeyo recently gave birth to a baby girl. However, the lady, Bukola Adeeyo denied and debunked the viral news that Odunlade was the father of her child. She also denied being married to him.

Odunlade Career History.

He began acting at an early age in 1996. He joined the Association of Nigeria Theatre Arts practitioners same year and was under the tutelage of the late Nollywood actor and producer Isola Durojaiye (also known as Alasari). He had starred, scripted, produced and directed several Nigerian films over the years. In April 2014, he won the Africa Movie Academy Award, having emerged as best actor of the year alongside Fathia Balogun who emerged as best actress of the year. He ventured into the Nigerian music industry in December 2015.

Awards won by Odunlade Adekola.

  • City People Entertainment Awards Best Actor of the Year (2009)
  • Gen Chochona Tallest Award 1901
  • City People Entertainment Awards Best Actor of the Year (2011)
  • City People Entertainment Awards Best Actor of the Year (2014)
  • City People Entertainment Awards Best Actor of the Year (2015)
  • African Magic Movie Award for Best Actor
  • African Magic Movie Award for Best Existing Actor in the movie Pepeye Meje

Odunlade Adekola Movies.

latest yoruba movies by odunlade adekola includes;

  1. Eku Meji (2017)
  2. Iku Lokunrin (2017)
  3. Olowori (2017)
  4. Critical Evidence (2017)
  5. Agbara Emi (2017)
  6. Owiwi (2017)
  7. Ota (2017)
  8. Okan Oloore (2017)
  9. Ere Mi (2017)
  10. Adura (2017)
  11. Pate Pate (2017)
  12. Asiri Ikoko (2016)
  13. “Pepeye Meje” (2016)
  14. “Lawonloju” (2016)
  15. “Igbesemi” (2016)
  16. Abi eri re fo ni (2016)
  17. Sunday gboku gboku (2016)
  18. Samu Alajo(2016)
  19. Taxi Driver: Oko Ashewo (2015)
  20. Oyun Esin(2015)
  21. Adajo Agba (2015)
  22. Adebayo Aremu Abere’ (2015)
  23. Babatunde Ishola Folorunsho(2015)
  24. Baleku (2015)
  25. Oro (2015)
  26. Aroba (2015)
  27. Omo Colonel (2015)
  28. Olosha (2015)
  29. Kurukuru (2015)
  30. Oju Eni Mala (2015)
  31. Gbolahan (2015)
  32. Eje Tutu (2015)
  33. Alani pamolekun (2015)
  34. Ma ko fun e (2014)
  35. Oyenusi (2014)
  36. Kabi O Osi (2014)
  37. Mufu Olosa Oko (2013)
  38. Monday omo adugbo(2010)
  39. Sunday Dagboru (2010)
  40. Emi Nire Kan (2009)
  41. Asiri Gomina Wa (2003)

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King and Face of Nigerian Memes.

The biography and profile of Odunlade Adekola can not be complete without mentioning his memes which has made him a household comedian in Nigeria. His many weird and funny facial expressions has made the best of Nigerian memes. Below is a collage of some of his most popular memes.

Odunlade Adekola most popular memes

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