WAEC GCE Physics 2017 Answers for Objective & Essay Released

WAEC GCE Physics Answers for Objective & Essay 2017 Released – See Waec Physics Questions for Gce Exam.

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) Physics Novemeber/ December General Certificate Examination (GCE) paper will be written on Thursday, 14th September, 2017.

The Physics 2 (Essay) paper will start by 9:30am and will last for 1hr 30mins while the physics 1 (Objective) exam will commence 11am and will last for 1hr 15mins.

In this post, we will be posting out samples of the waec gce physics questions for candidates that will participate in the examination for practice purposes.

WAEC GCE Physics Obj Questions 2017:

Section A [Objective]
Answer ALL questions.
Shade your answers on the answer booklet provided.

waec gce physics 2017

waec physics expo 2017

waec gce physics answers 2017

NOTE: That there is nothing like Waec Gce physics expo online. Do not be deceived by fraudsters posing with fake Waec answers on the internet.

Section B [Essay]
Answer any FOUR questions.
Write your answers on the answer booklet provided.

1. The Fig. 5.1 below shows a ray of light entering and passing along an optical fibre.

(a) Calculate the refractive index of the glass in the optical fibre.
(b) Explain why the ray of light is totally internally reflected at A.
(c) Both optical fibre and copper wire are used to transmit data. Optical fibre is cheaper and can carry more data per second than copper wire.
State one other advantage of using optical fibre rather than copper wire to transmit data.

2. A satellite travels at a constant speed in a circular orbit.
(i) Underline the quantities in the list below that are scalars.
acceleration       force        mass        speed             velocity

(ii) The velocity of the satellite changes, but its speed is constant.
1. State what is meant by velocity.
2. Explain why the velocity changes.

(iii) Explain what makes this satellite move in an orbit that is circular.

Keep following, more questions and answers will be added soon.

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