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Happy Matriculation To All UNN Freshers!!!

Matriculation Best Wishes From The UnnInfo Family.


Congratulations guys… You made it!

The journey was difficult and challenging, but you conquered with your will. Now, another phase begins in your academic life.
Remember, if you work hard you will achieve all your goals.

Congratulations once again. You are officially welcomed to the den.

The UnnInfo Team

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Comments (5)

  • i wish you all well in your courses. Happy matriculation to my friends and family. God knows the best for his people. Thank you unn. Even as i loose admission this year i wont loose in the other hand. Every disappointment is a blessing my colleagues be consoled there are new things coming ur way just be a believer and will doer of JESUS CHRIST.thanks to u all. Greetings to d Able V.C

  • It’s well. The bible says in everything give God thanks. The fact i was cut-off this year academic session does not stop me from striving to reach the mark. It makes me gain more knowledge & balance for the next academic session. I must survive & strive to reach the mark. Thanks! God bless u all.

  • Amen. My set shall not fail UNN in Jesus name.

  • God day sir and thanks.
    plz I’ve been trying to generate an invoice so I can pay for my acceptance fee and the rest but it ain’t generating…what do I do??

  • fuck unn they didn’t give me admission upon i score 253 in jamb


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