How Will UNN Screen DE Applicants

I hope this post would go a long way in reducing the number of calls I get from UNN Direct Entry applicants asking for criteria on which UNN DE admission would be based on this year. I would love to buttress my point in as much simple way as possible.

At a private school somewhere in Enugu, a lanky-looking class teacher had told her students to prepare for a test the previous week. She asked everyone to prepare based on what she had taught them. On the day of the test, Chike sat on his desk looking at the ceiling. I suppose you know that feeling that one has when he/she goes in for an examination only to be faced by a question he/she doesn’t know anything about.

Chike was tired of staring blankly at the paper when he stood up, went to his teacher and said, “Aunty Margaret,” in his five year old voice, “I think there’s a mistake somewhere.”

“What’s the mistake?” the woman looked up from the rim of her glasses.

“Ma, in the test question we are asked to give an account on the life of Jesus Christ.”

“That’s correct; what’s the mistake there?” she said impatiently.

Chike stammered for a few seconds before he eventually said, “Ma…, I…who am I to talk about the life of Jesus? I’m a mere sinner; let me give an account of the life of John the Baptist.

The five year old Chike wanted to play a fast one on his teacher. The fact was that in the Religious Study he was to write a test on that day, the class teacher had only taught three topics______ The Life of John the Baptist, The Life of Jesus Christ and the Life of Apostle Paul. But because Chike was a lazy student, he had only prepared adequately for The Life of John the Baptist.

The painful truth is that, in an examination /screening, you as a partaker do not have the power to detect how it would go. The best thing you can do prior to the test/ screening is to prepare adequately. Looking at all the materials available and hope that when the D-day comes you wouldn’t be like Chike in our story. Trust me, it can be frustrating to be in that position.

For those who applied for Direct Entry in UNN, as of the time of this write up, it is difficult to tell how your screening would go. This is because series of meetings and consultations have been going on to determine the best way to screen DE students. In the past, University of Nigeria, Nsukka conducts Direct Entry Screening based on the course candidates apply. Before an interview, which is primarily a screening of candidates’ credentials, they’re examined in four core subjects. English, one of the written subjects is general to all applicants. The other three is based on the applied course. For example, someone who applied for Medicine or any other course in Biological Sciences would have to write English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. To have a glimpse of what the questions look like, get a copy of TOTAL VICTORY SOLUTION SET.

It is no longer news that the Minister of Education made one of the gravest mistakes of his carrier by adopting the Point System as against PUTME screening (My opinion anyways), the truth is that that method had already failed. As someone who is deeply involved in the education sector, especially in the tertiary level, I will say this without any fear of contradiction, ‘The Point System is pointless’. It is counterproductive and it will suffocate tertiary education in the near future. I’m not an advocate of Post UTME, but for crying out loud, if you want to scrape PUTME, reposition JAMB and then you can go ahead and do away with Post UTME.

Let students be judged based on their JAMB performance like it was back in the days. Well, I shall talk about the Point System much later.

In conclusion, UNN Direct Entry Applicants, the Point System may not work for you because you were not examined by JAMB. And with due respect to your school, most of you are coming from schools where grades are awarded to students even when they are in the market selling; It’ll be difficult to judge you based on your grades. And, most painfully some of you, especially the ones that left school a while ago are already rusty.

To put the record straight, you’re LIKELY going to be treated like UNN post graduate students who had to write screening on August 4th and 6th.  Get a copy of Total Victory Screening Set and get ready!

To join UNN DE WhatsApp Group, send a Whapsapp message to 08064382288. The massage should read, “Pls add me to DE group.” Because we have other groups, don’t forget to specify that you’re a DE applicant.

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