“Tick! Tick! Tick!” the clock says

One of the greatest attribute of time is that it is a friend that waits for nobody. As a member of the UNN INFO group I went into the street to get the reaction of students when the June 18th-20th PUME was shifted. In the course of my interview I met a happy young girl who told me that the rescheduling of the exam for July 27 and 28 was God’s answer to her prayer. When I asked why, she said that this will afford her enough time to prepare adequately. As providence would have it. I ran into the same girl somewhere around Princess Alexandra Auditorium (PAA) at the university campus. When I asked how prepared she was for the seven days-away exam, she hissed and said that she wasn’t prepared. In fact, the young girl looked at me and said, “It’s not of him that readeth nor of him that jacketh but of God that showth mercy,” she paraphrased the scripture. Yours sincerely smiled and quoted the place in the Bible that says that faith without work is dead.
Before we parted, I encouraged the girl to put in her best and also gave her a copy of the TOTAL VICTORY SOLUTION SET which a lot of students said has been helpful to them.
When I was with that ebullient young girl, I did not need special spectacles to see the desire to succeed in her, but all she lacked was the willpower to propel her desire and make her dream come true. She is, however, a representation of millions of people who today are held back by inertia.
The fact is that the slot you are seeking for in any university in this country is being sought by thousands of people; admission has become a battle of the survival of the fittest. My dear, all you need (not just for getting admission into school) but to be the man/woman that this generation has been waiting for is self discipline, which is a sine qua non for excellence. Discipline is the ability to do what is necessary even when it is not convenient.
Naturally, we like doing what is easy rather than what is necessary for success. Just pause a little and ask yourself these questions:
1)  How much time do I spend on social works___ 2go, facebook, BBM etc?
2)  How much time do I spend visiting friends?
3)  How much time do I spend attending social gatherings?
4)   How much time do I…?”

Then take a little more time and ask yourself, “as a student how much time do I spend studying and doing things that’ll improve my academic pursuit?” Your guess is as good as mine.
The truth is that studying___ not reading romantic novels and erotic magazines___ is hardwork. Therefore, it takes a lot of discipline to study and to stay focused. It is rather unfortunate that most youths these days pay too much attention to frivolities. We are a generation of people that find it difficult to delay gratification. We have raised a generation of youths that would rather spend hours before the screen of a plasma Tv; we’ve raised a generation of youths that will spend hours pushing the button of their phones in the name of 2going, facebooking, tweetting etc.  Young men and women who’ll attend a night party even on the eve of an important exam.
My happiness is that even in the midst of these anomalies; this age of ‘Technomania’___ technology madness,  we still have millions of youths who are taking the bull by the horn. Yes, we have youths like you who is ready to do what is right not because it is fun but because it must be done. I’m so proud of you, my dear!
As you put finishing touches to the preparation of this exam, don’t be discouraged because you have all it takes to be an undergraduate. I see you as someone who will stand in the gap for this generation. Don’t even be discouraged by the fact that you’ve written Post UME more than once. It is not how far you fall that matters but how high you bounce.
CONGRATULATION in advance and don’t forget to invite me to your matric.

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