As an independence gift, I bring to you this thought provoking article that will definitely influence your attitude towards our dear Nation, Nigeria thenceforth. So grab a sit, relax, and join me as we go through together this masterpiece written by a very good friend of mine, Justice Ebede who is also a member of UNN INFO. Don’t hesitate to share your thought after going through this article


At this time in the history of this nation, I want you to pause for a while and think about the situation of things in this country? Are you like many who have questions that are begging for answers? Or, do you belong to the category of quite a number of my friends who have given up on this country? Before you throw in the towel and conclude that the future of this nation has gone bleak, join me as we go through this article.

I don’t know the Nigeria you dreamt of fifty one years ago, I don’t even know the picture you created when thousands of black people and indeed, the world gathered to bid her Majesty farewell in the city of Lagos. One fact that cannot be disputed is that our fathers had bigger dreams when the Independent Speech was read on October 1, 1960; a time when the streets of Nigeria and the world stood still at the emergence of this GIANT in the tropics.

The truth of the matter is that the previous government, and even the government of the now is far from fitting her legs into this mighty shoe that seem to be swallowing you and I. The point is, as we struggle in the middle of this ocean, even when we don’t know how to swim, we’ve got to spread our hands in a swim-like manner and push on with those strokes. Who knows, we may end up saving ourselves from being drowned.
The gospel truth is that the effect of the government is still latent in this part of the world. Many people are still far from feeling her presence in the middle sea battle of theirs. However, we can on our own be a rescue team to these ones.

LET ME RELATE A STORY: I met a young man who was at the verge of graduating from a renowned institution in the country. I asked him, “What’ll give you the greatest fulfillment in the next five or ten years?” He smiled and quickly told me that his happiness was that he’s coming out with a good grade. I could not help but congratulated him in advance.
I was disappointed when Kingsley (name not real) rolled out his greatest goal. This is the list of what my friend told me:
1)    “I’ll take very good care of my parents the moment I get a job.
2)    I’ll make sure that my sisters and my brothers have the best of education.
3)    Oh, my grandma has really been through a lot! I’ll make sure I provide her with all her needs.
4)    And of course, I’ll take good care of myself: build a good house, buy an exotic car and get married to a beautiful and an educated damsel…”
On and on Kingsley whetted my appetite. But I was so disappointed when, in his towering list he didn’t say anything about giving back to this latent giant in the tropics. The fact is that an average Nigerian does not think of what to give to the society. What Kingsley was interested about was his immediate family. As far as he was concerned, the man next to him does not come into the picture. An American president would say, “Do not just think about what your country would do for you; think about what you will do for your country.”
Stop for a while and let’s ask ourselves, “How much of my time, intellectual, money etc have we commitment toward making this country better?”
Someone may say, “Why should I give back to the society that never contributed anything to my person? In the words of Martin Luther King jr., “An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.” Are you in Diaspora? Please there something we can do to better the land which our children will inherit from us someday. It’s not just about your family, yourself; it is also about the man next to you! Even as those in the corridor of power seemed to have failed us, let’s make Nigeria a home where our children will be proud of!!!

As we hope and celebrate in the midst of the uncertainty of tomorrow, relax your nerves with this poem:


Potential giant of my time
You have made the tropics your abode
Abounding in beauty and splendor
You smile through hopelessness
Latent giant of the tropics
I mourn your misfortune.

Potential giant of my time
You thrive like a midget in the midst of plenty
Making your home unbearable for her own
Your ward scatter all over the world
Latent giant of the tropics
I decry your hostile nature.

Potential giant of my time
Your men on uniform have gone haywire
Begging with arms and ammunition
Armless men are menaced
Latent giant get of the tropics
Rise up and oppress your oppressors.

Potential giant of my time
Insecurity reside within your home
Explosion rock the streets
The blood of the innocent stain our hands
Latent giant of the tropics
Wake up with your sword of vengeance.

Potential giant of my time
Your politics has maimed many
Your political sword slaughter comrades
With impunity money is stashed beyond our eyes
Latent giant of the tropics
Arise and arrest your oppressors.

Potential giant of my time
You are five decades and one
In abundance you fare like a suckling
Hijacking power elections are rigged
Latent giant of the tropics
When will you defend the labour of past heroes?

Potential giant of my time
I see hope in your hopelessness
Soaring high like an eagle
You shall rise tomorrow from the dust of today
Latent giant of the tropics
I await your victory parade!

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