Ten (10) Things You Must Do & Know Before Coming To Nsukka For UNN Post UTME

What you are about to read will not be new to you if you had earlier purchased the Up-to-date edition of the TOTAL VICTORY SOLUTION SET (Unn Post Ume Past Questions and Answers) with the updated version of this post.
If you are amongst those that are yet to get this precious book, then read on to get a tip of some of the information you would wish you had before now.

NOTE: This write up was not made, in any way, to freak or scare you; on the contrary, it is meant to adequately prepare you for the big task ahead. So, put your mind at rest and follow these simple guidelines in order to give you leverage even as you achieve success in the up-coming UNN Post UTME. Besides, no undergraduate within the University of Nigeria has a better head than you do. Now, let’s roll!

First of all, let me give you a brief info about the University. The University of Nigeria, commonly referred to as UNN, is a federal university located at Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria. Founded in 1955 and formally opened on October 7, 1960, the University of Nigeria has four campuses – Nsukka, Enugu and Ituku-Ozalla – located in Enugu State and one in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. The main campus of the University is located on 871 hectares of hilly savannah in the town of Nsukka, about eighty kilometers north of Enugu, and enjoys a very pleasant and healthy climate. The University, with a motto “To restore the dignity of man” has been a very successful ivory tower, and has produced important personalities in elevated positions in Nigeria. The likes of Chinua Achebe, Dora Akunyili, Chimanda Adichie amongst others are alumnus of this great institution. Before I digress, let’s get to the main points;

1) Leave For Nsukka In Time:
I mean in time, not on time, I hope you know the difference from your Use of English. It’s important you be in the School at least two days before the exam especially for those coming from far places like Lagos. As a result of the mammoth crowd coming for this exam, there is bound to be heavy traffic in certain cities around Nsukka. Before now, this exam had been co-hosted /conducted both at Nsukka and Enugu (UNEC) campuses of the University, but this time, all the candidates will have to head to Nsukka, the only venue for this year. Also, statistics shows that between 40,000 – 50,000 candidates  will be coming for the exams this year. Another point is that there are only about 3 major transport companies (Peace, Ifesinachi, and Globis) that ply the Nsukka route. The points I made above is just to give you a glimpse of what to expect when you decide to come to Nsukka a day before the exam or even on the exam day. Please come ahead of time.

2) Transportation in School:
The only means of transportation within the school is via the school’s bus services known as UNN shuttle (This is clearly written on the shuttles buses and taxis available within and outside the campus). It takes students both in and out of the campus. These shuttles give one a great deal of convenience and a feeling of safety. They have, as their destination, a park in the town, which is very close to Peace Mass Transit Park (i.e, in front of the popular Ogige market at Nsukka). It can as well stop you anywhere you wish inside the campus or anywhere within its route. There are also other smaller routes inside the school like the Flat (Zik’s flat) route.
The summary of the transport fares is as follows;
-Town (i.e Park) to campus: N50 by shuttle buses, N60 by shuttle taxi (mainly VW Golf car).
-Campus to Town (Park):  N50 by buses, shuttle taxi and mini buses.
-Any drop within Campus: N50
-Anywhere within the Campus is N30 (bus), N50 (taxi).
For those in UNEC, Enugu Campus, shuttles and taxis collect N30 per drop.
Note that these prices are subject to change depending on the prevailing economic situation.

It’s not advisable to ask for lift that day, pay for your transport fares. It is, however, more painful not to know anyone or anything about the school before coming. Guess what? You’re at advantage for having gotten a copy of TOTAL VICTORY booklet. There is also a map at the back cover of this book to help you navigate through UNN with little or no stress.

3) Ask for Help If Need be
When you need help in any way like locating a particular place in the school, ask for it, don’t pretend. Once it’s your first time of being to the School, whoever sees you would know, you can’t hide it. Just look for good and innocent looking student (although appearance can be deceptive) and ask for what you want. UNN students are friendly and generous, there ‘ll always be somebody ready to help. However, ladies, as the most ‘endangered’ specie, we would say, “OPEN YOUR EYES.” We have our reasons; find out as you read on.

4a) Accommodation:
In the past, the school provided accommodation for Post UME candidates who are required to pay N500 for the accommodation, and I believe same will be applicable this year. If you prefer a private accommodation, there are few hotels and lodgings in Nsukka, some of which are CEC (the school owned lodging), See New Hotel, New & Old Hotel Carolina (outside, but close to the school) etc. Click here to book a hotel in Nsukka.
All the hotels & lodgings will surely be in hot demands. If you plan on staying with a friend, make sure you contact him or her ahead of time. However, most accommodation problems are being mitigated by the different campus fellowship bodies that would always be available with their buses, helping stranded candidates get accommodation, and locate their different locations. The price you may pay for these kind gestures could be to leave your own faith or fellowship when you finally get admitted into the University. This of course would not be by coercion, but by these fellowships incessant calls, SMS, visits, kind gestures and pestering you will surely become sympathetic.

b) Don’t worry about what to eat
Yes, it’s funny but we know some mummy pikins will actually be thinking about this. There is a variety of food to eat in Nsukka, the most popular being Okpa, a popular pudding eaten and enjoyed by many in Enugu state. It’s eaten like peanuts here, and I bet you‘ll enjoy it (although some of them can be really peppery). There are also other native Nsukka foods like Aghara agha Ji, Aghara agha ede, Aghara agha oka.
Don’t ask me how they taste, just taste and see for yourself. Also, you get the usual general foods you see in other parts of the country here in Nsukka. It is important that we mention that you should eat well on the day of your exam.
Normally candidates are checked into the exam hall at at least an hour before they are scheduled to start the Computer Based exam.

5) Come with all the requirements
You are required to bring the following for the screening exercise:
(i) A copy of Registration Slip bearing the passport-sized photograph.
(ii) 2019/2020 JAMB slip.
Do not go to the exam halls with your mobile phone as you‘ll be forced to drop it outside the hall, and who knows what will happen to it before you could come out to pick it. Information on the halls for the screening has been made available on this site, click here and on the school’s official website.

6) Come for the Exam prepared

It’s almost impossible to prepare too much. Read extensively and within the JAMB curriculum. In the battle field, no enemy is less important. Do not look down on any question during the exam. Attack each of them like a soldier that is fighting with his last breath. Whatever you do, DO NOT CHEAT!
DO NOT INVOLVE YOUR SELF IN EXAM MALPRACTICE; UNN does not tolerate that. And it’s a serious offence here!

7) Have an Alternative Phone Number Other than MTN
It is important that you have an alternative phone number other than MTN with which you can contact whoever you‘ll stay with when you come to the school or with which you can be contacted easily as history has shown that MTN network in Nsukka most times go down whenever there is a big event like the post UTME especially in the evenings.

8) Beware of scammers
You have to be very careful because there will be wolves in sheep’s clothing. These fraudsters, who of course are not bona fide students of the University will be targeting gullible Post UTME candidates with offers of Admission runs, Accommodation (both free and paid), especially to Post UTME girls. Don’t ask me why they prefer offering the accommodation to girls because I don’t know. They will always come as friends. You just have to be wise.

9) You are secured!!
Once you are inside the University of Nigeria, your security is guaranteed. The university has a vibrant security department with a rapid response unit. You don’t have to panic. So, incase, you find yourself in trouble, just raise an alarm and be sure you‘ll get a rapid response.

10) Get A Glimpse of How the questions look like
The last but not the least, many students will want to know how the UNN post Ume questions look like by getting a past question. It is very important!! And of course there is no compiled past question that has detailed step by step solutions like the TOTAL VICTORY SOLUTION SET. Find out more about the TOTAL VICTORY SOLUTION SET TVSS by clicking on the link below;

Best of Luck and see you soon in the den...
The UNN INFO Team.

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