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JAMB Point System: See How To Calculate Post UTME Admission Screening Scores for All Schools Here.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB, last year approved a new Post-UTME admission screening system for all candidates seeking admission into various tertiary institutions in Nigeria. It was called JAMB Point-System.

This was necessary following the scrapping of Post-UTME test by the Ministry of Education. It is now expected that the new admission screening system will take full effect during the 2017/2018 academic session admission exercise.

Now, following the conclusion of the 2017 JAMB UTME exam, we at UNN INFO wish to enlighten candidates and the general public on how to calculate Post-UTME admission screening scores with their O’level resuts (WAEC & NECO respectively).

Before we start, take note of the following information about 2017 JAMB UTME;

  1. UTME Examination questions will vary per candidate.
  2. Candidates who score above 250 will gain merit admission by JAMB into the institution of choice.
  3. 2017 JAMB CBT will last 3 years for candidates with a score of 200 and above
  4. Scholarship may be awarded to candidates with a score of 280 and above in various institutions for a 4-year degree program.

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New Post UTME Screening System (Point System):

Note: Before a candidate can be considered for screening, he/she must have been offered a provisional admission by JAMB. The JAMB admission checker portal is going to be opened soon for this process.

The second process is the point system where admission would depend on the point tally of the candidate. The system details is as listed below;

  1. Candidates who submits only one result which contains his/her relevant subjects already will be allotted 10 points. The exam could be NECO, WASSCE, November /December WASSCE etc, but any candidate who has two sittings only gets 2 points. So this means that candidates with only one result are at an advantage but only slightly.
  2. O’ Level grades has it’s equivalent grade points as; A (A1) = 6 marks, B (B1, B2, B3) = 4 marks, C (C4, C5, C6) = 3 marks, so the better the candidates’ grades, the better his or her chances of securing admission this year.
  3. UTME scores, where each score range has its equivalent point can be summarised thus, 180-200=20-23 marks, 200-250=24-33 points, 251-300=34-43, 300-400=44-60 points.
  4. Each category would contain five JAMB results per point added. Eg. a candidate with 180-185 gets 20 points, while a candidate with 186-190 gets 21 points.

How To Calculate Admission Screening Scores:

  • Sittings: Assuming you have all your required O’level subjects in one sitting, you already have 10 marks.
  • O’Level: Let’s say you have 1A, 5Bs and 3Cs in your O’level result (WAEC/ NECO/ GCE), then you have, (1×6) + (5×4) + (3×3) = 35 Points.
  • JAMB Score: Then, say you scored 250 in JAMB UTME, you get 33 Points.
  • To get the total point, you sum everything together (i.e: Sittings + O’level + Jamb Score).
  • This implies that – 10 + 35 + 33 = 78 Points. If the cut-off mark for your course of choice in a particular school is below 70, then will be admitted into that institution.


(i) Catchment and educationally less-developed state would still be used for admission into the nation’s tertiary institutions.
(ii) Merit admission contains 45 per cent of the total candidates for a particular course, Catchment contains 35 per cent and Education Less Developed Areas (ELDs) and staff lists contains the rest.
(iii) Cut off marks will be released by the institutions this year in the form of points and not marks.
(iv) The point system for direct entry would be released soon.

For information on the best ways to prepare for JAMB UTME and gain admission this year, read the key to success tips here.

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  1. with this information from jamb, does it mean that i can’t gain admission with my jamb score 161 into polytechnic

  2. What of those with two sitting o’level anything for them

  3. So there is no alternative for the person that score 144 now

  4. According 2 dis pattern of screening,pls who knows d cut-off of Radiography in Unn last yr?

  5. I score up to 163 wil i gte admissions into any university

  6. good evening with this information
    from jamb, does it mean
    that i can’t gain
    admission with my jamb
    score 167 into
    polytechnic pls i need ur answer thanks.

  7. pls I got 190 and my wace is 5C,1D,1B and 1E. pls cn I be admitted in UST wit dis. am going for marketing

  8. Pls I am seeking admission into Uniport n I scored 209. My waec is good jxt dah I didn’t get physics, if I combine my two results, wah r my chances?.my waec is mostly Bs n some Cs. Wat chance do I v?

  9. pls how true is it that those who get 250 up will be given merit admission by jamb. and is all institute going to use d point system

  10. Pls i scored 213 and my o’level result is eng B3, maths A1, govt A1, cr.s C4, Econs C5, Civic C6, Bio B3, agric B3 nd Lit D7, is there any hope of me getting admission into UNN to study public Admin. Pls i need an answer urgently.

  11. Any marks deducted for two sittings?

  12. Pls I scored 255, is there any hope of getting into pharmacy@UNN

  13. Pls oh… this info true sha?

  14. Is there any mark deducted for two sitting because I score 232 in jamb and my o level result is phy c4 chem c5 eng b3 mathematics c5 biology c6 but is two sitting will I be given admission in fuoye to study plant science

  15. Pls is this screening method true for 2017/2018 jamb?I hope is not 2016 method?

  16. I wrote English, biology, physics, nd chemistry my choice of course is radiography and my mathematics is seized in my waec can I use it for my screening. Am worried 😓

  17. Scam!!! Bloody lier! Jamb never stated this!!!

  18. How sure are u dat jamb Never posted it?


    Pls is this the real calculation…i reali need ur reply pls

  20. This looks untrue somehow

  21. i don’t think this is true

  22. Ezechukwu Samuel Emeka

    Can 252 do med lab in unizik

  23. please sir. I got three c6 and one C5 in my major subjects. I scored 265 in jamb and aspiring for med rehabilitation. what are my chances pls because I want to change my course to vet med. pls do reply my coment. I really need advice. pls sir help.

  24. how do we then convert the % to scores

  25. Vincent De Conqueror

    Got 240 In Jamb->60%, Waec :25% When Calculated With My English;C5, Chemistry;C4, Physics;C5, Biology;B3, Mathematics; B3. Total Score=85%. How High Is My Chances Of Securing Admission Into The Department Of Radiography @ UNN Aspirant.

  26. Vincent De Conqueror

    Pls I Need A Reply

  27. Jonathan felicia

    How do I calculate the %

  28. My aggregate is 78%, what is my chance of studying accounting in UNN 2017?

  29. biafra michael

    my name is biafra michael..unn aspirant, pls mine is should i convert it to normal it through multiplication..pls i need your help

  30. biafra michael

    my name is biafra michael..unn aspirant, pls mine is should i convert it to normal it through multiplication..pls i need your help

  31. sory to say bt dis info s totaly lies.

  32. I have 202 and am using 2 sitting, I want to study sociology at unilorin

  33. pls pls pls calculate this for 2 sitting ………..1 A, 3 B, 1 C……jamb score is 202…….pls calculate it for me

  34. You computation using O level result is wrong. It is not based on eight subject as you have shown but on your five relevant subjects to your course of choice. These five subjects in most schools include credit in English and Mathematica and three other subjects. For instance, to study engineering in most schools you need at least C6 in English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and one other science subject which could be Biology, Geography, Further Maths, Or Agricultural Science.

    So the calculation will be based on these five subjects and the total is 30 points out of 100. 1 sitting is 10 points out of 100 and Jamb score is 60 points out of 100.

    For Example if you have the following grades: English C4, Maths B2, Physics B3, Chemistry B3, Biology A1, Agricultural Science C5, Geography A1, Further Maths C6 and you want study any Engineering course at Unilag, the five subjects must be English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Further Maths.

    Your point calculation will be (10 points for one sitting) + subjects points(3+4+4+4+3) = 28 out of 40
    If your Jamb score is 230, your point is 29 out of 60.
    Your total score will then be 28 + 29 = 57/100
    This is the point you will use to compete for your course.

    Jamb will give you provisional admission to Unilag since you score above 200 but you may still not be admitted.

    If you want to study Mechanical Engineering for instance at Unilag and out of about 1300 who applied only 650 scored 200 and above. Jamb will give about 300 candidates provisional admission and they will compete based on their o-level results and jamb score for about 65 positions available for this course.

    The point score for the 300 candidates will be calculated and arranged in order of Merit for of all. 45% of 65 will be admitted on Merit. That is 65 x 0.45 = 29. So first 29 candidates out of 300 candidates irrespective of their state of origin will be admitted. So Merit cut of could be 68 points. If you score 68 or above you are in.

    Then 35% will be admitted based on catchment states which are six for Unilag. These are Ekiti, Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Onto and Ogun. 65 x 0.35 = 22.75 roughly 23. This will be divided by 6 and each state will have roughly 4 candidates.
    So the next admission is to take four from each of the 6 states. So if you score 67 points and you are not from one of the six catchment states you will not be admitted. Whereas, a candidate with 54 from Ekiti or Oyo state will be admitted

    The last admission is 20% Educationally less developed states like Borno, Jigawa, Zamfara etc. There are 23 of them. That is 65 x 0.20 = 13. In this case, you hardly find candidates from those states applying to Unilag. Even if they do very few score 200 and above so you may have only about 3 or 4 and these will be admitted. The remaining 9 seats will be used by staff children or those who know people who scored high.

    These are what you are up to face this year.

    Change of course and university is on now, be wise, change to a less competitive course and universities before its too late.

    • thanks for your Detailed explanation. pls what is the aggregate cutt off mark for medicine and surgery at the university of ilorin

  35. When are they buying admittion form

  36. When they buying and submitting the unn admittion form

  37. Esther
    Pls i want to read biochemistry but my physics was d7 so can jamb offer me admittion to another course without changing of course pls i to know

  38. I got 51pt am I admitted into says for biochemistry?

  39. I got 236 in my jamb n my calculation on my weac is 28 percent bt dnt hw to do d jamb

  40. Please what is the point for jamb score 165

  41. Please what is the jamb point for 165

  42. Vincent Dominic

    Thanks but when will the cut off points be released?

  43. Please i got 198 in jamb.while in my o’level I have 2 a with 2 b and 3 c. Can I be admitted into irpm in lasu

  44. All together i got 57 wat is my chance of getting admission to uniben to study accounting

  45. When calculating the aggregate score will one add all d waec subject which is none to get the waec point.
    Then add it ups with utme and one sitting.
    For eg,9 subject waec+one sitting+utme

  46. Ngwu onyedikachi

    How will I know when to buy screening form and which school

  47. I scored 174 in jamb but I have one sitting in my wace can I have get admission into polyibadan?

  48. Awosika Temitope

    I scored 189 in my jamb this year and I av only one sitting in my waec scoring 6cs, 2bs and 1A can get admission at Ibadan poly, osun university and university of Ilorin pls
    which school do I still av hope

  49. I scored 208 in jamb,on sitin in waec,is dere hope 2 study nursing in @ unilorin

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