UNN Direct Entry Admission Screening Application 2016/17 Ends

2016/2017 UNN Direct Entry DE Admission Screening Form is Out.

The Direct Entry screening form for prospective UNN candidates is now available. Candidates for Direct Entry Admission into the University of Nigeria, Nsukka who registered with Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) for 2016/2017 are invited for compulsory on-line screening.


  1. Visit the University of Nigeria portal (unnportal.unn.edu.ng), Click on ‘Prospective Students’ then select ‘Online Application Forms’ under ‘2016/2017 Admission Screening Application’ tab select ‘Click here to apply for Direct Entry’. then log in your JAMB Registration number to generate and download a Payment Invoice which contains a Remitta number, the invoice will enable you to make payment at any Commercial Bank.
  2. With the Payment Invoice, the candidate is requested to pay Two Thousand five hundred Naira Only (N2,500.00) application fee. Ensure that the Invoice number is keyed in appropriately at the Bank and obtain a confirmation slip containing your Confirmation number and Invoice Number.
  3. Visit the University of Nigeria website portal (unnportal.unn.edu.ng) again and login your JAMB Registration Number, the Confirmation Number and Invoice Number, then access and complete the University of Nigeria 2016/2017 Direct Entry form online at unnportal.unn.edu.ng.
  4. Candidates must possess the University Minimum/Departmental Entry Requirement for the courses applied for.

Urgent Admission Information: This is to inform all prospective students of UNN who still wish to purchase the Direct entry form for the 2016/17 admission exercise that the closing date has been adjusted to Thursday, 20th October, 2016. Please take advantage of this information and register before the final closure.


Chris C. Igbokwe, Esq


  1. sir, what is the date of the exam?

  2. plz r unn jupeb students eligible to apply……its urgent plz

  3. Onyinye chukwuemeka

    Can a student who didn’t register for the post jamb screening form also register

    • Onyinye, I don’t think that will be possible. Jamb registration must come first, please don’t waste your money. Wait till next year.

  4. How about jupeb students is this applicable too..pls reply sir

  5. please jupeb students wants to know whats next…. have waited too lng

  6. pls am so confused Mr.Donald is unn no longer releasing any other list.I dnt understand anything at all

  7. please, I cant find DE registration on the mentioned site. what can I do?

  8. What about the JUPEB students that didn’t apply for jamb.please I want to know what Jamb registration number will they use to generate the invoice? Please reply ASAP

  9. I got 211 for medicine, can I apply


    Having problem on how to login for my online DE registration and what to use as username and password as I have used my full name and my Jamb registration number but it wasn’t going. please i need help.

    • Nneka, you don’t need to put any username or password. Just click on something that looks like this
      You will find it at the top right of the website.
      It will bring out a page for prospective students, click on it, then click on online screening, then click on 2nd 2016 /2017 direct entry screening. Then put in your DE registration number. Then continue……….

  11. please Admin, I wan to know about UNN pre-degree form, is it still on sale?
    if so, how do I get the form? give me a guide .
    Thanks .

  12. This is urgent please!
    I can’t seem to log into the portal on my own( laptop, android). Are there cybers already logged into the portal that I need to know about?

  13. @ Nneka, you don’t need to put any username or password. Just click on something that looks like this

    It will bring out a page for prospective students, click on it, then click on online screening, then click on 2nd 2016 /2017 direct entry screening. Then put in your DE registration number. Then continue……….

  14. pls admin the problem am having is that I am being told that my reg number is not a valid format of 2016/2017

  15. Mr admin sir…
    Mine is regarding de issue of course shopping, de link is been opened in de unn official portal since yesterday but its not yet Announced, de stuff usually last for just a week, pls what’s your say on the issue…thanks

  16. please I’m having trouble uploading my passport for the Direct entry registration. please help

  17. am Emmanuel, hmm am confused…….. Is abt the primary list dat came out some week ago, some people score lower mark and i even have high mark than dem yet am not admitted, what the reason……

  18. Pls, I’m trying to generate the invioce for the DE registration, but it keeps telling me “Invoice generation failed, contact the administrator”. What could be the problem?

  19. please how will you be sure that you are through with the registration for unn direct entry 2016/2017

  20. Please I’m unable to upload my passport and the *select department* button is not active. Is anyone experiencing the same thing or is it just me?

    • please website did you visit. my own jamb registration number can not found in there data base, that is what the system is tell me.

  21. Pls I have been trying to register but it keeps saying invalid jamb registration number….wat do I do? Pls help..I am a de student

  22. My invoice number is UNN/PUTME/82100*****…pls is this right? Shldnt it be UNN/DE/….?

  23. Is there going to be any written exams like last year? Or is it the same point system as post utme

  24. Adams, pls how did u rectify it…wat are u doing about it…Pls help…I don’t know wat to do

    • I have call the unn website officals severial times but i did not think that their are doing any thing concerns this issue. POOR UNN….. POOR SERVICES

  25. Please ooo…I need urgent solution to this!..After typing in my DE Reg. no to submit for registration, default message pops up”JAMB REG NO not found in DE Database”….thereby not allowing me to login in.

    I submitted my online print out and credentials to the JAMB OFFICE as required….so why this now?

  26. Mr.Admin Sir…
    Please what mode of screening would be carried out?…The jamb point system or the normal screening…

  27. Pls can someone confirm if thats the normal invoice number I shld be getting i. e UNN/PUTME/**** or something different like UNN/DE/***

  28. sorry i have been trying to do my final summition but is not going tru i really need help dis my number plsss help me.

  29. Unn official i need ur help i cant upload my pasport photograph to enable me process my direct entry on-line screening. Pls tell us what to do

  30. @admin, help us ..please
    do we have to come to school to do this registration, or is it just a technical glitch that will be resolved soon?is it sth else? i meant the issue of not uploading passport
    tbh, u have been silent on this issue

  31. Sir what is the minimum requirement for the department of electrical electronics engineering before applying.

  32. Final submission is not going through. UNN INFO Please, if it is possible, kindly send a word to the UNN ICT unit so that they will be in the know. Thanks


    • (as at the time of filling this complaint) I’m having the same issue here. Once the “Submit” option is clicked, it doesn’t respond at all, it only brings back that same page all over again.

      Pls Admin, kindly notify the UNN ICT about this before it’s too late.

      Looking forward to the positive change.

  33. Please I cant seem to find the link for DE registration does it mean it is no longer available?

  34. Dear DE candidates, follow the link below for your DE registration


  35. Is now 3 days I have been on my system trying to fill the online form, till now I have not been able to upload my passport. Select department and Reg. No – option don’t even work. I have resolved to take this complain to the ICT company that power the website here in Lagos. Is no longer funny friends.

    • Worst still, I happens to login to the portal (just now 10:20pm 8 Oct, 16) with my Reg Number after countless times of clicking on “Submit” option; surprisingly, I saw another candidate’s passport photo with my own biodata.

      This is not funny anymore. It’s quite degrading for UNN ICT staff to be messing up in this manner. Something needs to be done asap.

      • My dear, same thing happend to me, i submitted about the same time as you and the slip has another’s passport photo. It is the biggest joke of the century.

  36. I have just submitted my son’s (Ibekwe Samson Ifeanyi – Male) Direct Entry Online application form, Ref. JAMB Registration 69043499AF. Surprisingly, the acknowledgement slip generated on final submission has a different picture, that of a female.
    Please advise way forward. Thanks.

  37. Pls any1 wit complete registration shld pls share de steps followed so as to help some of us who can’t get it correctly…

  38. are unn jupeb students required to register for this?

  39. The problem has been resolved. You can now go back to the portal and continue your direct entry registration. Deadline is still 17th October. Regards.

  40. please admin….after the registration for DE screening form. what next please?

  41. I have successfully completed mine….maybe they have rectified the problem

  42. please admin, I tried to select my grade and it doesn’t work while there is a space for jupeb certificate pls help

  43. pls,helpoooo. the position of O’leave result,the Exam center keep showing red,after writing it d way its in d NECO certificate in d direct entry online form-It stil saying,the result in red is inconsistent with your earlier entry,please check and enter the correct result-For almost 20time since yesterday.pls,Admin what will i do?

  44. Pls after payment….who received their confirmation no and invoice number on their email….I haven’t gotten mine yet..

    • hello SHEWA!…Please how did you rectify your problem of site telling you invalid reg no?…

      • I went to a cyber cafe to register…because at the time it was telling me invalid registration I was trying to register with my phone….so if u hv this type of issue,try going to a cyber cafe first..

    • It will not be sent to you on email. Make sure that the reference generated before payment was correctly entered by the Cashier. In other words you do not need to enter any confirmation number in processing your online application. The system will automatically take you to next input entry once you log back after payment.

  45. Please admin I have been unable to create an invoice since yesterday what is the problem

  46. Pls when i tried today it told me invoice generation failed pls what should i do ???


  48. Please can I pay with my atm

  49. It says my jamb reg no is invalid for 2016/2017 format,pls what do I do,I just saw de registration just today 14/10/2016,I’d it possible to complete d registration on 17th bring the closing date….someone pls answer me here or through mabob61@yahoo.com….pls help..tnx in advance….and also d requirements to study law.

  50. Please ooo….Is still telling me Jamb Reg.no not found in the direct entry data base….can someone help me out…ICT IS NOT RESPONDING


  52. after uploading the required credentials now for some days, it shows (
    Error Code : ‘ddlGrade’ has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not exist in the list of items. Parameter name: value) at the last page and starts from the beginning… PLEASE I NEED URGENT ANSWERS AS THE PORTAL IS CLOSING TOMORROW.

  53. Pls is anyone aware of the cut of points or something?

  54. Please am through with my registration. I want to find out from those who are through or know anything about the registration. After the whole process i got a single printout that says 2016/2017 DIRECT ENTRY ADMISSION SCREENING APPLICATION – ACKNOWLEDGMENT SLIP. I hope that should be all after the registration is successful.

  55. Please, I want to know if one can use waiting OND result to apply…… I jst finished my OND this year and I wish to apply direct entry in UNN

  56. when will the exam commence?

  57. when is jupeb list coming out?

  58. Is there some body that applied for medical laboratory science ?

  59. I actually missing out on the registration. After all the struggle I put into registering with jamb. Am so pained right now. So so pained.

  60. I actually missed out on the registration. After all the struggle I put into registering with jamb. Am so pained right now. So so pained.

  61. how long will it take UNN to release admissions for the DE candidates?

  62. Onele Paschal Iruka

    I got this info Friday evening rushed to bank for payment and couldn’t succeed. Pls I humbly request the management should consider us and give someday grace to enable us complete the registration.

  63. Please am so confused right now, I have done the registration and have printed my slip out, now the portal is telling me that my own jamb registration number can not found in there data base. Pleas what is going on? I Wang to know!

    • Not to worry, it means that they have closed the portal for all registrations. It will come alive again after they have finished processing the result. I hope this gives some level of help. All the best!

  64. Is the de admission list out?

  65. I really don’t know @Zalaxi called one of the lecturers and they said lectures has commenced since September and they’ve not been hinted what to do concerning DE for Medical Lab Science Students for now as Jamb gave them 149 for PUme

  66. please I don’t want to miss out the direct entry chance for 2017/2018 session….how can i keep up to date…its really important

  67. when is unn going to release de entry admission list

  68. Have the direct entry names been shortlisted? Please answer

  69. Does UNN accept ND lower credit for direct entry?

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