Urgent Information For Awaiting Result Candidates

Important Notice.

This is to inform all Prospective students who applied for admission into University of Nigeria, Nsukka and completed their Admission Screening form using Awaiting result (AR) that their forms have been re-opened so they can go and update their WAEC result which was just released.

Kindly follow the process below:

  1. Go back to the registration portal.
  2. Sign in with your registration number.
  3. Proceed to the page with AR and update with your result.
  4. Confirm your entry.
  5. Submit your form
  6. Print out your acknowledgement slip.

Please do this as soon as possible to avoid any form of complaints.


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  1. Esomnofu Emmanuel

    My Literature-In-English result is ‘Outstanding’. How do I go about the completion of the form?.

    Help please

  2. Okeke Chikwere Anthony


  3. please I mistakenly checked mine without completion of my result because I did not know I was meant to complete it… what do I do? sir please reply

  4. please sir reply

  5. What happens to students who are still awaiting their NECO results?

  6. Please I read that the screening results are out, how do I check if my name is out

  7. Is there a deadline for awaiting result candidates?

  8. Mr Donald please is there a way my page can b reloaded cos I checked mine without uploading my result

    • Follow the procedures listed above to upload your results if you are an AR candidate.

      • Good evening Sir, please I have a problem, it about my screening form result, after I uploaded my jamb and some of the documents I had though not all and tried to submit, the reply was that I mint provide my local government identification, which I was not able to offer get till the closing date, I have been offered an admission but I don’t have my screening result slip to do my clearance, cos I didn’t get to print the out any what do I do please?

        • Explain it to your faculty officer and make sure the LGA identification is with you. He/she will tell you where to go from there.

  9. Wat I mean sir is dat i followed d procedures but I didn’t fill in my results nd i submitted it without knowing, nw my score is out but i can’t preview d page to fill in my result…is there a remedy on how d page can b reloaded

  10. What happens to students who are still awaiting their NECO result?pls reply

  11. Mr Donald how can I be given a score without screening my waec result because I did not upload it

  12. pls sir what should i do am awaiting neco pls sir reply

  13. awaiting neco pls reply

  14. Pls when is the deadline? I tried printing my waec to upload it but the waec is not going

  15. sir plz awaiting neco

  16. Pl sir I just uploaded my waec result but I was given a screening score. Is that my real score

  17. pls sir I went to upload my waec result BT ,,they have already scored me without me uploading my result..pls do something oooo

    • That,s my on predicament too……they have already scored me without uploading my result

      please friend bobby if they have updated u let me know please

  18. alphonsus miracle

    pls z dere any remedy for me I mistakenly submitted my form without uploading my waec result now I have given scores with my waec result remaining AR pls wat do I do urgently

  19. please sir help me….since 10th i went to update my waec result but i found out that they have already screened me………since den its still the same thing and it seems like the site has been closed…….please i really need your help am confused………..please reply me

  20. Andy vist the school ICT
    as fast as you can.

  21. Sir, I have GCE O’level and also took the SSCE/WAEC but submitted GCE to meet screening deadline. My WAEC is out with better grades. How can I withdraw GCE and submit SSCE/WAEC to improve my chances.
    Sunny Agu

  22. This is indeed not fair,how can unn be doing this to us,if waec is the only result that can give us admission,then whats the use of neco,please am apealing to who so ever is in charge of unn to extend their screening date so that those who sat for neco would be given equal opportunity,i know you guys are freaked out with how Jamb is trying to dethrone you guys,but please temper anger with mercy,please unn!!!!!!;please!!!!!!,

  23. Please sir have mercy for the neco candidates,please sir,please!!!,we cant afford to loose this years admission sir,please sir please!

  24. Pls who so ever is in charge pls try and consider d awaiting Neco result pls ….. Just as d others have spoken pls .. We can afford to miss dis year admission ….pls unnn do consider and don’t close the portal for it.

  25. pls sir I found out they scored me without me uploading my waec result..wat should I do …I am really confuse right now.pls do something..

  26. nweke Harrison k

    sr pls I have been screened with out uploading my result ooooop…do something plssssss
    ….O got all four subject b3…. pla let me upload and fain my admisson plss….


    sir pls I have been screened with out
    uploading my result oooo….
    something plsssss
    ….I got all four subject b3…. pls let me
    upload and gain my admisson plss….

  28. September 10 is not to far from now,by then the neco result will be out and we will upload as soon as possible,please sir,do that for neco and waec candidates atlist,atlist! Sir,my waec result is good,but it does not suit my course.if i upload it there are going to screen me out without even going through it but if this(geography b3,civicedub3,mathsd7,physicsd7,chemistryb3,english,c4,biology,c6,animal husbandryb3,further maths d7. For medcine and surgery ) is enough then let me know so that i can go on with the uploadment,please unn consider,please consider!!!!

  29. Pls sir,those unn combine waec/neco o’level result for admission?

  30. Pls sir,what is the subject combination for Philosophy in UNN

  31. what of jupeb result?

  32. what of jupeb result please?

  33. pls sir this is my jamb registration number 65521906CJ
    My screening score is not correct

  34. Pls deadline z when

  35. Sir pls I sincerely appeal 2 u 2 help re-open d portal so dat we will b able 2 update our WAEC results,if not it may alter our screening scores….dis year’s admission is really freaking us out,we knw dat not all will gain admission buh atlst u pple shuld look with pity at d serious ones,nd i assure u dat u wont regret it…please oo UNN help us restore dat dignity…

  36. Is it DAT. D results are bad. If dey have screened you without your waec and result is good. Be satisfied. Thank you

  37. what of neco candidates. what will be their fate?

  38. Please, after given an acknowledgement slip, and your screening score…what is next to do? and how are you going to know if you have been given admission?

  39. I’m totally confused about the whole thing.. I dnt even know which advise to follow

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