Documents Required To Register For 2016 UNN Admission Screening

From what we have gathered so far, the following credentials/documents are required to successfully fill in the online application form for UNN Post Utme/Admission Screening 2016.

  • Birth Certificate
  • First School Leaving Certificate
  • Testimonials
  • Letter of Identification from Local Government
  • JAMB Result Slip
  • O’level Results.


For Awaiting Results candidates, after selecting AR during your online registration, go ahead and upload a scanned copy of your O’Level Exam ID card(s) or Photo card(s) with details of your exam number, centre, and year of exam fully visible.


Be sure to also read the posts below before proceeding with the registration.

>2016/2017 UNN Admissions: Application Form, Date, Cut Off Mark details.

>[Updated] All You Need To Know About 2016/2017 UNN Post Utme-Admission Screening.



  1. What of those that their FSLC is not yet ready and their name is out what will they do?

  2. Wot if your o level results is not yet ready?

    • fill awaiting result with any grade

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      For all Awaiting Result candidates, please exercise a little patience with the online registration. Don’t just upload anything yet. I believe the school will make a provision for AR candidates on the portal in no distant time. Let’s see what happens before the closing date.
      Just keep checking here for updates.

      • dia z provision for AR candidates.
        wen u imput d subject dt u took in waec/neco den d space for grade just scrow down u will c AR just click it

      • what if ur jamb mark is not up to 200 but it is above 180 will they accept that person

  3. Pls my school,z d local government id required from an aspirant’s state of origin or residence lga

  4. God pls help us

  5. Are All Dis Document Really Neccessary

  6. can one obtain its letter of identification from any nearby local government.

  7. What happen is the o’level is not out ready yet? What does one do?

  8. Is it possible to gain admission into unn with an awaiting result?

  9. awaiting result what should we do

  10. Pls where can one gt ds letter f identification in lag as a native of imo state?

  11. how can i get my first sch leaving certificate if i have taken the exams

  12. Can someone who doesn’t have FSLC yet proceed with buying the form,

    Please reply it’s urgent

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      If you are sure you cannot get your FSLC, then use your primary school testimonial or get an affidavit.

  13. Sir what abt awaiting result student. What are we going to fill there

  14. What of aspirants without original O’level result but statement result

  15. Umenkachukwu Maryanne

    How Will I get the local government certificate and what if I don’t have first school leaving certificate

  16. Can we use waec print out not the original from school

  17. The time for ddeadline seems short. What about those awaiting. O-level results.

  18. please sir, is the LGA identification letter the one of my state of origin or the one of my present residence???

  19. please sir, is the LGA identification letter the one of my state of origin or the one of my present residence????

  20. urgent please. must I have my first school leaving certificate b4 registration when I have testimonials. may someone help me please!!!

  21. pls I don’t have first school leaving certificate because the exam was cancelled before it commence again…so during my time I didn’t take the what should I do?

  22. please sir, is the LGA identification letter the one of my state of origin or the one of my present residence?????

  23. What about awaiting results student. Wat wil happen to them

  24. Please What Will Be The Faith Of Awaiting Result Student?

  25. Please Sir What About Awaiting Result Students. What Are They Going To Do? Please Sir We Need A Reply

  26. Princewill chime

    Can i present only my primary school testimonial?

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      If you are sure you cannot get your FSLC, then use your primary school testimonial or get an affidavit.

  27. please i need to understand what the first school leaving certificate is

  28. Josephat Says Again

    sir please, i need an answer “i am in benin city, edo state and i have all my document ready but dont have my testimonial and the school i wrote my primary six exam has been closed down. what am saying is can i use that of my j s s 3

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      If you are sure you don’t even have your primary school testimonial and can not still get it, may be through the help the teachers previously there, then you should get an affidavit

  29. Josephat Says Again

    am just frustrated

  30. Pls sir, i wrote my first sch leaving cert on 2014 n d result is nt yet out; pls wat should i do?

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      If you are sure you cannot get your FSLC, then use your primary school testimonial or get an affidavit.

  31. His leaving school testimonie the same thing with FSLC,cos am confuse,and can i present de birth certificate given to me by the hospital i was born

  32. Pls student with awaiting result what will they do???

  33. if your name is not out. that was exactly what happen to me but I scrolled down and saw where they said click here so try there okey

  34. iloegbunam Lynda

    what if u don’t have fi
    rst school leaving certificate

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      If you are sure you cannot get your FSLC, then use your primary school testimonial or get an affidavit.

  35. Just did for my bro…if you have awaiting result, U will have to upload ur weac id instead, all those credentials mentioned above are important.thank you

  36. Pls just to confirm if the date for submission of the forms have been shifted or still remain on the same date which is 19th of July. Thanks

  37. pls if jamb does not post your name but you go on and buy the screening form?

  38. About the closing date for registration some said ninteenth some twevth some twentyninth. Pls what is the correct date?


  40. Where are my suppose to pay the fee for the screening….pls I don’t really understand

  41. Pls where can I pay d screnning fees?

  42. Ekeh kester yoyo

    pls is d FSLC dsame as d WAEC certificate, letter of identification from Local government dsame as state of Origin.Can I use d testimonial of my secondary scool.

  43. the testimonials and fslc are they needed for the registration process or screening

  44. sir what about direct entry with an awaiting result,shoild i go on to purchase the form or is it late?

  45. sir, can I go ahead wit d registration even wit d fact dat my name isn’t out yet? Hav gotten my RRR number nd my documents ar ready

  46. what of the local govt id


  48. Pls must the jamb result slip be the one bearing the candidate’s photo i.e the one printed using scratch card, or can one use the simple notification of result slip that does not bear photo?

  49. Hmm….. Tears… I scored 196 in my jamb and unn cut off Mark is 200 what can I do please??

  50. pls Sir which testimonial,is it primary or secondary school or both,pls specify,thanks

  51. pls sir can I get letter of identification from my town chairman whose office is in lag here

  52. My issue has been awaiting results and I would like to know if something would be done about it?
    The whole thing is just getting one confused.
    Just keep me updated about the it

  53. please say something about theclosing date of this registration now and wheather someone must present both primary school testional and secondary school testimonl together?

  54. What of those with two sittings…pls ways their fate…..pls answer

  55. matters arising……..

  56. Mekoh Cynthia Kelechukwu

    Please, i have those documents, but my issue is that are they going to consider my “O” level result on which i have “two” sitting. or should i summit one? please reply

  57. Mekoh Cynthia Kelechukwu

    The JAMB has not posted me yet, should i go on purchasing the form? I Scored 240 in JAMB (Medical Laboratory)

  58. Mekoh Cynthia Kelechukwu

    The JAMB has not posted me yet, should i go on purchasing the form? I Scored 240 in JAMB (Medical Laboratory

  59. can i do the online screening application outside the school?
    have been trying to upload my certificates outside the school is not responding

  60. Endeavour to register before 24th of july, cos thé last dates might be 50:50. Think and act fast.

  61. Wat if a candidate is not up to the required age limit.can he or her still be admitted

  62. I nid an answer please:|

  63. Obilove admission age is 16 years

  64. pls if ur not post is it nesesry to obtain the form

  65. Pls oo very urgent I need reply can I swear affidavit instead of get in d original letter of identification

  66. Also wat and wat type of testimonials are requested for upload

  67. chianumba onyinye

    are we required to upload our primary skul testimonial wit our secondary skul testimonial along with our primary skul leaving cert??

  68. Plz the testimonials needed is it Primary and Secondary or 1 of d two

  69. I have successfully upload my credentials & i have the acknowledgment slip & i did not add fslc & testimonial bt the rest i upload it this going to effect my chance of getting admission,am working on how to get the rest befor the screening.what can do if get the fslc & the testimonial can i still upload it before the deadline.i need reply pls

  70. Hello sir pls I want to know if the Waec and the Jamb Results we would Upload be Original or Ordinary print out…

  71. But if ur 15 this year will u still be given admission into unn.haven cleard all the required instruction during registration

  72. please, if the first school leaving certificate is for my primary school then which testimonial should i provide

  73. please my sister fsl name is not written well. c was replaced with s in her name can i use her primary school testimonial or to go ahead and upload the fslc.

  74. plz I uploaded it with out my testimonial bt I put my primary school cart n d rest plz Wht is my fate

  75. Please is there any hope for Awaiting WAEC Result?

  76. wen exactly z De closing date for the registration?

  77. 26th july z d closing date

  78. what if u don’t have fslc and the cyber cafe officer insists on it. what will I do?

  79. please in need help…my FSLC i have diff name as d one in my WAAEC but i have my affidavit but still dont know what to do

  80. where can I get my birth certificate because I went to NPC They requested N7000 and an affidavit of birth before processing it but they said it is attestation of birth is that the real one or better still can I get it from the hospital I was born in.

    • UNN INFO_Donald

      You can get from your hospital of birth but the NPC own is the officially accepted nationwide.

      • Helo mr donald, am havin issh uploading my O-level. I did 7subjects nd I got a notification that subjects shldnt be less than 8subjects. Hav been on it since lastwk, Wat do I do sir pls help me

  81. I think all this is wrong.. We the applicants were never given a substancial prior notice to such drastical change in the way these exams will be done… Do you guys think you just hv to wake up one morning n change the Exam-writing procedures without it having an effect on prospective candidates? What happened to the usuall way of writing post-utme? People who dnt hv this credentials what happens to them? Do we wait a whole year at home again? There’s no difference between what the Minister of Education did n what you guys are doing right now… well… this country has never been one known for stability n continuity when it comes to Educational standards…

  82. Please sir,I scored 196 in my jamb. Can I apply for the post utme?

  83. i made a mistake in my local government of origin and av already gotten my l g a identification from my real l g a plz sir will it affect me

  84. is it a must that i will be an orginal jamb result?? Or the jamb print out

  85. pls can I upload a letter of attestation in place of the testimonial


    plz jamb has posted me to unn and offered me d course i need. what should i do next plz reply

  87. what if your first school leaving certificate is still with your school

  88. CHIMA Nnenna u’re sitin deir askin wat shld u do nxt, no relx u wll soon see wat 2 do nxt, Morow z 22nd ad u hv nt done enitin yet. Iz beta u go ad hv ur invoice print out ad pay dat u may stat d procesin

  89. please i cant get my local government statment of identification can i fill my form without that . . . . . .pls reply urgently.

  90. @ maxi..jamb result slip dey askd 4…dey didn’t specify weda its original result slip

  91. plz sir! i made a mistake in my utme form , i filled in Enugu East In My Lga And Am From Igbo- Eze North Lga And I Have Gotten My Lga Identification Letter From My Real Lga Which Is Igbo-eze North Lga . Plz Sir Will It Affect Me

  92. plz sir, i dont understand what fg meant by suspicious credentials and plz sir what are the factor that make my documents suspicious

  93. Please is the primary school testimonial different from that of the secondary school??

  94. pls how will unn screen their candidate

  95. You should understand that first school certificate is your certificate from primary school, then another certificate is from the secondary you attended so you now have two certificate that is what they require for upload, if you don’t have any one get affidavits from court mind you there is no time. God bless you all.

  96. what of,
    if u lost ur original testimonial and only hv the photocopied one. Is it accepted.

  97. @olisa . Yes go ahead and upload that provided the document is clear ,all the best.

  98. @ mazi you can use the ordinary jamb printout,it mustn’t be the original one, when you print out the acknowledgement slip ,your jamb photograph will appear whether you used the original or not, don’t waste your money. All the best.

  99. Godwin Ezikeanyi

    can i use my baptizmal certificate for my birth certificate?.

  100. Please sir I didn’t upload my waec id card during my registration but I have printed out the acknowledgement slip am I safe

  101. please for those that cant there testimonial now can they use the letter of attestation?? pls reply

  102. Pls sir I went to my primary school nd d headmistress gave me a written cover note wit school stamp nd signature to show dat I has complete my primary school so I uploaded it as my fslc pls how do u see it thanks

  103. @unn info_lawrence…. jst saw ma screening score wen i logged in ma reg numba on deir portal nd also heard departmental cut off is out hw true is it???


    Plis Sir i have my waece results since 2014, not Awaiting Result, but i registerd as A.R bcos i don’t have it within me that time, can i use them nw in registering my post ume? Pls i need help,

  105. Abeg for the testimonial upload which one are we to use is it primary school or secondary school own and for certificate upload is it our ND result since we already have space to upload o level result which is our waec
    DE aspirant

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