Important Information On UNN Acceptance Fee Payment & Profile Update for 2015/16 Session

Update: UNN Acceptance Fee Payment Activated. Read details for the link below;




It has come to our notice that some persons online are bent on misinforming UNN freshers/aspirants, and constantly raising untold anxiety among the already tensed candidates. What they gain from such irresponsible act of theirs is simply beyond our comprehension.

To all concerned, we advise that you disregard any information on payments that is not obtained from the University of Nigeria official website ( at the moment.

The reason is not far-fetched. There has been a lot of confusion as regards how payments are to be made which has made some candidates and their guardians to become regular visitors to banks, and cyber cafe’s. Some may have even been duped in the process.
You must have noticed that the school changed to Bank draft system of payment some weeks ago. This may not be unconnected to the recent directive by the Federal Government under President Muhammadu Buhari that every Federal Government Ministry, Department or Agency (MDAs) should start paying into a Treasury Single Account (TSA) for all government revenues, incomes and other receipts.
Therefore, rushing to make any payment without getting proper instruction from the University authorities is simply ill-advised.

We understand that you are in a rush to become a “confirmed” student of the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka and you do not want to miss out of any deadline on payment of the acceptance fee. But you have to be careful not to make regrettable mistakes.

Please, note that there is no deadline for acceptance fee payment at the moment. The school has not even published an official academic calendar for the 2015/2016 academic session. No official school resumption date has been fixed.
It is also worthy of note that the University of Nigeria is hosting the 2015 edition of the West African University games (WAUGA) which is billed to commence tomorrow, 15th October, 2015. So, you should understand that the school is working hard to marshal out plans to accommodate all her activities this year, and you should be patient.

Be rest assured that as soon any official information is released by the school, we will relay it to you here.

On the question of profile update which we have received many times from the already admitted candidates. Yes, you can now update your student’s profile on the university portal (
On first visit to the portal, click on the link that say “…Verify your Account” under the New Students tab. After verifying your account, Log into your profile and update your personal data accordingly. That’s all for now.

When you are done, wait for an official information from the University on when to proceed with acceptance fee payment and other registration.

If you are interested in knowing the documents you may be required to come with during the admission clearance period, check a post we published on that last year via the link below;

We Wish You All the Very Best


  1. thank you for this wonderful information. we have been waiting for this info.

      • pls,UNN info is the change of degree programme still going to hold? been trying to generate an invoice for months now but its not connecting.can a bank draft be used as an alternative?pls your response will be of great help to me and a host of others also interested because the deadline for application is 30th October. plss help because its my only hope

  2. @ unn team that ok but when it ready let us know via sms on our phones

  3. Greetings, thanks to the unn info team for this update, this is great news. I urge evry1 who comes across this info to share with concerned friends, God bless us all…!!!

  4. Thanks for This information cause this is the best time for it, Imagine many students have told me they’ve paid for the acceptance fee. Thank God I said I will wait till tomorrow.
    For those offering Electrical Engineering get to know your course mates, you can join our what’s app chat room via 07062078719

  5. thanks alot

  6. i will be very grateful if u give us updates via text messages on our phones or via email

  7. Thanks….this info has eased my tensions

  8. wow…as cold water given to a dying thirsty soldier thats how this information is to me…thanks alot..dont know u bt God knows u & wl reward u

  9. thanks tho does it mean that d invoice we generated via unn portal is futile ?? repping electrical engineering

  10. So glad I got this news. It’ll help a lot

  11. Thanks unn info you deserve my plaudits,but pls you guys should hasten things you know how optimistic we are,me I can’t wait 2 be acknowledged and reckoned as a student of this prestigious school. We are tired of this your procrastination please.Thanks anyway I appreciate you and your deeds and won’t refuse to heed them

  12. Thanks for updating us about this acceptance fee saga and other various issues came on time and its highly imperative we are abreast of grateful.
    Peter frank,estate management unec.

  13. Pls oo I need information on unn. Am an aspirant nd I really want to be sure b4 bying d form. Am goin for medicine. Do dey give enough time in deir postutme exams?

  14. Am satisfied wit dis peice but bulky information of dis acptnx fee of a tin. IF WE R NT INFORMED, WE WIL B DEFORMED. #shout out 2 u guys @UNN INFO.

  15. prospective philosophers i rep u guys solely. we can chat via 07034649554. in GOD we trust…

  16. Electrical Engineering students should catch us via dis line 08163087327.the other number was a typographic error

  17. How long is the WAUGA

  18. How long is the WAUGA?

  19. I have been trying to submit my personal data on my profile and it’s not going through…Please what is the problem? and how do I generate my invoice?

  20. Pls is d chnge of degree program stil goin to hold cos d deadline z almost here,bt stil wen u go to d banks they kp tellin u dat it has nt started ??@ UNN INFO

  21. i cant generate my acceptance fee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Thanks for the update but must the fee be paid in banks inside the school because I have tried it here and its not working



  25. Thanks a bunch

  26. Plz I need accommodation off camp close 2 school below #70,000. Rep history nd international relations

  27. Dz z my numba 08168640717 plz

  28. When Is D Payment Of Acceptance Fee Starting

  29. Some of us can ask questions for Africa shaaa… “THERE IS NO DATE FOR NOW. BE PATIENT”!!!

  30. @UNN INFO…
    What if the acceptance fee has bin paid in 2 d designated banks…pls are we still on a safe side…Please Help out!!!

  31. Since There Is No Official Date For Resumption, What Are We To Do?

  32. UNN INFO..
    Pls if someone had paid 4 the ACCEPTANCE FEE IN 2 D DESIGNATED BANK and was unaware of D changes…plz is he still on a safe side…Pls Help!!!

  33. Hmmm, its funny the way some of us still ask abt the designated bank to pay into when through this info u’ve been asked to make no payments until it becomes official, is it that some of us don’t go through this piece of info bfor commenting…NO PAYMENTS FOR NOW, its as simple as that.

  34. Pls….did any1 receive a message 4rm “sucf unec”…kindly share their contact phone no..THANKS

  35. Tnx 2 all of u who update us via Dis medium. We ar grateful

  36. what a relief….dis is the perfect way to neutralise all thoughts of isolation

  37. when is unn acceptance fee payment going to start?

  38. pls UNN info is the change of degree programme still going to hold? been trying to generate the invoice but it is not going .can one pay through bank draft as an alternative.pls your response will help me and others interested.

  39. pls,UNN info is the change of degree programme still going to hold?been trying to geenerate a payment invoice but its not connecting.can a bank draft be used as an alternative?pls ur response would aof great help to me and a host of others interested ‘cos the deadline given for the application is 30th of October.

  40. blessin ivy brian

    Thanks really..
    i was quite tensed..

  41. I need to things clear, I heard the school starts registration on the 2nd of November. is that true?

  42. Hmmmmm…some of u no dey hear word!!!!!!!
    Law freshers can connect to course mates via 08035397718

  43. What If One Already Paid At D Bank,coz I Was Able 2 Generate A Payment Invoice 4 Myself Am I Stll Safe

  44. UNN website now under construction

  45. I was able to generate my invoice today at portal.I have printed
    .can I pay to the Bank @Unn

  46. ozoegwu chukwugekwu Lucas

    UNN INFO….
    Please i scored 208 in my jamb and 184 as my average, please what are my stands.Can i supplement. Thanks

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