Suite up! And you’ll become successful and happy immediately, for that’s what good movies teach us. Jokes aside, but whether you like it or not, people always pay attention to your appearance at first. The right suite can really become your pass to serious duties or a step forward in a career. Not really fair? Maybe, but isn’t it better to get lucky and enjoy a new suit at the same time?

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About suits in short

It is a garment made from the same clothing that consists usually of two pieces – trousers and a jacket. Sometimes a vest is included, too. Business suits originated from Britain, where they were the most common kind of clothing among country people. Surprisingly, soon it managed to grow into a world trend and even a must-have thing. Business suits are also called «lounge» and available in different variations.

Most often, suits are worn with collared shirts and neckties, but this combination may vary accordingly to occasions and preferences. Nowadays, you can easily buy a ready-to-wear suit, order it from tailor, get a made to measure one, which may require some changes, or even choose suit separates and compose your own from different pieces of garment.

Types of suits

The particulars of a suit could be defined by knowing where they were made – England, Italy, or America. Italian style has padded shoulders and no vents, V-shaped jacked and flapless pockets – the perfect choice for slim people. British one offers more military aesthetics that will fit men with athletic builds. American models are also known as «sack suits» – with straight lines to fit men with larger frames. As you see, everyone will get a suite.

Jiji Suits

Everything is clear about one- and two-piece models, but what about the tuxedo? It can consist of two or three pieces, but it is distinctive by its elegance, is worn for special occasions and only in the evening – after 6 p.m. These costumes are mostly black.

There are single- and double-breasted suits, depending on how many rows of buttons they have. The primer type is more suitable for corporate events, while the latter ones create more exquisite and dramatic look.

Lapel – the fold of fabric on the chest – can be of three types: peaked, when the edges point upwards, notch, the most common, when the bottom of the collar and the top of the lapel sit at 75-95 degree angles, and shawl, a curve with no break.

Jiji Suit Up

Pants are offered in more limited assortment – pleated and straight leg.

When you are choosing a suit, pay attention to the fit. Slim fit stands for a costume with no excess of fabric, with rather narrow pants and jacket. Classic fit is free and quite comfortable. There is also a medium version – modern fit, that is somewhere in between these two.

Speaking about vents, there are versions with one or two of them, but these details can be absent at all. Here you should look directly at your personal fit. A mirror will become the best shopping assistant.

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One more thing to consider is lining. The suit can be half-, fully-, or unlined. Natural lining, like bemberg, is considered the lining of the highest quality – durable, breathable and inexpensive. Silk is breathable, too, but much more expensive. It is a great solution for hot weather and is often used in custom suits, but it is difficult to clean and impossible to fix. Polyester lining is the least breathable and used in low-coast jackets.

Don’t be surprised, but unlined jackets are higher-priced. Each needs greater artistic skills and much time to ensure that inner stitching is not visible and processed with highest quality.

Suits for women

The selection of types, models, even colors is much richer for women. Maybe it is so because there are more variants of official clothing for women. Black, grey, blue, navy, haki, dark charcoal, red – all can be appropriate for different occasions, both for office environment and various meetings.

Jiji Suits for Women

The selection of clothing you can wear underneath is equally wide – starting from white button-down and ending up with silk sweaters.

In addition, every suit requires special accessories – shoes and bags, and some jewellery. But you should be conservative; don’t forget what you are wearing a suit for and where you are going.

How to choose

To start with, consider the type of the suite. Define an occasion you are going to wear it for – office, business meetings, interviews, conferences. Define whether it should have more professional or dressy look. It may influence a choice of the next elements.

Jiji Suits How To Choose

When you are comparing several types of fabric, think about appearance and comfort. It should be breathable, for most likely you are going to wear a suit during long periods of time, and you should feel confident.

All other details, like types and designs of pants (or skirt), jacket design depend on your personal preferences and body type. Don’t forget to ask for shopping assistant’s advice, it’ll be helpful.

Where to buy

A suit may be not a thing of everyday necessity, but a thing you definitely need to have in your wardrobe. It should reflect your personal style and emphasize your figure. A right suit makes a person look strong and confident. You surely want to get the best one for you. And if you can get the best at available price – that would be perfect. Believe it or not, but we have a perfect list of suits – On Jiji, you can find clothes from world famous designers and brands. Communicating directly with other users allows to specify all details and avoid extra charges. And don’t forget that with Jiji you can start shopping at any moment and from any place. Suit up with Jiji!

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