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UNN Postgraduate Calendar /Timetable of Events for 2019/2020 Released

UNN Postgraduate Calendar & Timetable of Events for 2019/2020 Session is Out.

The University of Nigeria (UNN) Management has released the time-table of events for the 2019/2020 academic session postgraduate studies.

The UNN PG Academic Calendar can be seen below.



January 2020

Monday 06

Arrival/Registration of New Postgraduate Students

Monday 13

First Semester Lectures begin for New Postgraduate Students


Arrival and Registration of Old Students

Saturday 25

Matriculation Ceremonies for Postgraduate Students (who are not Alumni of  U.N.N.)

Monday 27

Sale of Application Forms for 2020/2021 Postgraduate Admissions begins.

February 2020

Monday 07

Registration Ends for New Postgraduate Students


Late Registration starts for New Student begins.

Thursday 14

Board Meeting

Friday 15


Registration for Old Postgraduate Students ends.


Late Registration for Old Student begins.

Monday 17



Submission of Completed End-of-Session Report Forms

Thursday 20

Vice-Chancellor’s Research Leadership Prize Winner’s Lecture (Senate Ceremonial Committee)


March 2020

Thursday 13

Orientation for Fresh Postgraduate Students at the Departmental and Faculty Level


Friday 14

Orientation for Fresh Postgraduate Students at the University level at Ekpo Convocation Arena


Friday 27

End of Sale of Application Form for Postgraduate Admissions 2020/2021


First Semester Lectures continue

April 2020

Thursday 16

Board Meeting

Tuesday 21

End of Lectures for First Semester


Submission of First Semester Course-work Examination Time-Table

Wednesday 22

Revision begins

May 2020

Wednesday 06

Revision ends

Thursday 07

First Semester Coursework Examinations start




Tuesday 12

School of Postgraduate Studies Distinguished Lecture Series for 2018/2019 – Distinguished Lecture

Thursday 21

First Semester Coursework Examinations end


Friday 22

Submission of First Semester Results to SPGS begin

Thursday 28

Training Workshop for Postgraduate Supervisors/Teachers at Nsukka Campus


Second Semester Lectures begin

Friday 29

Training Workshop for Postgraduate Supervisors/Teachers at Enugu Campus

June 2020



Friday 05

End of Submission of First Semester Results to the School (SPGS)

Thursday 18

Board Meeting


Second Semester Lectures continue

July 2020



Monday 13

Arrival of Sandwich Postgraduate Students

Tuesday 14

Registration of Sandwich Postgraduate Students begins

Thursday 16 &

Friday 17

Postgraduate Admission Screening (CBT) takes place

Monday 20

Lectures begin for Sandwich Students

Tuesday 28

Registration of Sandwich Students end

August 2020



Thursday 13

Board Meeting

Thursday 20

Submission of Second Semester Exam Time-Table begins

September 2020



Thursday 03

Lectures for Regular Postgraduate Students end

Friday 04

Revision for Regular Postgraduate Students begins

Saturday 05

End of Submission of Second Semester Examination Time-Table


Sandwich Lectures end

Friday 11

Revision for Sandwich Students ends


Revision ends for Regular Postgraduate Students

Monday 14

Second Semester Examinations begin for Regular Postgraduate Students


Revision begins for Sandwich Students


Examinations begin for Sandwich Students

Wednesday 20

Examinations end for Sandwich Postgraduate Students

Monday 28

End of Second Semester Examinations (Regular Students)

October 2020

Friday 02

End of Sandwich programme


Tuesday 13

Board Meeting

Wednesday 14 to Thursday 15

Advanced Ph.D Research Paper Writing Workshop

Thursday 22 to Friday 03

PGC 601 and PGC 701 Workshop for Nsukka Campus

Thursday 29 – Friday 30

Workshop on PGC 601 AND PGC 701 for Enugu Campus

November 2020



Monday 02

Postgraduate Students Vacate Campus

Monday 07

Arrival of External Examiners for 2018/2019 Postgraduate Students

Tuesday 09

Examination/Oral Defence of Master’s Projects for 2018/2019 set

Thursday 11

Departure of External Examiners

December 2020

Project Report/Thesis Work Continues for 2018/2019 students


Lectures        14 Weeks
Revision        2 Weeks
Examination    2 Weeks
Total             18 Weeks

Lectures          14 Weeks
Revision          2 Weeks
Examination    2 Weeks
Total               18 Weeks

Project Report writing and Oral Defense    –    6 Months

BIENNIAL EVENT             –           Grand Alumini Home-Coming.

UNN Main Gate New

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Comments (38)

  • Good day guys, please does anyone have genuine information as regards resumption and registration in school for 2017-2018 session because the silence and suspense is just too alarming or could it be that the school is indeed slow with their academic activities. Please do well by giving us that are far from the state information to know the next line of action. Thanks in anticipation

    • To my knowledge, those who have gotten the admission have started their registration but their lectures hasn’t started. That’s all i know

  • Please i heard the form for 2017/2018 is still on sale, how true is it? Cause I’m thinking of applying

  • Please somone should help and answer me pls,am among the people that wrote pg entrance exam on 16th feb(suplementary 2)bt since then batch b and c admision list has been released but mine isnt among,please is it that it isnt yet the right time for it to come out or does it mean a problem?please answer

    • Be patient. More lists are coming out and be rest assured your name would be included provided you met the criteria for postgraduate admission. E.g CGPA of 3.5, have your NYSC discharge cert. Be sure that your transcript got to the appropriate persons as there has been reported cases of missing transcript. So do well to go to school and confirm that the secretary, PG school received your transcript. You can drop your contact if you want to be added to UNN PG students WhatsApp group.

      • Heh! bro just wrote the entrance examination of August i understand there is a whatsapp group please do add me………..+237670209458 (am Cameroonian)

  • Please, have lectures commenced? I am confused, because on 2017/2018 PG academic Time-Table, I saw lectures begin for new students on Thursday, 15th February, 2018. Please, someone should help clarify me. Some of us are far away from Nsukka, so we would like to come when lectures commence.

  • Please is there anybody admitted into PhD Banking/Finance? Please indicate so we can organize ourselves for lectures. The earlier we start lectures, the better for us. I did my masters (M.Sc) here so I understand the system.

  • Please does anyone have a bed space for sale?

    • Hi Nneka, why bed space for sale? If you have paid your school fees, you can also pay for accomodation and apply for bed space officially from the school. There is a hostel for post graduate students.

  • please any idea when next the next postgraduate form would be on sale for 2018/2019 session

    • Hi Ugochi, the new PG students are just doing there registration. From experience, the PG forms are usually on sale around June/July but keep a tab on the platform for updates.

    • The advert is out. You can check the school site for update. Thanks!

  • seems that lecturers are waiting for a sizeable population

    • Are you a pg student in the school? Don’t know why they’re yet to conclude the admission process whereas my friends in other schools are set to resume. I’m getting frustrated already? What’s going on please? Is this actually how slow and uncoordinated the school is?

  • Angela pls. can I get ur contact?? I am in Bed dept too (Acct optn sha) I knw Urs must be management edu.

  • Please have lectures started for Masters Students of the Department of Business Education Faculty of VTE?

  • Helo. Please as anyone applied for hostel? I try applying and all I’m getting is rooms are filled up. Could this be true or is it network.

    And if it’s true pls anyone that has space to sell or attach should pls inform me. Thanks

  • please has lectures started?

  • Registration has started online. You can now pay for your acceptance fee and school fees and wait till the strike is called of. The portal for payment is on.

  • Please has anyone started his registration process

  • Please when are we starting our lectures?

  • How can we go about the missing Dept.

  • this one am hearing non academic staffs are on strike…when are we starting registration and also paying for acceptance fee

  • Some admitted candidates are omitted in getting login details, I do have: “Application Number is not found in the PG Admission list” alert. Pls responds to that.

  • How much are we paying for both acceptance fee and school fee??????

  • Pls what about the missing depts…

  • What of the depts that were not released?

    • Please help, I have paid my acceptance fee, just for me to print out my admission letter.and it is delaying your admission letter is not found in the database. Please what do I do.


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