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FUNAI School Fees 2018/2019 Schedule Published

See FUNAI School Fees 2018/2019 Schedule Here.

The Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo (AE-FUNAI) has published the School Fees Schedule for new and returning students payable for the 2018/2019 Academic Session.


  1. Other Charges – N40,000 (Generate Invoice from the School Portal)
  2. Online Service Charge – N3,000
  3. Scratch Card for Result Checking – N1,000
  4. SUG – N1,500
  5. Developmental and Infrastructural levy – N5,000
  6. Engineering Students Levy – N5,000
  7. FPF Chair Levy (300 and 400 levels students that have not paid) – N2,000
  8. ID Card (for those yet to pay)  – N1,600
  9. GST  (General Studies) – N2,000 (Pay through Remita)
  10. Accommodation (optional) – N30,000 (Pay through Remita)
  11. Refundable Hostel Caution Fee (only for students who want to live in the University hostels) N20,000 (Pay through Remita to FUNAI Outlook)
  12. Faculty Dues – N2,000  (Pay through Remita)
  13. Departmental Dues – N1,000 (Pay through Remita)
  14. Development Levy for Returning Student (Medicine and Surgery) – N100,000 ( Pay through Remita)

Note that all approved charges must be paid before online course registration could be completed by the returning students.


  • Other Charges – N43,000 (Generate Invoice from the School Portal)
  • Acceptance fee (including online processing fee) – N15, 000 (Generate Invoice from the School Portal
  • Online Service Charge – N3,000
  • Scratch Card (Result Checking) – N1,000
  • Developmental and Infrastructural Levy – N50,000
  • Notebook – N1,500 (Pay at the bookshop)
  • ID Card – N1, 600
  • Faculty Dues – N2,000 (Pay through Remita)
  • T. Shirt- N2,000 (Pay through Remita)
  • SUG – N1,500
  • GST – N2,000 (Pay through Remita)
  • Engineering Levy – N22,000
  • Accommodation (optional) – N30,000 (Pay through Remita)
  • Refundable Hostel Caution fee (only for students that want to live in the University hostels) – N20,000 (Pay through Remita to FUNAI Outlook)
  • Internet Services – N6,500 (Pay to the Service Provider at ICT)
  • Development Levy (Medical Students only) – N250, 000 (Pay through Remita)
  • Departmental Dues – N1,000 (Pay through Remita)

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