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Latest News on Peace Corps of Nigeria: Presidency Rejects Senate Bill

Peace Corps of Nigeria Latest News on Bill.

Latest news on Peace Corps of Nigeria has that the presidents, Muhammadu Buhari has refused to sign the bill into law as at February 2018.

It would be recalled that the peace corps bill has been passed by Nigerian Senate for assent by the President earlier this year but the presidency is yet to react to the reason the bill is yet to be accented to.

The Senate passed the Bill Establishing the Nigerian Peace Corps (NPC), an organisation that would provide employment for the youths, facilitate peace, volunteerism, community services and nation building.

latests news peace corps of nigeria

The Bill, sponsored by Sen. Bayero Nafada(APC-Gombe) was passed in a unanimous voice vote after the Chairman, Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Matters, Sen. David Umaru, presented report on issues surrounding adoption of the conference report on the bill.

The Senate adopted a conference report on the bill to establish the Nigerian Peace Corps, after it was so advised by its committee on judiciary, human rights and legal matters.

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives had separately passed the peace corps bill last year.

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However, after the harmonisation of the two separate bills, the Senate had rejected the harmonised version, which has now been approved.

Sen. David Umaru while presenting report on the Nigerian Peace Corps bill, said the major objective of the NPC bill, which is to provide employment for the youths, could be achieved by strengthening existing agencies and not necessarily creating new ones.

He said it would prevent the Federal Government from being overburdened.

He said the committee, however observed that the powers and functions of the NPC called for concern and urged that they be subjected to further examination.

Nigerian peace corps bill

“The right vested by the Bill in clause 37 (1) (a) on members of the Corps to “access all records of any person or authority” is too broad in scope and to that extent constitutes an infringement on the right to privacy guaranteed by the Constitution, under Section 37.

“This power is unnecessary, given that the Corps is not an investigative agency,’’ he said.


However, it is not clear if the presidency will approve of the bill as several departments in the executive including the police and the military are opposed to the legalisation of the Nigeria Peace Corps.

More details to follow soon. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back later.

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