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UNIJOS Postgraduate Form 2018 Out On www.unijos.edu.ng

University of Jos UNIJOS PG Form 2018 Session Out.

Unijos Postgraduate Admission Form 2018 information. Is Unijos Pg form 2018/2019 out? Find all the answers below.

At the time of this publication, the form is not yet out. You may check below for information on last year’s requirements for admission application.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into Doctoral, Academic and Professional Masters’ and Diploma Programmes of the University of Jos in the 2017/2018 Academic Session.

Available Programmes & Admission Requirements:


Candidates seeking Admission into a Masters Degree or Postgraduate Diploma of the University of Jos must hold a good (First or second class) Honours Degree of this University orof other Universities recognized by the Senate of University of Jos. The first degree must be in a discipline relevant to the programme into which admission is being sought.

A candidate seeking admission into an M.Phil/Ph.D programme must in addition possess a Masters degree in the relevant discipline. M.Phil/Ph.D candidates are in addition required to have returned a score average (S.A) of 60% and above in the final assessment result for the Masters Degree as well as 60% and above in the Research Project. On admission, M.Phil/Ph.D candidates register for M.Phil. in the first instance and on satisfactory performance may be subsequently upgraded to Ph.D registration. Degree result transcripts are required for all admissions.



Faculty of Arts
A. Candidates for admission into the department of English must possess at least a second class Honours degree in English or in Education with English specialization from a recognized University. A combined Honours Degree including English may be accepted but preference will be given to single Honours candidates. For M.Phil/Ph.D degree, candidate must have a good M.A in the relevant areas of English Language or Literature in English in which they seek to do a further postgraduate study. Those for whom the M.Phil will be the terminal degree shall have minimum time of two (2) calendar years and a maximum of three (3) to present their thesis.

B. Candidates for M.A. in History shall possess a good Honours degree (at least second class) in History. Exceptionally candidates with very good Honours degree in Education/History from a recognized University may be considered.

C. Candidates for M.A. in Theatre Arts would be expected to hold a first or a second Upper degree in appropriate subject from the University of Jos or from a recognized University or a degree or qualification with relevant experience and evidence of creative ability which are acceptable to the senate. For M.Phil/Ph.D, candidate must have a cumulative score average (CSA) of 60% and above and a score in Project report/dissertation, not below 60%

D. Candidates for M.A. in Mass Communication shall possess a B.A/BSc Degree (Minimum of Second Class lower with grade point of not less than 3.0) in Mass Communication from University of Jos or an accredited University that is recognized by the Senate of the University of Jos. Also, candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in any of the social sciences or Humanities must be a certified practitioner with requisite background in Journalism, Broadcasting, Public Relations and Advertising or Media Studies (with appropriate professional membership registration and years of experience) to be eligible.

Faculty of Education
The entry requirement is a good Honours Degree in Education. An M.ED candidate with a first Degree other than B.A (ED) B.Sc (ED) or B.ED must possess a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) or evidence both of high attainment in the proposed area of study for the Masters of Education Degree and also of breath of study shown to the satisfaction of the Faculty by such things as existing qualifications, publications etc.
At least two years teaching experience judged appropriate for the Faculty of Education or at least three years experience in Education other than as a teacher, judged appropriate for this purpose by the Faculty. A candidate with a second class upper or above is exempted from this provision.
Candidates with B.Sc (Ed) or B.Ed Degrees awarded by the University of Jos or any approved University may be qualified for admission to read M.Ed (Curriculum) and M.Sc (Ed) Educational Technology.

Faculty of Environmental Sciences
a. Candidates for M.Sc. Architecture must possess a first or second class degree (B.Sc) in Architecture or a third class degree with one year post-qualification experience plus a postgraduate Diploma in Architecture from the University of Jos and must have undergone a prescribed practical oral examination comprising presentation of the portfolio of work done during the one year period.
b. Candidates for M.sc. Construction Management must have obtained degrees (First or Second class) in Building Technology, Civil Engineering or Quantity Surveying. Candidates with at least 2 years of relevant working experience have an added advantage.
c. For M.Sc Construction Technology, the first Degree should be in the area of Building/Building Technology or Civil Engineering.
d. Candidates for M.Phil/Ph.D Construction Management should possess a Masters Degree in Construction Management, Project Management or any relevant construction Engineering Discipline.

Department of Geography and Planning
a. M.Sc.Candidates seeking admission to Environmental and Resources Planning (ERP) and Population and Man Power Planning (PMP) Programmes must have at least a second class Honours degree in Geography or closely related disciplines from recognized universities.
Candidates for Urban and Regional Planning (URP) Programme must possess a good second class Honours degree in Geography or Planning or any of the disciplines in Environmental Sciences from recognized Universities.
b. M.Phil/Ph.DCandidates may be accepted for M.Phil/Ph.D degrees in Environmental and Resources Planning, Population and Manpower Planning and Urban and Regional Planning. Such candidates should possess M.Sc. or M.Phil. degrees in relevant disciplines from recognized universities.
Duration M.Sc. in both ERP and PMP are full time and extend over one calendar Year of 12 months. M.Sc. URP is also full time but extends over two calendar years of 24 months.
The Ph.D Programme is for a minimum of three years (36 Months) and a maximum of four years (60 Months) on full time basis.

Faculty of Law
To qualify for the admission to the L.M. Degree and M.A. Law and Diplomacy programmes, the candidate must possess at least a Second Class LL.B Degree awarded by this or any other approved University.
For Law and Diplomacy, candidates with equivalent Degree in Political Science, International Relations, Economics, or other disciplines which the Postgraduate Committee of Law may take into account the legal, diplomatic, or other relevant experience of the candidate.
Candidates for ICT Policy and Regulation must be graduates of any discipline in the Arts, Law, Natural sciences and the Social Sciences of the University of Jos, or a graduate of any of the NetTel partner Universities.
Candidate must possess not lower than a Second Class Honours Degree.

Faculty of Medical Sciences
a. A good B.Sc degree (First or good Second class) in Medical Microbiology or in the relevant Biological Sciences is required for M.Sc. Medical Microbiology. An MBBS degree DVM, or FIMLT in relevant area of Microbiology or Bacteriology with at least two years post qualification experience may be considered.
b. An M.Sc. Medical Microbiology is required for an M.Phil/Ph.D Medical Microbiology degree. c. Candidates for M.Sc. Physiology shall have a First or second class Upper degree (Where classified) in Physiology, Biochemistry, Medicine, Agriculture, DVM, Dentistry, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pharmacy, Optometry and Zoology of a recognized University.
d. The MPH program is open to Medical Sciences graduates. Candidates with at least a basic Professional degree in Medicine, or Dentistry of this University or any other recognized University, with at least 3 years experience in Health care programs are eligible to apply. Other graduates of Health Sciences or Basic Medical Sciences with at least second class lower division from a recognized University with at least 4 years of Post qualification practical experience in the health field are also eligible to apply.

Faculty of Management Sciences
Department of Accounting
(a) Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting (PGDA) (b) Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Accounting, and (c) Master of Philosophy/Doctor of Philosophy (M.Phil/Ph.D) in Accounting. Click here to download details

Department of Management Sciences
In many Nigerian and international Universities offering a PhD in management, a prerequisite degree is the MSc. Management. The MSc. Management is an academic, research oriented programme that requires the completion of a dissertation/Thesis before a graduate is admitted to it. Because of its social scientific approach it is foundational for PhD candidates who hope to pursue an academic or research related career. This explains why there is a high demand for MSc. Management.
Postgraduate Diploma (PGD)
The objectives of the Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting of the University of Jos are to: (a) develop the competence of students in the basic accounting concepts and conventions; (b) teach students about the functions of accountants in recording, classifying, summarizing and analyzing data to assist the process of decision making in both private and public sectors; (c) train non-accounting graduates who are already serving as accountants in the economy and those wishing to be accountants into the field of accounting; (d) provide intellectual foundation in Accounting for students to enable them, on graduation, pursue further studies at the professional or higher degree level, and (e) to equip students with the theoretical and conceptual tools for problem solving in the administration of industrial, commercial, public and other human organizations.
PhD Programm
The M.Phil/PhD Management programme provides a platform for PhD students to build on the philosophical foundations of Management. This curriculum is based on the National Universities Commission (NUC) Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS). Click here to download details

Faculty of Natural Sciences
Department of Chemistry
a. M.Sc. Duration: 12 calendar Months A good honours degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry or Pharmaceutical Chemistry with at least second class lower division 22
b. M.Phil/Ph.D Duration: 3 years for full time and 5 years for Part time A good masters degree in the relevant areas in Chemistry with at least a Weighted Score Average (WSA) of 60%
c. PGD Duration: 12 calendar Months. A minimum of 3rd Class degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry.

Department of Geology and Mining
a. For M.Sc. Mineral Exploration and M.sc. Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, a first or good second class Honours degree in Geology or any other relevant discipline like civil Engineering, Geophysics or Mining Engineering obtained from an accredited University.
b. For the M.Phil/Ph.D , a good masters degree from the department is required with cumulative score average (CSA) of 60% or above.
c. For Postgraduate diploma in Environmental Geology (PDEG) an honours degree in Geology or any other related Science /Engineering discipline like Civil Engineering or Mining Engineering or HND (Lower/Upper credit) in Mining Engineering is required.

Department of Physics
a. Candidates for admission into the M.Sc Physics programme should possess at least 2nd class (Lower Division) Bachelor of Science degree of a recognized University or its equivalent in any of the following disciplines: Physics, Mathematics.
b. Candidates for applied Physics should satisfy the same condition as stated in (a) above. The following disciplines: Surveying, Electronics, Radiation Physics, Computer Science, Engineering or any other related field will be accepted.
c. Candidates with HND (Lower Credit Minimum) and the Fellowship of NIST in Physics/Electronics may be considered for M.Sc. (Applied Physics).
Postgraduate Diploma in Electronics Electrical Technology and Physics a. Candidates who hold the Higher National Diploma not less than Lower credit.
b. Candidates who hold the degrees in Physics Sciences including Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics but not lower than 3rd class (Hons).
c. Any other equivalent qualification deemed adequate by the Admission Committee.

Department of Zoology
Graduates of an approved University having a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology, Biology, Agriculture and allied subjects, or a relevant medical or veterinary degree normally with a first or second class honours, are eligible to apply for admission.
Additionally, applicants with FIMLT (Fellow of Institute for Medical Laboratory Technology) and allied qualifications with a minimum of two years post qualification experience may be admitted.
M.Sc Conservative Biology For admission into M.Sc Conservative Biology, a First or second class honours degree in the following areas is required;
Forestry and Wildlife
Biological Sciences
Environmental Sciences.

Applied Microbiology and Plant Pathology
For M.Sc Applied Microbiology and Plant Pathology, a First or Second class B.Sc. Degree in Microbiology, Botany, or other relevant discipline is required. FIMLT in Microbiology or Pathology with a minimum of two years post qualification experience may be considered.

Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding
A good honours B.Sc Degree (First or second class) in Botany, Forestry or Agriculture is required for M.Sc. Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding.

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
a. For M.Sc Pharmaceutical Technology, a candidate must posses at least a GPA of 2.40 in B. Pharm. Degree or its equivalent from a recognized Institution. M.Sc. degree in a relevant area of Pharmaceutical Technology is requirement for M.Phil/Ph.D Pharmaceutical Technology with WSA of not less than 60%.
b. Postgraduate Study in Pharmaceutical Chemistry shall be open to candidates with first degree in Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biochemistry or related disciplines acceptable to the Senate of the University of Jos. Candidates who are not Pharmacy graduates may be required to take pre-requisite courses available in the Department or elsewhere in the University, such as the Department of Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, and Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology. To be eligible for M.Sc Pharmaceutical Chemistry, a candidate must score at least a CGPA of 2.40 (i.e. 2nd Class) in the Bachelors Degree. For the Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry, a Masters degree or M.Phil in Pharmaceutical Chemistry with at least a CGPA of 3.0 or WSA of 60% and above.
c. For M.Sc. Pharmacology, a B.Pharm. Degree with GPA of at least 2.40 or its equivalent is required. For the M.Phil/Ph.D Pharmacology, a Masters degree I a relevant area with Cumulative Score Average (CSA) of 60% and above is the requirement.

Faculty of Social Sciences
a. Candidates for a Masters degree in the Department of Political Science: M.Sc. Political Economy and M.Sc. International Relations and Strategic Studies must have a minimum of Second Class degree in one of Political Science, History, Economics or Sociology
b. Candidates for MPA must have a minimum of Second Class degree in any of Political Science, Public Administration, History, Economics or Sociology with a minimum GPA of 3.50 and a minimum of 2 years Post Graduation experience.
d. Master of Science in Accounting and Finance (Full-Time). The minimum qualification required is a first Degree in Accounting or equivalent qualifications plus a minimum of two years experience after first degree graduation. All first degrees must be at least Second Class lower Honours. Admission into M.Phil/Ph.D Accounting and Finance requires a 60% WSA in MSc Accounting, MBA (Accounting and Finance) MSc or MBA (Finance) from a recognized University.
For PGD Accounting, a first degree, not less than second class lower division in any field other than Accounting or a third class in Accounting is required.
e. Candidates for M.Sc in either Sociology or Social Works must possess at least a Second Class (Upper Division) in Bachelor’s degree examinations. In very exceptional cases, a candidate with a Second Class Lower division in the bachelor’s examinations may be considered with a minimum CGPA of 3.00 and above. Candidates for MSSW, a second Class Lower shall have obtained in any discipline from a recognized University. Candidates for Doctorate must have a Master in Sociology. In exceptional cases candidates with a first degree background but a master in a related field may be considered. For Postgraduate diploma in HIV/AIDS, candidate must have a first degree or HND from the University of Jos or a recognized Institution.
f. Candidates for M.Sc Conflict Management and Peace studies must posssess a minimum entry qualification of Second class lower Degree B.Sc. or B.A. from the University of Jos or any other recognized institution, in any of the relevant fields in the Social Sciences and the humanities, or its equivalent. Candidates with a class of degree lower than second class lower, but who additionally possess a PG Diploma in Conflict and Peace Studies will also be eligible.
g. To qualify for admission to any of the Postgraduate programmes in the Department of Economics, a candidate shall have obtained a second class (Upper Division) in Economics in his/her Bachelor’s Degree. In very exceptional cases, a candidate with a marginally lower performance in the Bachelor’s examinations may be considered. However, under no circumstance shall a candidate who obtained below a 2nd class degree shall be eligible for admission.

Application Procedure:

  1. Visit mis.unijos.edu.ng and scroll down to select Application Forms.  Click Create Account to create an account using a functional email  address and phone number.
  2. Log in to your email to verify the account created and generate a  unique application form number.
  3. To pay for the application form, visit www.remita.net
    a. Click “Pay a Federal Government Agency”
    b. Name of MDA – type “University of Jos”
    c. Type of Service/Purpose – Select “PG APPLICATION FORM”
    d. Fill other details to generate and note the payment reference number (RRR) and pay the Fifteen Thousand Naira (N15,000.00) only Application Form Fee using any of the available channels such as Bank Branch, Internet Banking, Debit (ATM) Cards, etc.
  4. Revisit mis.unijos.edu.ng and scroll down to select Application Forms. Click Continue Registration and log in with your email and password to continue filling out the online Application Form.
  5. Carefully fill out and save each tab. Also ensure that you upload the required credentials and certificates in pdf format.
  6. After filling out all the tabs, click Complete Application to submit the application.
  7. Download, print and transmit the Transcript Request Form for your transcript to your University to process, with the address of Department of your choice. The hard copy of your transcript should be sent directly to the Department of your choice, and not to the School of Postgraduate Studies.

a. Only valid and functional email address and phone number should be used. All further correspondence will be done through the email address and phone number provided.
b. Referees forms are sent electronically. You must therefore provide referees’ valid and functional email addresses and phone numbers. Note that once the Referee Form is correctly completed, it will automatically go to the relevant Department.
c. Corrections on personal information or change of course after completion of application form may attract a fee. Therefore, ensure the online form is carefully and correctly completed.

Closing Date:

Please note that all completed Application Forms must be submitted on or before 31st August, 2017.

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