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NOUN Admission Form 2018/2019 is out on www.nouonline.net

National Open University NOUN Admission Form 2018 now Available Online – See NOUN Courseware and TMA Portal Here.

The National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN has announced the sales of Admission application forms for admission into Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, Post Graduate Diploma, Masters Degree, and Doctor of Philosophy Programmes for the 2018 Academic Session.

Courses Available at NOUN:

The list of programmes available at the NOUN are as follows;

Programme ID Programme Department Status
P000001 Access Programme D0001 A
P010101 B.Agric Animal Science D0101 A
P010102 B.Agric Aquaculture and Fisheries Management D0101 A
P010201 B.Agric Agricultural Extension and Rural Development D0102 A
P010202 B.Agric Agricultural Economics and Agro-Business D0102 A
P010203 BSc. Agricultural Extension Management D0102 D
P010204 BSc. Catering and Hotel Management D0102 P
P010205 PGD. Agricultural Extension Management D0102 A
P010301 B.Agric Crop Science D0103 A
P010302 B.Agric Soil and Land Resources Management D0103 A
P020101 B.A. English D0201 A
P020102 B.A French and International Studies D0201 A
P020201 B.A. Christian theology D0202 A
P020202 B.A. Islamic Studies D0202 A
P020203 PGD. Christian Theology D0202 A
P020204 M.A. Biblical Studies D0202 D
P020205 M.A. Religion and Society D0202 D
P020206 M.A. Christian Theology D0202 A
P030101 B.A.(ED) Early Childhood Education D0301 A
P030102 B.A.(ED) English D0301 A
P030103 B.A.(ED) French D0301 A
P030104 B.A.(ED) Primary Education D0301 A
P030105 BSc.(ED) Business Education D0301 A
P030201 BSc.(ED) Agricultural Science D0302 A
P030202 BSc.(ED) Biology D0302 A
P030203 BSc.(ED) Chemistry D0302 A
P030204 BSc.(ED) Computer Science D0302 A
P030205 BSc.(ED) Integrated Science D0302 A
P030206 BSc.(ED) Mathematics D0302 A
P030207 BSc.(ED) Physics D0302 A
P030208 M.ED. Educational Technology D0302 A
P030209 M.ED. Science Education D0302 A
P030301 PGD. Education D0303 A
P030302 M.ED. Administration and Planning D0303 A
P030303 M.ED. Guidance and Counselliing D0303 A
P030304 PGDDE. D0303 D
P040101 BNSc. Nursing D0401 A
P040102 BNSc. Nursing (old) D0401 D
P040103 B.Sc. Nursing D0401 I
P040201 BSc. Public Health D0402 A
P040202 PGD. HIV/AIDS Education and Management D0402 D
P040203 BSc. Community Health D0402 I
P040204 BSc. Dental Technology D0402 D
P040205 MSc. HIV/AIDS education and management D0402 D
P050101 LLB Law D0402 P
P050102 PGD. Legislative Drafting D0402 A
P060101 BSc. Business Administration D0601 P
P060102 BSc. Public Administration D0601 P
P060103 PGD. Business Administration D0601 P
P060104 PGD. Public Administration D0601 P
P060105 Masters in Business Administration D0601 A
P060106 Masters in Public Administration D0601 A
P060107 MSc. Business Administration D0601 P
P060108 MSc. Public Administration D0601 P
P060109 MSc. Public Sector Management D0601 I
P060110 PGD. e-Business D0601 I
P060111 MBA e-Business D0601 I
P060112 PGD Local Government Management D0601 I
P060113 Masters Public Personnel Management D0601 I
P060114 Masters Hospital Administration D0601 I
P060115 PGD Human Resource Management D0601 I
P060116 MBA Human Resource Management D0601 I
P060117 PGD Corporate Governance D0601 I
P060118 MBA Corporate Governance D0601 I
P060119 PGD e-Library D0601 I
P060120 Masters e-Library D0601 I
P060121 Masters e-Learning D0601 I
P060122 eLoun BSc. Business Adminsitration D0601 D
P060201 BSc. Entreprenuership D0602 A
P060202 BSc. Corporative Management D0602 A
P060203 BSc. Marketing D0602 P
P060204 Masters Marketing D0602 I
P060205 eLoun BSc. Marketing D0602 D
P060301 BSc. Accounting D0603 P
P060302 BSc. Banking and Finance D0603 P
P060303 PGD. Finanacial Management D0603 P
P060304 PGD. Banking and Finance D0603 I
P060305 Masters Financial Management D0603 I
P060306 MBA Banking and Finance D0603 I
P060307 PGD e-Banking D0603 I
P060308 Masters e-Banking D0603 I
P060309 eLoun BSc. Banking and Finance D0603 D
P070101 BSc. Data Management D0701 P
P070102 BSc. Computer Science D0701 A
P070103 BSc. Communication Technology D0701 A
P070104 PGD. Digital Communication D0701 I
P070105 PGD. Information Technology D0701 A
P070106 PGD. Mobile(Wireless) Communication D0701 I
P070107 MSc. Information Technology D0701 A
P070201 BSc. Environmental Science and Resource Management D0702 A
P070301 BSc. Mathematics D0703 A
P070302 BSc. Maths and Computer Science D0703 A
P070303 BSc. Finanacial Mathematics D0703 P
P070401 BSc. Biology D0704 A
P070402 BSc. Chemistry D0704 A
P070403 BSc. Physics D0704 A
P070404 BSc. Physics Computer Science D0704 I
P080101 BSc. Economics D0801 A
P080102 eLoun BSc. Economics D0801 A
P080201 BSc. International and Diplomatic Studies D0802 N


Programme ID
P080301 BSc. Mass Communication D0803 A
P080302 PGD. Mass Communication D0803 D
P080303 MSc. Journalism D0803 I
P080304 PGD Journalism D0803 A
P080305 MSc. Mass Communication D0803 A
P080401 BSc. Political Science D0804 A
P080501 BSc. Tourism Studies D0805 A
P080502 BSc. Hospitality Management D0805 N
P080601 BSc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution D0806 A
P080602 PGD. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution D0806 A
P080603 MSc. Peace Studies and Conlict Resolution D0806 A
P080701 BSc. Criminology and Security Studies D0807 A
P080702 PGD. Criminology and Security Studies D0807 A
P090101 Diploma in Buiness Communication D0901 I
P090102 Diploma in Arabic and Islamic Studies D0901 I
P090103 Certificate in Arabic and Islamic Studies D0901 A
P090104 Diploma in Financial Management D0901 I
P090105 Diploma in Medical Practice D0901 I
P090106 Certificate in French D0901 A
P090107 Diploma in French D0901 I
P090108 Diploma in Marketing D0901 I
P090109 Diploma in Entrepreneurship D0901 I
P090110 Certificate in Theology D0901 A
P090111 Diploma in Christian Theology D0901 I
P090112 Certificate in Dental Office Practice D0901 A
P090113 Certificate in Computer Literacy D0901 A
P090114 Certificate in Call Centre Skills D0901 A
P090115 Proficiency Certificate in Mobile Phone Repairs D0901 A
P090116 Diploma Catering and Hotel Management D0901 D
P090117 Diploma Legislative Drafting D0901 I
P090118 Certificate in Marketing D0901 I
P090119 Certificate Beauty Care D0901 I
P090120 Certificate Medical Office Practice D0901 I
P090121 Diploma in Beauty Care D0901 I
P090122 Diploma in Computer literacy D0901 I
P090123 Certificate in Seed Science D0901 I
P090124 Certicate in Entreprenuership D0901 I
P090125 Certifcate in Finance and Accounts D0901 I
P090126 Certificate in Hotel Management D0901 I
P090127 Diploma in Hotel Management D0901 I
P090128 Certificate in Legal Studies D0901 I
P090129 Diploma in Legal Studies D0901 I
P090130 Diploma in Beauty Therapy D0901 I
P090131 Certificate in Beauty Therapy D0901 I
P090132 Diploma in Biotechnology D0901 I
P090133 Certificate in Biotechnology D0901 I
P090134 Diploma in Small Business Management D0901 I
P090135 Certificate in Small Business Management D0901 I
P090136 Diploma in Secretarial Studies D0901 I
P090137 Certificate in Secretarial Studies D0901 I
P090138 Diploma in Multimedia Design D0901 I
P100101 Phd. Animal Science D1001 D
P100102 Phd. Crop Science D1001 D
P100201 Phd. Christian Theology D1002 I
P100202 Phd. English Language D1002 I
P100203 Phd. French D1002 D
P100301 Phd. Educational Administration D1003 A
P100302 Phd. Educational Technology D1003 A
P100303 Phd. Science Education D1003 A
P100304 Phd. Educational Planning D1003 A
P100305 Phd. Mathematical Education D1003 A
P100601 Phd. Banking and Finance D1006 D
P100602 Phd. Business Administration D1006 D
P100603 Phd. Public Administration D1006 I
P100701 Phd. Applied industrial Mathematics D1007 D
P100702 Phd. Biology D1007 D
P100703 Phd. Environmental Studies Resource Management D1007 D
P100704 Phd. Open Educational Resources D1007 I
P100801 Phd. Economics D1008 D

NOUN Admission Requirements:

Candidates seeking admissions into various programmes in NOUN must have the minimum entry requirement as follows;

I. Certificate Programmes

a) Proficiency Certificate Programmes

  • No previous experience or qualification is necessary. Ability to read and write will be an advantage.
    Note: Candidates for Proficiency Certificates will NOT be qualified to proceed to Certificates / Diploma programmes without possessing the requisite basic qualifications.

b) University (Academic) Certificate Programmes

  • Junior Secondary School Certificate.
  • Minimum of 2 credits in SSCE / GCE ‘O’ Level, NECO, NABTEB and at not more than two sittings.
  • T.C II with at least 2 merits at not more than two sittings.
  • Mature candidates of 30 years and above with relevant work experience of not less than 10 years or evidence of prior knowledge / proficiency in a relevant field may be considered on their merit.
  • I’dadiyah Certificate of Standard Islamiyyah School.

II. Diploma Programmes

  • A minimum of three credits in SSCE / GCE ‘O’ Level, NECO and NABTEB at not more than two sittings with at least a pass in English Language.
  • A minimum of three merits in Teacher Grade II Certificate at not more than two sittings.
  • Senior Islamic School Certificate / Higher Islamiyyah Certificate including Arabic and Islamic Studies
  • Thanawiyyah Certificate of Standard Islamiyyah School.
  • NOUN Academic Certificate and Certificates of other recognized institutions.

Note: To qualify to proceed to appropriate degree programme of NOUN, holders of Diploma Certificates would be required to make up any deficiencies in their SSCE / GCE, NECO, NABTEB and T.C II.

III. Undergraduate Programmes

a) 100 Level;

  • Five credits in the SSCE / GCE O’Level / NECO / NABTEB or equivalents at not more than two (2) sittings obtained in subjects relevant to the proposed field(s) of study.
  • Teachers’ Grade II Certificates with a minimum of five merits or its combination with any of the certificates listed under (i) to obtain equivalent of five credits at ‘O’Levels.
  • Candidates seeking admission into School of Law must have five(5) credits including English Language, Literature in English and at least a credit Pass in Mathematics at not more than two (2) sittings in NECO / SSCE or GCE O/L only.
  • The School of Arts and Social Sciences requires that one of the five credits or merits must be in English Language, while at least two (2) should be in subjects relevant to the proposed field.
  • For School of Management Sciences, the credit passes at Ordinary Level must include English and Mathematics
  • For School of Education, the credit passes must include Mathematics for Science Education and English Language for all humanities. Additionally, those in Science Education must have credit in English Language.
  • For School of Science and Technology, the credit passes must include Mathematics and English Language.
  • The minimum entry requirement for B.Sc. Environmental Science and Resource Management is five (5) O’Level (SSCE / NECO / GCE or NABTEB) Credits at not more than two sittings including English Language and Mathematics and any of Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural Science and Economics.

b) 200 Level;

  • National Diploma at Upper Credit from recognised institutions.
  • National Certificate in Education (NCE) in subject(s) relevant to the proposed programme of study with a minimum of one merit and two passes.
  • International Baccalaureates, Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) with at least two ‘A’ Level papers in relevant subjects and pre-requisite number of ‘O’ Level credit passes.
  • Candidates for entry into School of Law must have a minimum of Second Class (Lower) degree from any recognized University with at least five credits including English Language, Literature in English and a credit pass in Mathematics at not more than two sittings in NECO / SCCE or GCE ‘O’ Level only.
  • Candidates for entry into School of Science & Technology may be admitted into 300 Level of the programme provided they have the following qualification:
    a) Five (5) credit pass in not more than two sittings in SSCE / NECO / GCE or NABTEB in the following subjects: English Geography and Economics.
    b) A registered and licensed Community Health Extension Worker with a Diploma in Community Health Officers Programme (Higher National Diploma) and with not less than two years post qualification experience.

Candidates for entry into School of Health Sciences for:

a) B.Sc. Community Health:

Direct Entry to 200 Level;

  1. Five (5) credit passes in not more than two sittings in WASSC, GCE, NECO or NABTEB in the following subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and either Physics, Geography or Economics.
  2. A registered and licensed Community Health Extension Worker with a Diploma in Community Health Extension (Ordinary National Diploma) and with not less than two years post qualification experience.

Direct Entry to 300 Level;

  1. Five (5) credit passes in not more than two sittings in WASSC, GCE, NECO or NABTEB in the following subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and either Physics, Geography or Economics.
  2. A registered and licensed Community Health Officer with a Diploma in Community Health Officers Programme (National Diploma) and with not less than two years post qualification experience.
  3. Concessionary Admission: Mature licensed and registered Community Health practitioners of 45 years and above who are on Grade Level 10 and above that do not possess any of the above stated admission requirements may be considered for admission to run the four year programme.

b). B.Sc. Environmental Health Same as B.Sc. Community Health above and must be registered with the appropriate professional body.

Direct Entry to 200 Level: Candidates may be admitted into 200 level of the programme provided they have the following qualifications:

  1. Five (5) credit passes in not more than two sittings in WASCE, GCE, NECO or NABTEB in the following subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology / Health Science.
  2. Diploma in Environmental Health Technician obtained from a recognised College of Health Technology.
  3. A valid practice permit issued by Environmental health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria (EHORECON).

Direct Entry to 300 Level Candidates with valid license issued by EHORECON may be admitted into 300 level of the programme provided they have any of the following qualifications in addition to ‘O’ Level requirements:

  1. A Higher National Diploma (HND) in Environmental health Technology.
  2. The Public Health Inspector’s Diploma of the Royal Society of Health (RSH) or West African health Examination Board (WAHEB) Diploma for Public Health Superintendents or Diploma in Community Health Officer.
  3. Concessionary Admission: Mature licensed Environmental Health Officer 45 years and above who are on Grade Level 14 and above that do not possess any of the above stated O / L admission requirements may be considered for admission into the 300 level of the programme.

c) B.Sc. Dental Technology To be eligible for admission for B.Sc. Dental Technology, candidates must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. must be a registered Dental Technologist with Dental Technology Registration Board of Nigeria (DTRBN).
  2. a holder of Higher National Diploma (HND) in Dental Technology or Final City and Guild of London Certificate or Professional Certificate in Dental Technology issued by DTRBN.
  3. Must have a valid practicing license from DTRBN; and
  4. In addition to fulfilling the requirements above, such candidates must also possess five (5) SSCE / WASC / NECO / NABTEB O / Level credit passes including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Language and Mathematics obtained at not more than two (2) sittings.
  5. Concessionary Admission: Matured Registered and licensed Dental Technologists of minimum of forty (40) years of age and with not less than ten (10) years post qualification experience who do not possess five (5) O / Level credit passes as stated above may be considered for admission but will be required to do some remedial courses (access courses).

Admission Requirement Into School Of Agricultural Sciences:

a) Undergraduate Programmes: To be admitted into the 5 year B. Agriculture, Candidates must have

i. 100 Level: Credit passes in 5 WASCE / GCE / NECO. Subjects including English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology / Agricultural Science, at least a pass in Physics. The Credit pass in Agric. Science must be backed up by at least a pass in Biology.

ii. 200 Level : “A” Level passes in the relevant subjects

  1. ND with a minimum of Upper Credit plus 5 Credits in WAESC/NECO/GCE “ O” Level to be admitted into 200 Level.
  2. Direct Entry – OND with upper credit may be admitted into 200 levels of theprogramme.
  3. NCE with credit passes in any one of the options below may be admitted into 200 level of the programme:
    (i) Agricultural Science
    (ii) Biology / Chemistry
    (iii) Integrated Science / Chemistry
    (iv) Home Economics and related Science based courses
  4. HND with credit pass in Agriculture or related programmes, and credit passes in requisite subjects at O’ Level may be admitted into 300 Level and may be required to take relevant courses at 200 Level.
  5. 5 years for 100 and 4 years for 200 level entry candidates.


Candidates seeking admission must possess either Bachelor Degree Certificates or equivalent from institutions recognised by the Senate of NOUN; or

  • Holders of HND with a minimum of Lower Credit from institutions recognised by the Senate of NOUN.
  • Candidates seeking admission into the School of Law must possess a minimum of L.L.B degree.
  • Candidate seeking admission for PGD Agricultural Extension and Management must possess a Bachelor’s degree with at least 3rd class division is required. Candidates with pass degree and minimum of 3 years related experience may be accepted. HND holders in Agric Science or other related disciplines may be admitted. Holders of Bachelor degree in basic Science, Biological / Earth Sciences, and Agricultural Sciences from Universities that are recognised by NOUN are admitable.
  • Candidate seeking admission for the PGD HIV / AIDS Education and Management must possess HND or a good first degree in related field of study. In addition, 5 credits in English, Mathematics, a science subject and 2 other subjects.


  • A first degree with a minimum of Second Class Lower from a University recognised by the Senate of NOUN in a related field or study.
  • A postgraduate diploma in a related field from a University recognised by Senate may also be admitted.
  • A good honours degree in Education (Arts, Languages, Sciences, Social Sciences, Vocational and Technical subjects) from any University recognized by the Senate of NOUN.
  • Prospective students seeking admission for M.Sc. HIV / AIDS Management are required to have PGD in HIV / AIDS education and management as well as 5 credits in: English and Mathematics, a science subject and 2 other subjects.


  • For the Doctor of Philosophy degree programmes, candidates must possess a masters degree in relevant fields of study from a University recognised by the Senate of the NOUN with a minimum score (CGPA) of 3.5 on a 5-point scale.
  • Candidates for Ph.D Programmes will be invited for an interactive session before an offer of admission is made.
  • Candidates are advised to forward transcripts of their academic records and three (3) referees report, 2 of which must be from persons very well acquainted with the candidate’s academic work, to the Dean, Postgraduate School from which admission is requested.


  • Five credit passes at SSCE/GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ level must be in subjects relevant to the proposed field(s) of study.
  • A credit level pass in Mathematics is required for all sciences and technology, business education and science education programmes. A pass in Mathematics may be considered for social sciences programmes. Also a pass in English Language may be considered for Physics and Mathematics programmes.
  • Candidates applying for B.A. English, B.A. (Ed.) English and B.Sc. Mass Communication must have a credit in Literature in English.
  • Prior knowledge and relevant work experience (including first degree/HND/RN) may be considered for advanced placement and waiver.
  • Candidates awaiting results of any relevant examination may also apply; they should however note that processing of application will not be completed until entry requirements are met. Note: Candidates may be required to satisfy additional requirements by specific Schools.


  • As part of her mandate to increase access to Higher Education, the National Open University of Nigeria now offers a Remedial Programme at ‘O’ level to the Nigerian Public.
  • Students who are admitted into these programmes will be taught through the face-to-face mode for a full academic year after which they would sit for any National ‘O’ Level examinations of their choice
  • For a start, the programme would take off in three Study Centres of the University: Lagos, Kaduna and Kebbi respectively.

Duration: NOUN operates a flexible mode of study which allows a student to determine the pace, place, time and medium of study. Students’ support facilities are available at all our Study Centres nationwide.

Method Of Application:

The entire NOUN admission form application process is electronic and online and operates 24-hours a day. The method of application is as follows:

  1. Visit the NOUN Portal via; https://www.nouonline.net/
  2. On the Home Page, go to the Menu Bar, Click on Apply for Admission.
  3. Select either Undergraduate Programme or Postgraduate Programme.
  4. Goto “Choose Faculty” and select Faculty and Programme of study.
  5. Select “Level” (Note: Postgraduate level is preset.)
  6. Select “View Subject Required” to view compulsory subjects required for admission.
  7. Click “Apply” to proceed to payment form.
  8. Input details. (Note: Amount is fixed and non refundable.)
  9. Select Bank Branch as payment type and click “Pay”.
  10. Copy and take your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number to any bank branch for payment. After payment, perform step 1 to 3 again.
  11. Goto “Continue After Payment” and input Applicant Name and RRR number. Then click “Proceed”.
  12. Fill Form.  Note: all fields marked with red star are compulsory. After filling form, click “Submit” and print Admission Letter.
  13. Visit the nearest study centre for screening.

Closing Date:

Application is always open (No closing date).

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Comments (26)

  • My name is Dominica. Last year I applied for Bsc in public health as it was open for application andi was given admission and I paid for acceptance but when I went to register I was told that the course is not available. Now I want to know if its is available now. If not can I switch to another course with the admission I paid for already.

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  • Sir pls is B.Sc Economics available for Undergraduate students

  • why is nou law course for 2018/2019 session portal not opening?

  • i want to know if some one that red accounting with HND holder can apply for direct entry for another course

  • I am Peace , I have BSc in Economics and wish to apply for MBA but i read online and i quote ” We do advise you, if you’re going for your MBA programme, you can give the school senate more information about your professional body and they might accept you ” i have no information to give about any professional body and right now i am stuck . Please, How do I go about it ? or should I just go ahead and apply for MSc Business Administration? Lastly, i have a friend that wishes to apply for noun PGD online admission here in Abuja same as me. she studied B. ED in economics. please, can she apply for PGD Business Administration or PGD Financial Management? Please, i need your advice as urgent as possible and if you have any detailed study center of Abuja as regards the courses outlined above . it will be well appreciated as we need to apply the soonest. thank you.

  • I have BSc in Business Administration and I want to undergo Masters in Hospital Management in NoUN. Hope it is available. How much is for the programme and registration. How do I go about it. Is there any number to contact for further details please.

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  • Sir, I have community health extension worker CHEW 1990 and also have MPA Hospital Administration from NOUN 2014. Which Level is for B. SC community health programme for me to apply ?

  • Sir, I have community health extension worker CHEW 1990 and also have MPA Hospital Administration from NOUN 2014. Which Level is for B. SC community health program me me to apply ? Thank you.

  • Sir, I did not hear or receive reply from you about the admission into B. SC Community Health programme.

  • please,if someone had upper credit in HND Accounting and an additional professional qualification (ANAN), can the person apply for Msc.Public Sector Management.

  • Must an hnd holder in dental technology be licensed before he/she can be given admission into b.sc dental technology 300 level.

  • I am Kingsley O. Please, what are the requirements for candidate with Pass in HND Accountancy for a post graduate diploma program?

  • What are the requirement for MSC Finance and the closing date for the masters for for 2017/2017

    • For Master degree programmes, candidates must possess either a Bachelors Degree with a minimum of second class lower in the relevant field of study from a University recongnised by the Senate of the NOUN. However, holders of lower classification and with a minimum of 2 years of relevant post-qualification experience may be considered on individual merit OR a Postgraduate Diploma in related field of study from a recongnised University in the relevant field of study. Candidate with membership certificate of relevant professional bodies may apply for the Master of Business (MBA) programme.

  • I want to know why is NOUN not offering PhD courses in Health Sciences and Health Technology now? Example; there was PhD waste management.

  • People out side bauchi can not apply for PhD in educational technology

  • I am Ven. Nwora Sam Nwigwe PhD, I wish to apply for the post of a lecturer in the National Open University System, how can I apply.


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