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UNN Guidelines for Change of Degree Programme for 2016/2017 Session

UNN Change of Degree Guidelines 2016/2017 Published.

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka hereby invites applications from interested students who must have made a minimum G.P.A. of 1.00 in 2015/2016 for a Change of Degree Programme.


  • Application for Change of Degree Programme should be received at the end of each session. The processing of the application should be completed not later than one month from the beginning of the new session.
  • Students who wish to change their degree programme should adhere to the Application procedure as indicated below.
  • The Admissions Office will confirm the students’ eligibility for the new Departments and process the applications of the students listed in the payment schedule.
  • Movement of Application forms from the Admissions Office to the Faculties and back should be done in batches. Students should not be involved in the movement of the forms.
  • At the end of the stipulated period, only those who have completed the process will be registered in their new Departments. There will be no carryover of the process to another session.
  • For a student to change from one Department to another, he/she must make the minimum GPA of 1.00. Each Department will determine the minimum cut off GPA for accepting students into the Department, through Change of Degree Programme.
  • No other form of payment should be made or collected for Change of Degree Programme, except that indicated in the Application procedure.


  1. Eligible candidates are requested to visit the University of Nigeria websiteunn.edu.ng or portal unnportal.edu.ng, log in your Registration number to generate and download a payment invoice which contains a Remita number; the invoice will enable you to make your payment at any commercial bank.
  2. With the Payment Invoice, the candidate is requested to pay Five thousand naira (N5,000.00) application processing fee. Ensure that the Invoice number is keyed in appropriately at the Bank and obtain a confirmation slip containing your Confirmation number and Invoice number.
  3. To complete the Change of Degree Form online, visit the University of Nigeria website or portal and log in your Registration number and Invoice number.

Note: Candidates who fail to register within the stipulated period or complete their form online will not be processed.

Online registration commences on Monday 8th August, 2016 and ends on Friday 16th September, 2016.

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Comments (12)

  • How can I change from electrical engineering to electronic engineering? Full procedures Please.

  • I applied for the change of degree since August till this day, I haven’t heard from them. Please help me

  • pls any info about when the change of degree result will be out

  • Good luck to every one

  • Are year two’s(2) eligible?

  • pls can I still do my change of degree registration tomorrow. pls help me

  • sir I enter my document but remain 0level d computer summited by it self wot most I do,ad they give me 171 when my jamb score is 245

  • Author

    – Yes, Courses taken in your former departments which are not relevant to the new department will no longer count in your CGPA (irrespective of the grades obtained there) but those courses still relevant to the new department like GS courses will count.
    – Yes, your stay in the university may be extended if the courses offered in your old and new department are not closely related. This is because you will be required to offer most of the previous year(s) courses in your new department that you didn’t offer when you were still in your former department.
    All the best.

    Sir Pedro. I want to change my department from Marketing to Accounting I heard they would be consequence like some of my registered course point in my current department would not be added when I change to the new department
    Also I heard if I should change it would extend my stay in the university… Please how true is this?

  • I Apply For Pharmacy Nd My Jamb Score Is Low Nd I Want To Change It To Industrial Chemistry Before D Screening Day So That I Wil Not Be Screen Out How Do I Go About It.

    • Author

      The Change of Course referred to here is for students already admitted into the University and has completed at least one full academic year in the University.
      I believe it’s already late for the one you asked about (I.e. JAMB Change of Course). All the best


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