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NOTICE: UNEC Not Yet Reopened, Students To Pay Reparation Fee Before Resumption

Important Notice To UNEC Students



• Students log in to their portal via unnportal.unn.edu.ng
• Click on Reparation fee
• Click on generate invoice.
• Select session and print out invoice.
• Take invoice to any designated bank and make payment on the Remita platform using your generated RRR.
• Bring printout back to the portal.
• Click on Pay reparation fee.
• Enter RRR and Submit.
• Click on print letter of undertaking which will be duly signed by the returning student and their guardian.
• Click on print Approval letter which will be duly signed by student, HOD and the Deputy Chief Security officer, UNEC.
• Close.

Content of Letter of Undertaking:

I (Name of Student) with (Registration number) of the department of (Student department) hereby states that I will be of good behaviour throughout my remaining stay on campus.

I promise to be law abiding at all times and will not be involved in any action(s) that will be detrimental to my fellow students and the University at large.

The University is permitted to carry out any punishment it deems fit should I break flout this undertaking at any time.

Yours Sincerely,

(Student Sign)
Student Name and Registration Number

Parent or Guardian sign
Parent or guardian name
Parent or Guardian telephone number.

Content of Letter of Approval:

Mr/ Miss (Student Name) of the (Student department) with (Registration number of student) has successfully paid his/her reparation fee for the 2015/2016 session being money paid for the destruction of University properties during the student unrest in UNEC.

He/She has also provided a duly signed letter of undertaking and is hereby permitted to return to continue his/her studies.

Best Regards

Signature of HOD
Full name of HOD
Department of Student.

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Comments (17)

  • should off-campus students pay reparation fee with them in hostels?

  • the most corrupt school have ever seen……………………………fuck that shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiT

  • fake news jare. I’m not even sure that we gon pay any dime

  • it’s true DAT so many things were damaged but I believe d school management caused it, CUs I think it was seriously within their power to stop wat happened from happening but wat did dey do? sit n fold their hands, enjoying NEPA light n Gen wen there is no light with their family forgetting those DAT should b
    e taken proper care of. anyways God is watching n they will all reap wat dey sow.

  • Mennnnnnn, 8k shoooo

  • Chai, It’s not fairoo!! The school authority is the one that is supposed to pay us back 4 d time wasted at home, afterall it is the outcome of their loophole and mismanagement of the university. The Federal government should still investigate the administration of the Enugu Campus of the University of Nigeria, so that these incessant occurrence will be minimized or totally abolished. If we would recall this same thing happened at exactly this time last year.

  • to be fair, the vandalization is too much. You can imagine those newly installed windows at ibiam, and her memorial head, acient windows at enviromental faculty, lecturers smashed windscreens,

  • May God punish u pple…..u know how to extort money frm students but u dnt know how to do ur jobs

  • the amount is not yet known. not 8k pls we should wait for the school authority

  • the amount is not yet known. not 8k pls

  • That Management Is Faulty.They Just Know We Dnt Have Any Other Option

  • I just want the resumption date oooooo

  • Is this really happening, the school is being unfair, they are the one to pay cos the action of the students was a reaction to their mismanagement and negligence!

  • pls aw much are we 2 pay?


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