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University of Nigeria Student wins Stock Market Competition

University of Nigeria Student wins Stock Market Competition

August 17 (Lagos) – As we all know that the season 2 of the Nigerian stock trials was won by a player named ‘INVESTEM LTD’ on easykobo. It is now time to reveal the person behind the name and also how he did it. It is no small achievement to earn a Return on Investment of 406% in 5 months and become the most valuable player amonth thousands of people who took part in the season 2. So here is Investem Ltd in his own words.


My name is Chinedu Joseph Ezengige, I am a 400 Level student of University of Nigeria, Nsukka in Department of Pharmaceutical science. I discovered easykobo.com when I was looking for a website that will  be giving information about Nigeria stockmarket and business news,via google search engine. So latter I discovered that easykobo is offering stock trial ‘free’, that was in season 1, I didn’t participate because it was late for me then. So in the season 2 I decided to give myself a trial.

So how did you win the stock trials? did you use any investment strategy? How did you get a return of 406% in such a short period of time?

I registered in January ending,and started trading with initial N50m. I made sure that I search for news about companies; their results, dividend, bonuses on the internet, newspaper, other sites apart from easykobo. I started making some gains, I think I bought oando then. Later I switched to penny stocks, like PRESTIGE, COURTVILLE , IKEJAHOTEL , CUTIX , ABCTRANS , e.t.c. I used strategy of buy and sell,taking profit when necessary while at same time employing warren Buffet method of concentration of cash-this really gave me what I wanted,making millions daily and pushed to top 3, fighting for top spot with RAMJAS10,1himself since then, I didn’t drop beyond top 3. Although I lost sometimes, but normally cut my loses as quickly as possible.

Have you learnt something from the Easykobo stock trials?

I have learnt a lot from the stock trial, I have learnt  the price movement of many stocks, how concentration works, when to enter and when to exit. How news push market price e.g FO ,CONOIL ,MRS , PREMIER PAINT ,LIVESTOCK . Finally i must say that it is very interesting experiment and I’m looking forward for another season.

What message do you have for fellow investors out there in Nigeria?

I here by encourage general public to have open mind to participate and learn,since it is free.another thing is that many people are not aware of this oportunity ,some are scared about 419 especially in the South East.my advice for easykobo is that you need to create more public awarness,i saw on the internet about this in the nations newspaper 2012,but more awareness need to be created.

Why did you choose a name like ‘INVESTEM LTD”? Are you an Investment company?

I chose user name ” InVestém ltd ” because i have passion for investment,business and industry, I’m dreaming of mine in future…InVestém ltd (winner easykobo stock trial season 2).

Congratulations to you Investem Ltd and wish you all the best with your dream of building an investment firm named INVESTEM LTD.

More at http://www.easykobo.com/News.aspx?id=1733

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