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Pay A Blogger Day

Sometime ago, an initiative to make people donate money to bloggers and web video creators, in recognition of their freely available work, was announced. Today, November 29, was picked as the launch date, and here’s the message from the Pay A Blogger site: “On November 29, pay a blogger”

Bloggers have given their time, money, and brain just to serve their blog readers with interesting articles.
The idea is, If there’s a blog that you like to read and has helped you out in some way, why not take a moment to reward them? Below is a quote from the Pay a blogger website:
“Some of the wittiest most insightful content comes from bloggers doing it because they want to, not because of money and fame. That is all the more reason to give something back”
Sounds straightforward.What do you think?
If you like the Idea and you ‘ve benefitted in one way or the other from this blog, you may want to show some appreciation, contact us here

REMEMBER; If you ‘ve checked the “About Us” page, you must have known that
This blog is owned by UNN INFO, an NGO formed by a group of students with burning interests in information dissemination. The blog was created to assist information seekers about the University of Nigeria,especially prospective students, in getting to whatever they are searching for about the University.
Want to read more?
visit the Pay A Blogger website on www.payablogger.org
Remember to check out the video above, comments are welcomed!

**You may reach the author of this post via e-mail on: admin@unn-edu.info

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