UNN Notice To Returning Postgraduate Students

Notice To Returning Postgraduate Student On Completion Of End-Of-Session Report Form.

This is to inform every returning postgraduate student that they should renew their registration within one month from the beginning of a new session.

Students renewing their registration are, among others things, required to complete the End-of-Session Report form and submit same to the Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies after obtaining the inputs of the supervisor, Head of Department and Dean of Faculty or Director of Institute/ Centre as the case may be.

Note that completion of End-of-Session Report is mandatory for every old Postgraduate student renewing registration.  END-OF-SESSION REPORT FORM is obtainable from the monitoring/Evaluation Unit of the school (Room 103).

A student whose duly completed End-of-Session Report form is not submitted to the school is deemed not to have renewed registration for the session.

Ugwueze (Deputy Registrar/ Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies)


  1. Please is the PhD form still on sale now

  2. Please are the M.Sc and Ph.D application forms still on sale? If yes please when is the deadline?

  3. Pls will 2015/16 PGD students get the form?

  4. pls is this end of session form so serious,I can’t find any at PG school UNEC,why not post to our portal or email

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