UNN Shopping Form 2016/17 — Application for Advertised Courses Finally Ends

UNN Supplementary (Shopping) Application Form 2016/2017 is Out.

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka shopping form for 2016/2017 supplementary admissions is now available. Interested UTME candidates who have not been offered admission as published earlier but had UNN Screening score of 200 and above are invited to apply for our advertised courses as follows:

Department of Agric. Economics 4
Department of Agric. Extension 74
Department of Animal Science 17
Department of Crop Science 57
Department of Food Science and Technology 14
Department of Home Science 4
Department of Soil Science 89
Department of Archeology and Tourism 21
Combined Arts 19
Foreign Languages and Literature 8
History and International Studies 6
Linguistics, Igbo and Nigerian Languages 5
Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology 17
Department of Combined Biological Sciences 16
Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology 40
Department of Marketing 8
Department of Adult Education 43
Department of Arts Education 15
Education Biology 15
Education chemistry 20
Education Mathematics 20
Education Physics 25
Education Integrated Science 15
Education Social Studies 10
Health Education 15
Physical Education 20
Department of Agric and Bio-resources Engr 14
Department of Electrical Engineering 6
Department of Metallurgical and Material Engineering 55
Department of Estate Management 7
Department of Urban and Regional Planning 22
Department of Human Physiology 60
Department of anatomy 60
Combined Physical Sciences 56
Department of Mathematics 12
Department of Physics/Astronomy 59
Department of Pure/Industrial Chemistry 10
Department of Statistics 29
Combined Social Science 140
Department of Geography 12
Department of Religious and Cultural Studies 6
Department of Agric Education 15
Department of Business Education 10
Department of Computer Education 15
Department of Home Economics 15
Department of Industrial Technical 16


  1. Visit the University of Nigeria portal (unnportal.unn.edu.ng), Click on ‘Prospective Students’ then select ‘Online Application Forms’. Under ‘2016/2017 Admission Shopping/Advert Form’
    Click here to apply
    . then , log in your JAMB Registration number to generate and download a Payment Invoice which contains a Remita number, the invoice will enable you to make payment at any Commercial Bank.
  2. With the Payment Invoice, the candidate is requested to pay Ten Thousand Naira Only (N10,000.00) application fee. Ensure that the Invoice number is keyed in appropriately at the Bank and obtain a confirmation slip containing your Confirmation number and Invoice Number.
  3. Return to the portal again and login your JAMB Registration Number, the Confirmation Number and Invoice Number, then access and complete the University of Nigeria 2016/2017 Advert/shopping form online.
  4. Candidates must possess the University Minimum/Departmental Entry Requirement for the courses applied for and must have taken the correct UTME subjects in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination and PUTME for 2016.
  5. Candidates admitted to a particular course through this Advert would not be permitted to register in any other course during the 2016/2017 academic year.


This is to inform all prospective students of UNN who still wish to purchase the shopping form that the closing date has been adjusted to Wednesday, 19th October, 2016. Please take advantage of this information and register before the final closure.

Signed: Chris C. Igbokwe, Esq (Registrar)

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  1. omeje ndidiamaka nancy

    please which course should I shop for with 213.80 in d faculty of social sciences. pls help me.

  2. Pls can someone with 229 re-apply for history and international study

    • If you did not get admission on merit in the first list with your score, then it is of no use re-applying for the same course in shopping. Basically, shopping is for those who their scores could not get them their choice course, so they have a second chance at admission into UNN by applying to another advertised course with shortfalls that their scores meet the course’s cutoff.

      Basically, just find another course on the list close to what you initially applied for in JAMB and shop into. With a strong GPA of at least 4.0 in your first year, you can change courses by second year.

      Also note that courses with fewer shortfalls are more competitive to get than those with more spaces. So choose wisely.

  3. Pls wld there be another list apart from dis shopping list… Pls i wanna knw wat to do… Had 256, so i wanna knw wat to do

  4. pls can I shop for law

  5. pls wat course can i shop for in biological science my screening score is 249.2

    • Shop into combined biological sciences, it is usually less competitive or plant and biotechnology. Note that you can always change courses by your second year. Shopping is to get you into UNN, at least.


  6. pls what course can I shop with screening score 217.20 and subject combination English, CRS,Government and literature

  7. Are candidates guaranteed admission if they applied? Cuz i noticed the shortfall space, for example department of electrical engineering had 6… And i’m sure those that merits it are more than 200 candidates…. Or are they going to do it as slot for those that are aquinted with the lectures, registrar or VC.

  8. please is dere any hope 4 second list???

    • yes duchess. before november 30. just be hopeful that your name is there. just like i am. but at leat i hope you went for the shopping forms cause the nest two lists will be from candidates of the supp. lists. so just be hopeful

  9. Please unninfo can one with screening score of 259.60 shop for Human physiology? subject combination=chemistry,physics,biology and use of english.thanks

  10. How Will I Know The Departmental Cutoff Mark

  11. pls guys what is this’ Short fall’ about

  12. Unn info,any news about cutoff marks????abeg ansa oooooooo

  13. good evening sir Donald @unn info please I applied for history in d utme screening and my name wasn’t in d merit list and now history is still in d shopping form. do u advise me to shop for it or wait for supplementary list? do dey admit those who didn’t shop? thanks.
    ur reply would be appreciated

  14. Please can I reapply for combined biological science… With 209…please reply

  15. Or should I shop for another course…if yes…wah should I shop for?

    • Heya, UNN alumnus here. I graduated in 2012 and I got into UNN by shopping. Basically you can only apply or shop into a course your score meets the cut-off point or else you won’t be admitted.

  16. Pls advice on which course to shop,i put nursing nd my screening score is 271.tnx

    • I don’t see Nursing on the shopping list. How did you apply for shopping into Nursing? Or you mean you applied for it originally but didn’t get admission?

      With such a high score, why not go for Human Physiology or Anatomy instead? You’re sure of admission there, even without knowing anybody in UNN.

  17. does it mean you can not apply for change of course if you are admitted through supplementary?

    • You can shop for any of the medical sciences courses your score meets the cut off, such as medical radiography, medical rehabilitation etc. And you can try switching to Nursing in your second year and/or taking JAMB next year for nursing.

  18. Good day sir,which course can i shop for with sceening score 235?

  19. Please i applied for pharmacy and have a screening score of 284 should i shop for another course or wait for second list.

    • Just shop for a lesser course coz it keeps u on a safer side, that is if ur name comes out in the second list good if not u will still have hope on the supplementary list u applied for than losing out entirely.

  20. I got 231, applied for mechanical engineering, pls what do I shop for

  21. Pls does UNN truly offer physiology

  22. What is the departmental cut off mark for Zoology and environmental science

  23. Pls unninfo, I don’t really understand, does this departmental shopping advert means that all other departments has filled up? is there any hope for second list? please I need an urgent reply

  24. Please what course can i shop with screening score 248, subject combination ; physics, biology, chemistry and english

  25. in the whole dept of business administration only 8 people are needed. Why should we bother shopping

  26. Please…..Is the shopping form also for people that just uploaded NECO result????…

  27. pls..let us knw d cutoff nark for evb..


  29. my course is not there, so if I don’t apply will I still be admitted, my screening score is 242.60 for medicine. please I need fast answer so as to know what to do

    • Precious i think is better you shop, general cut-off for medicine is 311.4 though provision for ELD is there but the least ELD is 273

  30. I scored 225 in my screening plz which course do i shop with these subjects; English, physics, chemistry, biology


  32. pls I have been trying to submit my filled shopping form but its not going. Please what do I do.

  33. my screening score is 241.80 and I shopped for physics and astronomy but the form is not submitting. pls what do I do

  34. plz I heard if u enter anatomy or physiology u can’t cross over to med surg with it… which oda course can someone shop and cross over to med

  35. What if I got a screening score of 196 is it allowed for me to shop …or is that score not the main score ,

  36. What is the departmental cutoff mark for combined social science ?

  37. Please please, what is cutoff mark for combined social science?

  38. Please.
    What about those whose course are not listed.
    Are there any hope for admission?

  39. Is it possible to switch from your shopping course after first year?

    • yes ikechukwu. just make sure the course youre shopping for relates to the course you will be crossing over to. and make sure your GP is high

  40. damian chibueze onyenakasi

    I got 255 in my screening score which course shuld i shop for my utme Subjekt are english, literature, govt and c.r.k, pls reply

  41. Got 217.5 score can i apply for anatomy?.please someone should answer me ooo #10000 is at stake here.am i guaranted admission?.i choosed medcine and surgery.but my name never came out.so i sturbbornly choosed anatomy(advert shopping) .please someone help me ooo.am not playing lottery.

    • since you have chosen it no need to advise you but the blunt truth is that your name won’t come out,unless you go through the back door.

  42. I applied for law with 241 as my screening score and jamb subject combination of English, govt, literature and CRK. pls which other course should I shop for. reply and advise pls

  43. I applied for law with 241 as my screening score and jamb subject combination of English, govt, literature and CRK. pls which other course should I shop for. reply and advise pls

  44. Please Mr donald,answer me please,i beg you.the time range they gave to us is not far from now(oct5-oct 17).all i want from you is the cut off mark for anatomy.so that i can make decision faster before it’s tolate.(217.5).

  45. hi please i shopped for combined social science with a screening score of 226.80 and subject combination of english,government,literature and economics…..am i good to go

  46. please which medicine related course can i get with 239.60 as my screening score?

  47. Please can someone already admitted shop for another course?

  48. pls i need help. surveying and geoinformatice i score 216.2 but i didnt sée My name. the course is not in the shopping list pls help!. My subject comb. maths phys biology

  49. which course on engineering do I av more possibility of getting with a screening score of 241.40

  50. Comp science… 203.20, is dere any course I can shop for with diz… nd is it possible to change course wen I’m in d school already… plz I need advice now… dis no be child’s play abeg ooo…. 10000 no be small money

  51. I bring to u greetings from the throne of grace. God will surely bless u for advising us on the right thing to do. Pls this is my first time to post an article here, pls do give an answer.
    l got 208 as my screening score, my subject combination is Eng., chm., bio., & phy. l had in mind going for biochem. but I couldn’t reach the required points. pls which other course to do shop to. Thank u for ur anticipated reply.

  52. I bring to u greetings from the throne of grace. God will surely bless u for advising us on the right thing to do. Pls this is my first time to post an article here, pls do give an answer.
    l got 208 as my screening score, my subject combination is Eng., chm., bio., & phy. l had in mind going for biochem. but I couldn’t reach the required points. pls which other course do I shop to. Thank u for ur anticipated reply.

  53. this is frustrating i just check the score of one the student even admission and my score is far greater than his own
    help us o lord

    • There are different quota for different states dear. It is University of NIGERIA. So the whole states of the federation should be represented. If you are from either Anambra or Imo, be ready to receive a doze of such frustrations because their cut off marks are usually the highest.

  54. pls reply me. i got 260 as a screening score for medicine, what am i Adviced to shop For???. is the shopping really necessary?

  55. is it possible to shop for
    a course and after that you see your name under your first course.. what is the percentage possibility of gaining admission after shopping

  56. pls reply….

  57. God will do it for us…..but what is the cutoff mark for astronomy

  58. ifeanyi bright chikezie

    good jab

  59. I got 279.40 as screening score for med.surg. Pls what other course can I shop for with this score? Can I go for Human Anatomy? Subject combination English,Biology,Physics,Chemistry.Pls I need your reply.

  60. pls wat department can i shop for with 216.20 faculty of arts
    subject combinations:english,lit,gov,economics

  61. Pls can someone change d course already shopped for?

  62. pls u guys should help me I got 232.20 as my screening score for nursing n I don’t get it wic course can I go for dat is related to it pls I need answer time is not our friend plsss

    • You can shop for Biotechnology and Plant Science or Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology. Remember you can always switch courses with a strong first year GPA in your second year.

  63. Plz i got 218.80 in d scfenning test.. Nd i shopped for Agric extension.. Plz did i ave hope or can i change it to combine social science…

  64. I scored 257.20 in the screening test. I applied for nursing sciences but wasn’t given admission. with my score and subject combination of English, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Pls…which other medical related course should I go for?

    • You have a very good score, however your options for shopping are limited. You can shop for Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology or Department of Combined Biological Sciences. Combined biological sciences works like combined arts as I explained to Akwuba in the comment below this one – you’ll get to choose two courses with one your major and another your minor, such as Biochemistry (major) and Microbiology (minor). While I was in UNN I used to hear that switching to Nursing from any other course in 2nd year was difficult – I am not sure of this but you can try to switch to Nursing by your second year with a very strong GPA. Also, if you really want to study Nursing, as a plan B, you can also register for JAMB next year for Nursing in UNN and try for admission next year while at the same time trying to change to Nursing by second year with a high GPA (above 4 points). Hopefully, one of them will work out. Goodluck.

  65. With english , govt , Igbo , crk what course can I shop for

    • Hey Akwuba, you can shop for Linguistics, Igbo and Nigerian Languages or Combined arts. However, note that for Linguistics, Igbo and Nigerian Languages, there are only 5 shortfalls thus the shopping for that department may be competitive and if you don’t have anybody strong in UNN to fight for you, you may be outdone by others. However, with combined arts, there are 19 slots available and you stand a better chance of admission there. So go for Combined Arts. The way combined arts works is that after admission and during registration at the faculty you will be asked to select two courses from the faculty of arts – one will be your major and the other your minor and you can select any two favorite courses such as Linguistics, Igbo and Nigerian Languages (major) and History and International Studies (minor). Then in second year with a strong GPA you can change courses to Linguistics, Igbo and Nigerian Languages proper or any other course of your choice.


  66. subject combination like ,Eng,lit,govt,c r s ,can shop for adult education, art education, archeology and tourism,history and international studies, foreign languages, linguistic combined art. then combination like Eng,Govt,Econs,C R S can shop for combined social science,Religion, social work.

  67. pls cn i shop for achaeology nd tourism wit 205.20

  68. wit english,econmics,govt,lit in eng

  69. Please when is unn supplementary list scheduled to come out

  70. why not shop for combined social science or social work cos I don’t really know if it possible to shop for tourism with DAT combination

  71. pls when is the second list coming out so that those who are to go for shopping would know their faith. thanks

  72. please my screening score is 242 and I shop for department of combined biological sciences, please am I go to go. thanks for the reply Mr. Emeka

    • The number of spaces for CBS is not that many, so admission in there might be a little competitive. Do you know anyone in UNN who can fight for you? This is because majority of medicine and surgery fallouts go for biochemistry and microbiology in shopping and recently combined biological sciences. The way they give admission to those who shopped for a course is in order of their scores. Thus, with only 16 spots available in CBS and probably up to 100 or more medicine fallouts applying for shopping into CBS, the possibility of 16 medicine fallouts with higher scores than youra on the list is there, meaning that you might not make it. If there were up to 50 shopping spaces available in CBS, then it would have been ok. You’d stand a chance. During my time, 2007/2008 academic session, CBS was not very popular then. Then you would have up to 60+ or more slots available during shopping to which mostly medicine fallouts shop into but now it has become popular, many people are aware of the course and they now put it in JAMB, mostly as a way of at least entering UNN and then switching courses in 2nd year, such that the available spaces after the first merit list are now becoming fewer and fewer and admission into there becoming more competitive. A student I know who shopped into CBS last year with a score equal to the cutoff point for CBS did not make it.

      I would have suggested that you go for Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology that has up to 40 spaces available, so that at least you get admission (with your score going for that department you will) and in your second year you can always change department to any other one or try JAMB again next year. Remember that the goal here is to play safe, especially if you do not know anybody in UNN.

      If it is possible to change your course before the deadline closes tomorrow, go ahead and change it.


  73. he can’t because radiography is not available

  74. I got 259.60 as my screening result,can I shop for Human physiology or Anatomy.Please anyone with clear information should help please.

    • Your score is not too bad. Human physiology and Anatomy seem to be recently created courses as I did not find them listed in the UNN cutoff mark list. They each have up to 60 slots available and they are medical-related courses. Yes, I’d say apply for any of them, preferably Anatomy.

  75. with subject combination of English, Government, CRK,literature can u shop combine social science.

  76. I got 219 in the screening test but I applied for pharmacy definitely my name wasn’t in the first list,please which course can I shop for with my score and subject combination?

  77. I got 219 in the screening test but I applied for pharmacy definitely my name wasn’t in the first list,please which course can I shop for with my score and subject combination-eng,physics ,biology and chemistry

    • Your score is not too high so you can’t apply for courses in the shortfall that your score isn’t up to their cutoff. Applying to CBS with a cutoff of 214 but only 16 spaces available is risky because many medicine and surgery fall outs with higher scores than yours will apply to CBS and they will be given consideration first before you. Remember, the goal in shopping is to play safe and go for a course that you are sure of getting admission into (one that your subject criteria also meet their requirement), then in your second year you switch to your dream course, to prevent staying at home for another 1 year. Your best bet will be Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology with 40 spaces available.

  78. Im sori 4 nt been able 2 share dis wit u, it wz on thurs last wik dat i went 4 clearnce then i overheard our fac. Offica in discu wit one man abt dis shopping stuff meanwhile dnt go 4 any one wit comb. he sed dat its cutoff z usual hayi unles u got hayer mak in scrn nd dnt go 4 d ones u consid 2 be a big course, hiyest in ur seco year u chang 2 ur dream course nd chose approp. d one ur subj comb. wll go wit 2 avoid misin out 4rm d list if favor z 2 com ur way. Rememba 11k is nt a chewin gum chang

  79. Hello pls i scored 222.20 for d screening and combined subjects are math ,english, economics and account. Apart from marketing what course can i shop for??? Or is it possible for me 2 get admitted through the second admission list?? Pls i need a reply help me out here

  80. Pls i really need a reply now

    • Are you Juliet from up above who scored 271 for Nursing? I see no initial question on here from ‘Juliana’. I just responded to Juliet’s question.

  81. Pls I scored 257.20 as my screening score. Is it advisable to go for Anatomy? Would love to hear from you soon. Thanks

  82. Can sum1 jst get us d cutoff marks.. It will help us a lot

  83. i shopped electrical engineering with 235.what is possibility of get

    • Isn’t the cutoff for EE supposed to be 242? If that’s the case, there’s no chance you’d get EE since your score is below the cutoff. EE can be quite competitive. You should change it as soon as possible by monday, the deadline, to Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. In your 2nd year you can always switch to EE.

      I am a graduate of EE, graduated in 2012.

  84. Pls i scored 208 as screening, do i hv hope for shoppn nd what dept will i shopp into. nd can i switch over in 2yr?? Pls urgent reply time is not on my side

  85. please guys i Need urgent reply, i Am Finding it difficult to submit my form bcos the space for contact address is blank and i cant type on it. pls if u guys can help me sole Dis i will be benu muva grateful. thank s

  86. please i got 208.80 in my screening score applying for medicine. pls which other course can i shop for with this screening score? please, i need an urgent reply.

    • Your score is quite low and it would not meet the cutoff requirements for many courses. Remember, the goal in shopping is to play safe and apply to a course you’re sure of getting admission into and in second year you can switch courses or try JAMB again next year, to avoid spending 1 year at home. Your score meets the cutoff for Zoology and Botany, however, Zoology has more spaces so you stand more chances of getting in there than Botany. Apply for Zoology. Remember once more, it is not the course name at this point that matters but getting in first, especially if you don’t have anybody in UNN to fight for you. By this time next year (2nd year first semester) you would switch to your course of choice. Goodluck.

  87. Emmanuel Uchenna Opara

    I generated the invoice noticed that there was a mistake with my phone number went back corrected it proceeded to the bank made the payment returned to the portal just to find out that I couldn’t proceed was asked to print the invoice and I noticed it didn’t have the same remitta no as the one I played with pls wat do I do

  88. it better u shop for either physics and astronomy PR any other course

  89. pls I scored 248 my course is mass communication …..I don’t know if I should do change of course or wait for the second batch ..pls sir what should I do

    • The cutoff for mass communication was 268, it is of no use waiting for a second list since your score did not meet the cutoff. However, you can shop into Combined Arts (cutoff – 201) or Archaeology (cutoff – 246), both of which your score meets the cutoffs and you stand a chance of getting admission in the next list. Remember, the goal here is to play safe and enter, you do not have the luxury at this point to be selective in choosing courses. Enter first and switch next year. Goodluck.

  90. Plz I scored 212.what course can I shop (art) plz I urgently need u reply.

  91. Please i score 214.64 in my screening to study nursing but did not see my name should i shop to other course or wait 4 the second batch? If am to shop which course should i shop using this my score please answer me.

    • The cutoff for Nursing is 268 and you scored 214.64, that is why your name did not come out. It is of no use waiting for a second list when your score is way below the cutoff for Nursing. At this point, you do not have much options to pick and choose which other course you would like since your score here is not so high. With your subject combination, apply for Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology or Department of Zoology. Do not look at the course name. The goal here is to get admission and start school first and later you switch in your second year to another course (Nursing or any other) and at the same time try retaking JAMB again next year at the same time for Nursing, if you really want Nursing. Goodluck.

  92. Subject am using is English, chemistry, physics and biology

  93. I scored 261.20 as my screening score nd i applied for CBS(shopping),any hope?

    • Your score is quite high. CBS has gotten really very competitive over the years. I initially gained admission into CBS in the session of 2006/2007 when I initially tried for Medicine but did not get it, so I shopped into CBS and got admitted. I tried Medicine again the next session, still did not get it and shopped into Electrical Engineering where I graduated from in 2012. You see back then CBS was barely known and you would have only 5 or 6 names for CBS in the first merit list (very few people putting CBS in JAMB) and up to 50 spaces available during shopping. Most medicine fallouts (often with very high scores), would then shop for MCB, BCH and CBS. Over the years CBS became known, more and more people began to put it in JAMB, especially those going for tough courses, as a strategic way of getting into UNN and switching to their course choice by second year. Nowadays, we have many people getting admission into CBS in the first list and only few shopping spaces left afterwards.

      With your high score, you stand a chance of CBS admission. However, there are only few spaces available and it is going to be quite tough. Admission into those 14 or 16 shortfall spaces or so would be in descending order of students’ scores. If you want to be VERY sure of admission, then Zoology or Botany (its former name during my time before it was changed to Plant science and biotechnology) would be the courses to shop into. Goodluck.

  94. you can shop for art education,adult education ,tourism,combined art

  95. Pls i had 222 in my jamb with my jamb combination:Eng,Lit;Gov,Art can i go for combined social science

    • Yes go ahead and apply for Combined Social Sciences. You stand a HIGH chance of getting admission into that course without knowing anybody in UNN. Goodluck.

  96. Pls i had 211 in screening nd my jamb combination:Eng,Lit;Gov,Art can i go for combined social science

  97. pls is it possible to change or cancel a course I shopped

    • Maybe, I am not too sure. Have you tried going back in to see if you can? Or better still contact the ICT department to change it (they are VERY slow to respond) or go down to Nsukka on Monday, if you live closeby, since the deadline is that same Monday and you don’t have time to wait for the ICT dept to respond to you. Goodluck

  98. Pls reply

  99. Please I Got 244.40 Comp Science, Please Tell Me Courses To Shop Into With Maths,English,Physics,Chemistry.

    • The cutoff for computer science was 227. Why did you not get admission? What course did you originally apply for?

      With your course combination and score you can go for Combined Physical Sciences. Then during your first year registration you would choose your 2 course combinations and you can choose Computer Science as your major and any other as your minor (mathematics or statistics). Then in 2nd year, you switch to Computer science proper. It is a win-win for you in the end. Or you could even shop for Engineering if you like it (Metallurgical and Materials Engineering has up to 55 spaces available). Goodluck.

  100. 244.40 Computer Sciences, Maths,english,chemistry,physics, Plz What Are The Courses I Can Shop 4?

  101. Please Reply, No Time Plz

  102. What Are The Course I Can Apply 4?

  103. 244 Screening, Maths Physics English Chemistry. What Can I Apply 4?

  104. Please Ooooo Reply Me Oooo

  105. Wot is d cutoff 4 mechanical engineering

  106. charles you can shop to maths, statistics, pure& industrial chemistry or physics, your score is good to go


  108. Unn info,earlier dis year you posted the statistics of those dat chose courses in unn in their jamb,can u post the statistics of those that chose their courses through supplementary form.

  109. i guess i’ll forget abt unn… I just hope they’ll extend it to thursday cos no money for nw.

  110. Mr emeka when should we be expecting the next list, sir

  111. can someone get the form tomorrow being Tuesday

  112. Please what’s the cutoff for physiology?I got 240 as my screening score,do I have a chance???

  113. Plis Sir I scored 252.40, in my screening and in put computer science but my name didn’t come out but I shopped for mathematics, what are my chances, thank you sir

  114. Hi Mr Emeka pls i chose nursing in my jamb and my screening score is 244.80 but my did not come out on the first list. Will UNN still offer candidate nursing in those other list cos i hv seen many pple who applied for nursing in this forum with higher marks those that mean that they are not serious enough or lucky enough to be admitted to the course we always dream of. And nursing student admitted is only 43 candidate, only 43 but nursing student will eventually exceed that number. I tut that after the merit list UNN will cut down the cutt off mark for nursing.i

  115. yes u can, because it has been extended, but u should be quick maybe before 12pm @pipi

    • Catherine thanks so much for responding, I score 226.60 for computer science, can I wait for the second list or go for shopping form? And if I go for shopping which course should I apply? Please I need fast respond before it is 12 so that I can rush and shop. Thank you

  116. cn unn gve one admission in any courses witout doing shopping stuff since u score d above 200( wich z deir general cutoff)? pls i need ur reply

  117. please can one change what she has chosen to another course

  118. please fast reply before the closing date of the shopping

  119. I have done it already, I’m asking what are my chances of getting admitted, thank you

  120. pls someone should help me out….I got 248 in my screening score for masscomm. my name was not on the 1st list…right now am confused not knowing what to do. I don’t know if I should do change of course ….pls what course should I go for???

  121. I got 260 for medicine but I didn’t shop because no related course that will enable change later. is there still hope or any chance please reply me fast. plsssssssss

  122. damian chibueze onyenakasi

    I got 255 in my screening score and i shopped for history and international studies, is there a chance to gain admission, pls reply

  123. Admin, you need to extend the character limit for posting replies here to something higher before it needs approval. It makes it hard to communicate effectively here, especially if takes you days to approve comments. Time is very sensitive here.

    • hello mr emeka. i got 250 in my UTME score for mass comm. and then 255 in my screening score. my waec was really good. subject comb for UTME literature. government. economics and english. so i shopped for combined arts which i hear the cut off is 201. do you think i have a shot at admission seeing as the shortfall is 19. ive waited 2 years for this. i cant imagine waiting another year. and pls do you have any idea when the supp list will be out? thanks. youve been very helpful

  124. please what is the cutoff department of biological sciences, I want to know my faith

  125. Pls i scored 213.80 in the screenin and my course was medecine pls is there any other course that i can select within the science and technology department.pls i need quick response

  126. Okoro Ikenna Dickson

    wat is the cutoff mark for combined social science pls emeka i ned answer

  127. Pls what is the cut-off for anatomy…I applied for medlab with a score of 248.80 but I wasn’t given admission n now I want to know my chances in anatomy…pls reply…tnks

  128. i got 213.80 in d screenin and i chose medcine. pls wat other course can i b able to apply for within the area of science and pls i need a quick response

  129. Please what course can I apply for with my screening score of 213.80 please I need a quick response

  130. What is the cuff of for business admin

  131. Emeka, I’m not sure the cut off mark for Nursing is 268 because I scored 272 and am from Enugu state yet my name wasn’t on the merit list.

  132. Pls Mr Emeka I got 233.40 and I shopped for combined biological science pls do I stand a chance

  133. why would”nt yorubas be addmited into unn



  135. pls sir i had an awaiting result in my waec so it was later released and my score was increased i heard 298.40 andi applied for med and surg is dere any hope of me getring admitted in d sec list

  136. Please when is the list coming out. I pray to God that I made it into cbs. Please reply

  137. Pls I shopped for combined art instead of social science partening my subjects combination and I need to change to social science Pls can I change it. I really need an immediate reply

  138. Okoro Ikenna Dickson

    pls mr emeka wat is the cutoff mark for combined social science nd do i stand a chance with 215.20

  139. Plz wats my chances of getting statistics in shopping my score is 241.60,
    Mechanical engineering initial course, utme score 236 thanks.

  140. 242 is my screenin score i chose accountancy nd i was nt admitted bt i shopped 4 combined social science.. my utme combinations(maths,eng,econs nd com) plz wil i b admitted??

  141. i shoppped for human physiology with d screening score of 240.80,hope its ok

  142. plz i scored 240.80 in ma screenin,
    course;environmental studies
    i scored 208 in jamb,but my nam did not come out and the cut off is 229 so do i stil hv hope for 2nd list or i should shop…….plz i need an answer

  143. please sir, i want to know if supplementary form is different from shopping form

  144. please i need a reply

  145. pls Emeka, my younger sister applied for radiography but she got 262 nd d cut off was 263.she den applied for staff quota form.pls is dea any chances of her getting d same course.and pls wen z the list coming out?

  146. I need 2017 shopping info

    • Why do you need the shopping info already when you can correct your jamb date (course of study) into a course your current jamb score can get you admission into on merit? What course did you put in jamb? What was your jamb score?

  147. Correct jamb data*

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