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WAEC History Answers 2018 & Past Questions is Out

WAEC History 2018 Answers & Past Questions for Essay & Objective Here.

The Waec history 2018 exam will take place on Wednesday, 4th April, from 1.00pm to 4.00pm. The paper is for the West African Examination Council (WAEC) May/June 2018 Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE)

In this post, we will be posting out samples of the Waec history questions for candidates that will participate in the examination.

Note that below is the questions from WAEC history past questions and answers that we feel are likely questions for exam preparation.

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waec history answers

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WAEC History Questions 2018:

Section B [Essay]
Answer any four questions.
Write your answers on the answer booklet provided.

1a) Mention any three articles of trade Nigerians exported to North Africa before 1800.
b) Highlight four problems faced by Nigerian traders during the trans-Saharan trade.

Ans: (a) (i) Gold;
(ii)  Slaves;
(iii) Ivory;
(b) (i) Attacks from thieves or bandits who ambushed them and seized their goods along the trade routes;
(ii) hazard of the weather e.g. excess heat, rain and humidity which affected the traders;
(iii) huge loss of profit on goods due to bad weather;
(iv) ill health due to stress, snake bites and attack by dangerous animals;
(v) their means of transportation e.g. horses, bullocks and donkeys were also affected by the bad weather.

2) What five factors led to the coup d’etat of General Muhammadu Buhari in December 1983?

Ans: The following points were expected to be discussed in detail for candidates to earn good marks.
(i) The Presidential system of government was too expensive to manage in the Nigeria context;
(ii) the leaders failed to implement the provision of the Constitution in political appointment which was supposed to reflect the federal character principle;
(iii) there was abuse of power and corruption in high places e.g. Award of contracts to party loyalists and the offering of kickback to politicians;
(iv) the leadership failed to satisfy the needs of the people as there was high  inflation in the country  which affected the standard of living of the people;
(v) the widespread unemployment in the country.

3a) Mention any three clans that made up Urhobo land before 1800.
(b) Highlight any four features of the Urhobo political organization during the pre-colonial era.

Ans: (a) as clans that made up Urhobo land: Ughelli, Ughienvwe, and Ewu etc. While the underlisted features should be explained by candidates in (b) to score good marks.
It was based on the structure of the village;
– the compound was the smallest unit, having a father as the head of the compound;
– the father, who was the head maintained order and the welfare of the family;
– the lineage group of each compound was headed by the most senior man;
– the villages had a council of elders called Ekpako which was responsible
– for the governance and welfare of all families supported by officials.

4a) Name the areas where the following Yoruba warriors became overlords.
b) Identify any four consequences of the Yoruba civil war of the 19th century.

5) Highlight any five importance of legitimate trade to Nigeria.

6a) Name any three former Secretaries-General of the Organization of African Unity (OAU)
(b) Outline any four benefits Nigeria has derived from the Organization of African Unity (OAU)

7) In what five ways did the people of Igboland react to the introduction of Indirect Rule by the British?

8a) Name the three explorers who travelled across the Sahara Desert during their expedition in the 19th century.
(b) In what four ways were the Niger expeditions significant in the history of Nigeria?

NOTE: There is nothing like Waec histroy expo online. Do not be deceived by fraudsters posing with fake Waec answers on the internet.

Keep following, more questions and answers will be added soon.

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