UNN Postgraduate Registration Process for 2016/2017 Session Published

UNN Registration Details For Postgraduate Programmes 2016/2017 Academic Session.

The Management of University of Nigeria, Nsukka wishes to inform candidates admitted into the Postgraduate Programmes for 2016/2017 academic session that they shall start registration immediately.

Registrations for all students end on 17 February, 2017.  Registering students should observe the following registration process.

  • Visit the url: http://unnportal.unn.edu.ng.
  • By the right hand side, click on “CLICK HERE TO GET LOGIN DETAILS.”
  • If new student, click on NEW STUDENTS’ button. If an old student, then click on RETURNING STUDENT’S button.
  • In the registration number box, enter your application number in full e.g. UNN/PG/2016p-18/000039
  • Click SUBMIT to get login details i.e, username and password which is your application number.
  • Click on STUDENT LOGIN to go back to the login page.
  • In the username and password boxes enter your application number in full and click on LOGIN, which opens your account.
  • Click on PROFILE and then CHANGE PASSWORD to change your default password.
  • Click on PROFILE and the BIO-DATA to complete your profile.
  • Click on ACCEPTANCE and then GENERATE PG ACCEPTANCE INVOICE to generate acceptance fee payment invoice.
  • Proceed to the bank to make the payment and obtain a bank print out and a bank teller. After the payment, click on ACCEPTANCE and then PG-ACCEPTANCE to printout your Provisional Admission Letter.
  • Click on SCHOOL FEES and then GENERATE PG SCHOOL FEES INVOICE to generate PG school fees payment invoice.
  • Proceed to the bank to make the payment and obtain a bank print out and a bank teller.
  • After the payment in the bank, click on SCHOOL FEES and then PG SCHOOL FEES in your account to obtain online school fees receipt.
  • Then click on GET SCHOOL REG. NO. To get registration number e.g PG/MSC/16/73789.
  • Then printout your PARTICULARS Of Admission and YOUR PROFILE and submit together with your admission letter to room 115.
  • Proceed to room 202 at Postgraduate school for school fees and acceptance fee payment verification.
  • Then, proceed to Room 107 at PG school for your original school fees and acceptance fee receipts.
  • Visit Room 115 at PG school with your original certificates for verification.
  • Postgraduate students interested in hostel accommodation should generate hostel payment invoice and pay in the bank.


  1. Thanks to the Admin for the information and humble regards to the Dean. This information is timely.

  2. wat abt the accomodation procedure,i tried to apply for accomodation its telling me that all accomodation booked

  3. I have changed my password, fill the bio data but finding it difficult generation the invoice for payment, please how do I go about this?

    • Please how did u login cos it’s telling me wrong password

      • kindly use ur registration number for both username & password

      • Just go according to the directives above. You have to go get your login details as stated in the fourth instruction/guide above. (Do this, even if you know your details already). After this, you can proceed and log in, it will work. Had almost the same issue, though mine was ‘username does not exist’ but I rectified it by doing what I just told you. Success

    • @Calvin, goto school manager on the portal there u will find everything u intend to do.

  4. I can’t get access to the registration page. I used my email in place of username and password accordengly but the system could not recognise it. I have no clue on how to generate the invoice for payment of relevant fees. I have no idea on how to print my admission letter.
    Some one should shade more light please

  5. Plz what is suppose to be the username and password cos am a bit confused here

  6. Open the website. Click on student Portal, click on new student, enter your complete Application number eg UNN/PG/2016-17….., in both the user name and password. You will be directed to a new page where you must change the password. Wait a little and your own personal page will appear where you will fill the biodata and generate Invoice for the acceptance fee and school fee. Please insist because I faced difficulties but I succeeded when I insisted. I hope it helps.

  7. Could someone who has successfully completed the registration and generated invoice for M.Ed program give me a clue of how much the school fees/acceptance fee. I’ll be so grateful for the info. Thanks in anticipation.

  8. Ur registration number is the username and the password

  9. pls those of u in Nsukka, help us confirm when the next batch will come out. So that we can start making arrangement to that. Or is anyone with an idea?

  10. Please what part of the registration process are we to do in the School? or does anyone have any idea on how to proceed with the registration process after the payment of Acceptance and School fees.

    • School fees for School of Education Phd is N90,400 while acceptance is 25,000. Once you are done with the payment, take the invoices of the two fees paid alongside with their tellers and bank’s printout to PG school; rm 201. IT man verifies the two payments made and raises payment schedule for you to go change the tellers to receipts. PS: remember to pay N400 for student’s files the way u paid d above fees. Make 5 copies each (25) per file for the enlisted documents on your acceptance letter. Cheers.

      • You mean we are to still pay a separate #400 through remita for the purchase of school file??

      • pls how do I generate d invoice for d #400 being payment for file.
        all I can see is generate invoice for acceptance and school fees which I ‘ve already dobe

        • Yes. From the portal, click on “prospective students” and select bursary collection invoice. Go through and select “student files” to generate the invoice. Once paid in the bank, u take d invoice and d printout to the PG school where u change d teller to receipt. From there, u move to the room where customised school files will be given to u. Insert d necessary documents in each file. Date for verification exercise is yet to be announced. For the latter question, u have to visit d PG school. Thanks.

          • From the portal, click on “prospective students” and select bursary collection invoice. Go through and select “student files” to generate the invoice. Once paid in the bank, u take d invoice and d printout to the PG school where u change d teller to receipt. From there, u move to the room where customised school files will be given to u. Insert d necessary documents in each file. Date for verification exercise is yet to be announced. *sorry, first response was copied*

          • We are not supposed to pay any separate money for files again oo. It’s already part of the school fee. I made a mistake and even paid the 400 Naira for the file. But I met a different arrangement yesterday when I got to the PG School. We have already paid for files in the fees. I now have mine.

          • @Godwin, u are right. I made the same mistake too.


    I have checked but can’t find the registration details on the web address. Moreso, I tried registering with my Application no but an error message pops up that my name is not on the admission list. What do I do please?

    • Oruka Kenneth Ejiofor

      You may be using undergraduate portal. Go back and click on postgraduate registration on the taskbar

      • have done all that to no avail. but was able to reach the customer service unit and I was informed that my details was not uploaded because their is no supervisor attached. please have any body from the department of history registered? please notify the house. please admin, spread this to the ears of the Hod of history so dat it can b corrected. Thanks.

  12. When do we resume?

  13. Please how do I go about on the registration?

  14. I’ve filled the biodata form which enabled me to generate invoice for acceptance and tuition fees including printing my admission details.

    Any one needs my guidance? Call 07086207317.

  15. Pls has anyone been able to print the admission letter after payment of acceptance and school fees? Thanks

  16. Oruka Kenneth Ejiofor

    Visit http://unnportal.unn.edu.ng, click on postgraduate, log in (your reg no is ur password as well as username). Change your password, click on registration, fill your biodata, then click on payment, generate invoices for acceptance and school fee, go to bank and make payments. Go back to the portal and complete registration by supplying you bank verified RRR. That’s all for now.

  17. Goodevening all… Pls I logged into my page saw another person’s particulars: Name, faculty and department. Please what should I do…?

    • That happened in my case. Try using the full registration number ie UNN/PG/2016-17/****** as your user name, your full details should show.

      • Thanks Chisom, but I’m now in another level of hitch. I logged in but finding it difficult to change my password. It pops up: Password incorrect or New Password invalid. New Password length minimum: 3. Non-alphanumeric characters required: 0. Please is there any other way of doing it? Thanks

        • Try using a system or go to a cyber cafe. You can change it easily there than using a phone.

          • Thanks dear, it’s laptop that I was using. But I later their customer center who did it in their office. I’m done with the biodata…

  18. Thanks dear! Your explanation is clearer.

  19. hello pls i need help. i hv been trying to login i was told my username doesnt exist, daz my application number doesnt exist!

  20. @Nene thanks a lot…kindly beep me on ds 07036830747

  21. @linar, make sure that you input your registration number as it is I. E. With the back slash and everything

  22. Please how do we apply for hostel

  23. pls some 1 help, i didnt check my scrn test result b4 i saw my name. I fild my biodata and chang my paswd . Now i want 2 generat acceptane invoic, they say i must check d result and d pasword couldnt open it again. Pls advc and sugestion

  24. Please I just wanna know for those who have succeeded in completing d registration or anyone who has any idea what d school fees for those in engineering is.
    I really wanna know how much I’d have to pay apart from d acceptance fee.

  25. Pls house, has anybody been able to generate invoice for accommodation?

  26. @ Spencer , faculty of engineering fee is #95,400 and acceptance fee is #25,000

  27. nobody is talking abt accomodation
    Generation of the invoice is impossible at moment

  28. pls what’s the school fees for medical lab science Msc

  29. I’ve been trying to change password for two days now and it’s not working. Help!!!!!!!!!

  30. And please what is the fees for public health. Please,anyone?

    • MPH 100400 nairs

    • hello good day, i dont know if you will still get this… i am going for mph, pls in the pg application, we are meant to fill an area of study there, are we meant to put an area of specialization in mph eg primary health care or epidemology/ or should i just put mph there?

  31. Please does any one have an idea about accommodation fees?thanks for your anticipated response.

  32. Thanks a lot@ GARAMAH

  33. Anyone with info on how possible it is to pay the school fees in installments will be highly appreciated. I’m running short. Please, anyone?

  34. Ivan there is no seperate #400 for files. I av gotten mine with just sch’l fees n acceptance payment

    • Tanks sis for dis info. Ivan abeg if u no d sure of any info abeg don’t broadcast. Prospective students dey different from post graduate student. Please is dey a fix date when we all start our pg or we just start skull after payment of skul fees

    • Tanks Anne for dis info. Ivan abeg if u no d sure of any info. Don’t broadcast abeg. If u get extra money 2 spend abeg do it on ur own no involve others. Please is there a fix date for starting out pg school or we start coming after payment of school fees and acceptance?

    • @Anie, u are right; it’s already built in the school fees. Sadly, I was told to make the payment by one of the verification officers. @Dorathy, it’s obvious you write and reason like Dorathy! Please don’t take it as an insult.

      • what!!! i have followed ivans step and lost my #400.

        nawao… please correct any information that may be wrong next time cos the world is reading this.

  35. Please any mass communicator her? Advertising and Public Relations precisely

  36. Greetings Admin
    I’m a PG student who , I’m a PhD student of Vocational & Technical Education, I intend to pay my 2nd year fees . But I tried generating the invoice & the system replies
    “The School fees setup for your category in this session [2016-2017] has not been assigned”
    Pls what should I do?
    Thank You

  37. after sch fees and acceptance wots next shd we do??

  38. could someone pls tell me the way forward,I have been trying to login but it keeps telling me that the username doesn’t exist.Iam confused like a lost child in the middle of the forest because I don’t know solution to that. Considering the fact that iam very far from Enugu and after all registration ends on 30.pls, any way forward contact me via dis number 08081822761 cos it will b highly appreciated. Thanks 4 ur anticipated cooperation.

  39. pls, all attempts to that has fail3ed me oo… pls sumone should just guide me oo… nes student, just keep telling to sign up…

  40. Please, I want to know if registration is complete once you pay your acceptance and school fees, or do you have to go to the school to submit some documents or open a file? Please I need an answer urgently so that I do not have to travel down to UNN from Abuja. Thanks.

  41. @uzo.u need to go to school. go with original certificate s,recipients of payment,particulars of admission.

  42. @chidi go to Unn.even if u get u are able to pay all the fees and get receipt,u still have to go to school with your certificates and complete your reg.

  43. Please I made a mistake in my biodata. Can it be corrected? How?

  44. Hi everyone, please can anyone confirm if we have to register for only first semester or first and second semesters?

  45. am going to Enugu for my registration tomorrow, anyone going same day ? lets hook up

    • I went there for registration on Monday and they said they were on warning strike…come back next week. So no registration is going on in school this week for pg

  46. would someone get any problem if he/she decides to go to Nsukka by next month (February ) for other registration processes, after payment of school and acceptance fees has been made this month. I need response Pls. where I am is quite far and I may not be chanced to be in nsukka this month.

  47. Pls house, is it possible to pay acceptance and take care of school fees later? My school fees is not yet complete. Thanks

  48. Please house when is the second primary list coming? Anybody with reliable information should please let us know. Thank you

  49. Pls when feeling the form to generate school fee , for current level is it first year or other we are to click bcs they are both giving me different school fee. Thanks

  50. please @MMA wat r d particulars of admission

  51. Please, if am not chanced to do the Registration in PG school this month since the last day is 30th, what’s my fate of doing it later?????

    Any suggestion ????


    KING.O the date for registration has been shifted till febuary 17th so u still have some time. All the best

  53. Thanks dear, it’s laptop that I was using. But I later called their customer center who did it in their office. I’m done with the biodata…

  54. is it true that the registration dateline has been shifted to February….? I need reliable info, no misleading Pls. I’ll be very grateful should someone illuminate me.

  55. @jamina go to net ,after bio data,u will see particulars of admission, click on it and print

  56. Has anybody Applied for hostel accommodation?.It keep saying “all rooms have been booked” since 5 days ago

  57. Hostel portal is now going since Thursday. So many have been assigned rooms. Better apply on ur phone or come to nsk on monday

    • Can we apply manually? Because I have been trying to apply since Friday last week up to no avail.

      Has anyone at UNEC successfully applied for accommodation?

  58. @ Gabriel, yes I av gotten a bed space. Kip tryin mayb its ntwork or few rooms were opened cos my friends av gotten too

  59. Good day everyone, please will the convocation affect the registration this week. Urgent reply needed. Thanks

  60. Thanks @Anie I will kip trying..hopefully it will go through.

  61. pls help me guys….I cnt generate acceptance invoice…am clicking on generate after it brought out my bio to generate but yet i cnt stii geratate d acceptance invoice….pls help me!!!

  62. pls help me…I can’t generate acceptance invoice…after clicking on “generate” yet it did not generate any invoice…what should I do…pls someone should help me!!!

  63. Please, can someone help us to confirm whether the registration deadline has been extended, because I have not been able to get my school fees yet.

  64. Yes @Carolyn. I went to unn 2day and did all the required registration stuff as narrated above,on getting to the last step where my certificate will be verified n submit my files(aquired during registration) we were told to come back next Monday.

    • Is it just the last step that is next Monday or the whole process?
      Did you by any chance ask them when the pg school resumes?

  65. Can this registration process be done in Unec?

  66. @Cecily I didn’t ask when the PG school will resume as a matter of fact they are not on holiday,the thing is that convocation activities has taken over the place so some offices(e.g room 115) are busy n won’t attend to us.those who dosnt reside close to unn should probably wait till Monday.
    Those who has problem generating hostel invoice should keep on trying especially b/w the hours of 10am-12pm

  67. please can one do the other registration processes at UNEC. any info on state of the hostel @UNEC. thanks for your anticipated responses

  68. @ HENRY pls create a ticket with Tenace and tell then your challenges, they will solve it, I experienced similar challenge but am fine now.

  69. @ HENRY pls create a ticket with Tenace and tell then your challenges, they will solve it, I experienced similar challenge but am fine now, am sure

  70. Please any linguistics student in here,please identify let’s hook up

  71. please i try to apply for pg. hostel accommodation and they said and they said no more rooms allocation pls what can i do.

  72. me tire o christiana, d hostel portal just opened last week friday it is not even up to week. a friend who is schooling there told me they would open it that d rooms cant be filled up now. whatsapp me please so if there is any info 09023705604

  73. If your department is situated in Nsukka or Enugu Campus, go there for PG registration.

  74. Please what’s the amount for hostel accommodation,thanks

  75. What about the course registration, are we to do it online?

  76. I have been trying to generate invoice for acceptance, but its not loading, I observed that my email was omitted, could that be the reason why my invoice is not generated yet? please help!

  77. Any MPH student here? Lets connect. 07032207877

  78. Thanks slot @ UGEE nd GSF

  79. @ ADLINE, kindly create a ticket with Tenace and lay ur complain, am sure that it will be resolved, I had similar problem and they helped me out

  80. Please any new on when the second list will be out thanks

  81. for students in Unec go to Uneven surface area students affairs nd apply for a room ie write an application an wait until d list is out den proceed to d bank nd pay 30k… applying online is for doze at nsukka as for me am done wid acceptance,school fees pymt,registrars verification and I av submitted my files to my Dean,hod and supervisor

  82. Please is there a deadline for the payment of school fees. I have paid acceptance

  83. Pls is public administration Dept at Unec or in UNN?

  84. Pals,please any news on accommodation…keeps saying all rooms have been allocated

  85. Pals, is the PG school office now working

  86. @MaryAnn PG sch was never on break

  87. Is dia any deadline on skul fees payment? Plx any info and when will lecture start

  88. Thanks @Abraham

  89. Has any MPH succeeded in applying for accommodation?

  90. Please house, I’m still not abe to apply for hostel accommodation, I’m still getting the response that “all rooms have been allocated” but I heard there are still spaces… please how true is it?

  91. Please Admin help, I applied for Part time because am a full staff somewhere and they gave me full time admission, how do I change it back to part time?it reflected on the admission letter and Am supposed to submit the letter to office for documentation.

  92. Vivian write to dean p.g sch, is a minor issue. it can be changed, odas are changing there’s too

  93. Pls if am able to pay my school fees but couldn’t make it to the school to complete my registration before the closing date can it cause me any problem?

  94. No, it won’t via moses

  95. any civil engineering student here? please lets connect

  96. Any MED Mathematics student here should please send me an email on uzojoesilver@gmail.com so we can connect.

  97. pls how much is the school fees for mathematics department

  98. Pls any statistics student here, pls let’s hook up, 08165888029

  99. Am having a problem completing my fees payment as well as my course registration it keeps saying the administrator has not brought over the courses is anyone experiencing the same thing. mHSND

  100. MSc. Public Administration student here should contact anichebeoliveth@gmail.com for important information

  101. Pls any social work student in d house? That’s my number 07033579078

  102. Please does anyone have an ideal if lectures have started for msc students

  103. today 17th Feb is the last day of PG registration, i av only paid acceptance fee, pls guys hope there will be no more penalty/fine for paying the school fees after today and can we go to UNEC anytime later to do the payments verification and other registration process or it must be before the registration closing date?

  104. Any PGD Surveying and Geoinformatics student here? I’m one,contact me thru 070326zero6448

  105. please, if anyone needs a house mate, am interested, call me, please let the price be affordable. thank you! 07039513764

  106. please how do we know when the lectures would commence, could it be that lectures have already commenced, help!

  107. Lectures have commenced in some departments, like English faculty of arts. Time table for most department is out too.

  108. I have not paid school fees but only acceptance, I hope to pay it soon and registration as stated in above will close today. I hope portal will still be open.

  109. I have not done registration and it closes today. do I still have hope? It closes today.

  110. ***stated above

  111. Please am a graduate of Industrial Chemistry and I intend doing my M.Sc. degree program in UNN. please anyone with information on when the next batch will be admitted and the school fees at least for two semesters should share with me. I will be grateful!

  112. Please who knows anything about lectures in MSc management? Is the timetable out?

  113. Any Banking and Finance (MSc) here? If any, pls, any info on lectures?

  114. Any one in Biochemistry here? Let’s hook up please.

  115. Yes Chuka Ogbonna, how do we hook up please. I need some informations from you.

  116. Yes.. Biochemistry. Send me your contact via collinsoguh@gmail.com for information from department

  117. Any mass communication here? PGD or Masters….pls add me on watz app 08160626616

  118. I applied for part time MPH but they gave me full time
    pls any body with similar experience?
    Can i still go ahead and accept the admission? will i be able to change it back to part time?
    pls somebody should help me out.

    • just take it like dat is not a problem: part time ought to be having weekend lectures but its not so in UNN. ur lectures will run normal with regular students and if even safer for u

    • hello good day, i dont know if you will still get this… i am going for mph, pls in the pg application, we are meant to fill an area of study there, are we meant to put an area of specialization in mph eg primary health care or epidemology/ or should i just put mph there?

  119. Is registration into the Pg school still on or has ended as earlier stated?

  120. Plz any med lab sci student here PGD …let’s hook up 07034463267

  121. Please if u admitted for PGD in Mechanical engineering (NOT M. SC) or know someone who is, then call 08067992241 so that yall can connect n sort out for d lectures together. Thanks

    Also if anyone in here knows anyone who did PGD for mechanical engineering in the previous set please let me know with the number above or just reply.
    Thanks again.

  122. Pls who wants to sell or squat in pg hostel. 08030920559

  123. Pleaseif you are in accounting dept. I need info on time table and lectures so far. Please

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