[Updated] All You Need To Know About 2016/2017 UNN Post Utme-Admission Screening

This is an update of our previous post titled UNN Post Utme 2016 – What You Must Know“.

Truth be told, there has never been any time historically that the Nigerian education sector has been in such a difficult situation as this year, with respect to admission into higher institutions. The uncertainties are so much that even those of us in the information sharing business does not have definite answers to some of the anxious questions asked by many admission seekers – no thanks to the hasty directives issued by the education minister without proper consultations with all the stakeholders. As at yesterday evening, we still tried to reach someone in the school administration for comments on the present situation but no proper clarification also came from their end. However, from our experience with UNN and the situation on ground, we will answer some of your questions using the points below.

  1. This is not the first time a situation similar to this has occurred in the Nigerian education sector. JAMB and higher institution authorities had always fought silently to determine who controls admission into the institutions. This “superiority” fight had always ended in the favour of the schools and appears to be headed the same direction this year as UNN has just announced her Post Utme(now referred to as Admission Screening) details. The school even went ahead to put a price tag of N2,500 for the online application against all odds. If you haven’t heard that the online registration has commenced, click on the link below to get the details;
  2. We ‘ve heard that some candidates said they won’t apply for the screening exercise, positing that JAMB instructed institutions not to organize any screening especially for candidates whose status on the JAMB eligibility portal says “Not Posted yet”.
    It is instructive to note that UNN actually stated that candidates “..who selected her as their University of First Choice in the 2016 UTME and scored 200 and above ” can apply. Now the question you should ask yourself is; Wouldn’t you rather “loose” N2,500 to UNN and be on the safe side, than loose your chance of admission for another one year when things eventually go as you did not expect? The choice is yours. However, we advise you register for the screening sooner than later as the closing date is fast approaching.
  3. For candidates having challenges generating the payment invoice. (I.e. Those claiming a Log-In box is blocking them).
    Please, follow the instructions carefully and exactly as it was given. Be sure to use a computer device and not mobile phones as this will give you a clearer view of the unnportal’s navigation menu.
    Also, we advise you do the registration at an established or renowned cyber cafe within your vicinity so they may guide you properly, following the instructions provided here. Make sure you are physically present when your details are being uploaded to ensure everything is entered correctly. Note also that your basic details must appear on the UnnPortal application page as soon as you enter your JAMB reg number in the space provided, before you should proceed to generate invoice and make payment. And not forgetting that you should be wary of online scammers. Don’t just give your money to anyone you don’t trust.
  4. What about Direct Entry?
    Directly entry screening in the past usually takes place few weeks after UTME candidates have been screened. However, there is no official information from the school authorities on this year’s direct entry screening. We advise you visit this site regularly for any new update.
  5. Will there be any exam and when is the date?
    The last instruction on the application form information published by the school authorities clearly states “Await the announcement from the University.” The said announcement may be about the screening exam. So, we advise you continue to prepare like there will be an exam as the information may come as sudden as that of the application form came. Get the Total Victory Solution Set and Felar 909 handbook as quick revision guides so you are not caught unawares.
  6. What are the documents required for the screening application?
    Please, click on the link below for a full list of the required documents;
  7. For Awaiting Results candidates, after selecting AR during your online registration, go ahead and upload a scanned copy of your O’Level Exam ID card(s) or Photo card(s) with details of your exam number, centre, and year of exam fully visible.

If you have further questions outside what has been addressed on this post, please drop them using the comment box below. We may not be able to reply to the too many comments here but we try as much as we can to reply to the most relevant ones.

Best of Luck To You all…

Remember, the official UnnInfo group page is located at http://facebook.com/groups/UnnInfoOfficial/. If you are on Facebook, it is very important that you join the group now to get minute by minute updates.

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We will continue to update this post as soon as we gather any new vital information. So, be sure to bookmark this site and always check back.

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  1. But minister of education said no more post utme

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      @Abuchi; You most likely did not read the post above completely before dropping your comment. However, I hope you remember that the minister also instructed JAMB to stop collecting money for change of course. Now, have you heard of anyone that has been refunded out of the thousands of candidates that purchased the change of course form this year?
      The fact remains that until implemented, most of the statements credited to the minister are just mere statements. Therefore, it is better you are prepared for the exam than being caught offguard in the nick of time.

      • I don’t understand what you mean by,”the minister instructed JAMB to stop collecting money for change of cousre. Now have you heard of anybod that has been refunded out of thousands of candidates that purchased the change of cousre form this year?”
        Does this mean that those that made a change of cousre / institution will be having that change as void?
        As in,the change didn’t take effect,for those that made earlier change?
        Please make me understand.

        • UNN INFO_Lawrence

          That’s my point exactly. The ministers statements are vague. They are open ended statements that are subject to different interpretations and raised many more questions like the ones you tabled above.
          So, our advice remains; Until UNN says otherwise, have it at the back of your mind that Post Utme screening will still hold.

      • he said DAT wen DAT tin has already been over oooo don’t get pple confused

  2. Is the screening date released or do we still wait on d post ume exams?

  3. hi. please what is the jamb cut off mark for eligibility to write putme this year? thanks

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      JAMB has set 180 as this year’s general cut off mark. Unless they successfully implement redistribution (which they tried last year but failed), UNN will most likely go by the 180 or at most 200

  4. thanks sir success for this great info and superior encourgement, God will bless you 10thousand folds, please Sir Add me up in UNN whatsapp Group, thanks 08140461645..

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      To join existing UnnInfo Whatsapp group, send a Whatsapp message stating you ‘re an Art candidate or a Science candidate who wishes to be added. Send the whatsapp message to 08064382288 (Ekene)

  5. Pls I want to know the price of the post utme form

  6. Please, are DE candidates normally required to submit their transcripts? 2. Do people who graduated from UNN also submit their transcripts if their choice school is UNN? 3. Having done a course during your first degree in UNN such as GS 207, are you also required to do the same course if it’s part of your courses when admitted via DE? Your timely insights will be invariably appreciated.

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      Yes, DE candidates, including UNN graduates are required to submit their transcripts when admitted via direct entry.
      Also, it will now be a new admission, you will have to do all the courses associated with your new field of study, even if it means repeating what you have done before. I hope that answers your questions. Cheers

      • Thanks @mod…but on the. part involving taking courses you had done as a super lion, I heard from a current student in med/surg that they didn’t offer any of the GS courses. So try making necessary research to avoid giving wrong info.

  7. thanks for ur information

  8. pls Sir add up..on unn whatsapp group…tnx

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      To join existing UnnInfo Whatsapp group, send a Whatsapp message stating you are an Art candidate or a Science candidate who wishes to be added. Send the whatsapp message to 08064382288 (Ekene)

  9. am pleased at efforts of the UNN managment at ensuring that it remians a first generation university in west africa. my daughter informed me of this forum, am pleased. keep it up. keep me posted of all the developments. thanks

  10. thanks a lot for your informations unninfo ,I really appreciate it.

  11. pls is there a diff. btw post utme,appt. test&screnning.How much was the form last year?

  12. Please admin as I was checking updates online. I saw that university of Ibadan is not writing their post utme. It stated that they will use d aggregate of jamb and weac score to give admission this year and their departmental cut off mark is out. Do u think it will also be the same with unn

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      Irrespective of where you are getting your information from and how how authentic it is, our advice based on our experience and UNN past records is simple; UNLESS UNN COMES OUT AND SAYS NO POST-UTME, just have it at the back of your mind that the exam will still hold this year!
      All the Best

    • Thank u Sir for this information

    • Hi ppls cud u forward the link u saw the university of ibadan info

  13. Unn should hasten up in their plans for the 2016 admissionn..they should tell candidates if their would be screening either by cbt test ,aptitude test or oral….other schools are relaying informations to candidates…we dont know if we re to read for general paper maths and english or our various jamb combination….the confusion is much …please do relieve us from this confusion soon…

  14. If the screening text won’t hold, will UNN cutoff mark still be 180?

  15. Please when would d screening be taking place

  16. please I need to know when the post UTME registration will start and also the exam date!

  17. thanks for yur concern #admin pls add me on inn whatsap group chat pls…….

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      To join existing UnnInfo Whatsapp group, send a Whatsapp message stating you ‘re an Art candidate or a Science candidate who wishes to be added. Send the whatsapp message to 08064382288 (Ekene)

  18. Do unn accept combination of neco and waec

  19. oooh! God must surely save me from this Admission chaos. whatever they like let them do all i know is Admission is sure for me Amen.

  20. am reli confused abt dz whole stuff. admin tnx anyways fr ur info, will keep dat in mind. ehmmm I jx sent d whatsapp msg to d number u gave above plsss add me up I reli need infi . tnx again God bless

  21. Thanks for the info. I appreciate

  22. pls the subjects that we are to study in preparations for the post jamb,whether it is to take place or not is the most concern of students now, pls I want to know

  23. Please admin …..I want go study foreign languages. …is unn likely to cut 180….I mean what is the probability if u are to give it a guess approach…thanks

  24. pls wot ‘re d requirements 4 DE into unn ?

  25. please i heard dat the elibility card will be out by next week ie the card dat will determine if you are qualify to sit for whatever exam dat will be conducted, please how true is dat

  26. hmmm, ts well.

  27. Oga admin I sent a msg via whasapp requesting to join d group but receives no responds

  28. What about DIRECT ENTRY students? I believe there’s will certainly hold as usual.

  29. please is it true that the form has finally come out? becos I heard it has come out

  30. Tanks 4 d update I would like 2 no abt d purchase of UNN past questions and if we will b updated abt d date of d exam

  31. confusion has scattered my brain oooo…….UNN should help us oooo…….

  32. Dis is getting too much let dis people relieve us now!

  33. Pls can anyone guess of cut-off mark for veterinary medicine

  34. Blessing Oluchi

    Pls what is UNN cuff mark nd wen is deir postume date? Pls update us dere is no time

  35. Blessing Oluchi

    Pls what is UNN cuff off mark nd the date for postume 2016/2017? Pls I need urgent answer, no time

  36. Please, I need urgent reply, Is unn screening for 2016 admission going to be in oral or written form?

  37. Does unn accept The IJMB result to start from 200 level?

  38. Ini Afia (De Enzyme)

    Some of the feedback questions show that such folks night probably don’t pass the entrance exams when it is finally advertised. Why are the new age youths not able to study instructions and information given properly? God help this generation. Well done Sir for the timely info and updates. Keep the good work.

  39. We still the wait. Hope will be soon.

  40. when are they starting the post ume exam

  41. Pls is post utme form out for sale?


  43. Add me on whatsaap….08165232358….social science

  44. Sales of form will start immediately after unn strike. Take note eligible candidates are 180 and above.

  45. pls is jmb regularization no needed before direct entry

  46. okoye victor kenechukwu

    when will the sale of form commence……….?

  47. can the school offer admission to people that didn’t make unn their choice?

  48. Is it true DAT no admission 4 waiting result students

  49. @uzoamaka dat is just romour.

  50. @James for unn forget it.

  51. FG warns strictly against post-utme. And threatens to sanction schools. Nigeria tribune news paper.
    You can read more from the paper

  52. UNN is probably going nuts!,.. Pls gees nd gals i nid a gurlfwend! Like seriusly..classic 1!

  53. Nigeria is turning upside down

  54. that’s true since the governance of buhari

  55. I will lik to get information, when they start selling post utme form

  56. otti chidinma m

    Pls u add me up on WhatsApp 08147880052

  57. 08183657531

  58. Tanks 4 d update u guys are doin a great job………..I would just lyk 2 ask if there is any news abt t date of d exams

  59. Whatever it is I will get admission into UNN..Amen…!

  60. I dn tire 4 dm

  61. ogar stephen dominic

    the minister of education should stop confusing us if i may ask what is his main reason of canceling post utme he should scramble jamb and forget about post utme after all jamb is not even reliable

  62. Tnks 4 dis info admin but i would lyk 2 confirm if unn post ume form is out now we are already in july.

    • wat is so hard to understand dia is no post utme y all dis sales of form sales of form huh! abeg make una grow up

  63. ojiakor chinenye

    please his unn form out

  64. Pls is the post utme form out, how much is it and when is the registration ending?

  65. Pls are we still doing d cbt or is it gonna be oral or written. I’m really confused. When will d form be out? Will d waec and neco results still be used i.e are they still using d point based system.?

  66. pls is d form out cus am tired of waiting

  67. I scored 190,can i be admitted

  68. na wa oooo! is the unn putme form out

  69. please Sir what happens with the prospective candidates still awaiting their 2016 O’ Level results

  70. What of those that have no FSLC and their is out what will they do?

  71. pls…all these requirements based on testimonial, first school leaving certificate except jamb slip and O’level results….are they really necessary?…I’m already in Nsukka….so I have to go back to lagos, get my testimonial my first school leaving certificate before I register while all these were just posted..and I have to go to my village to get my local government whatever….what kind of thing is this?….pls clarify me

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      Honestly, I feel you pain. But, I personally advise you try the much you can to get them. With the way things are now, one can’t really say what might be an advantage or a disadvantage in this year’s admission.

  72. please can one get the form outside enugu state, for instance i base in kaduna state, is there any bank selling it here?

  73. pls info I have a big problem, I have been posted by jamb to unn,but scored below 200, and there is no way for to buy d screening form. Pls what should I do?pls help me am waiting. score 198,course estate management.

  74. Hmmmm what about those with awaiting result is there hope for them?

  75. What of those their first school leaving certificate is not yet ready?

  76. Please my first school certificate is not yet out…. Can I replace it with any other document? And also can I use my primary school testimonial?
    Please I need answers urgently.

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      If you are sure about that (Reach out to your parents to confirm), then you may use the testimonial or get an affidavit.

  77. I don’t have my first leaving school certificate. please what will I do?

  78. What about those that are still awaiting the o-level results.

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      Exercise a little patience with the online registration. I believe the school will make a provision for AR candidates on the portal in no distant time.

  79. thanks for the info. medical science.

  80. Let the university give alternatives for those who are awaiting the O-level results.

  81. awaiting result any news

  82. Please sir what about awaiting result student?

  83. Please has anybody registered with awaiting results?

  84. Uncertainty has become the order of the day!

  85. pls some one give me urgent reply. I applied for UNN law and had 2012 law and the school is saying I am illegible should I go on and apply even though FG said except jamb post me?

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      When you said illegible, do you mean eligible? If yes, you should go ahead and register provided your details comes up on unnportal when you enter your reg no.

  86. what of if you dont have an o’level result. what can we do about it?

  87. Pls I need. Help on how to edit my information’s which I mistakenly entered to the add mission form pls. Is it possible for me to get a new f0rm or edit the previous one

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      I don’t think a fresh application will solve your problem. Just keep trying to see if you can edit before the closing date or head to the school and lay your complaints. Do check the ICT department first(the one around Engineering faculty).

  88. can I use testimonials instead of first school leaving certificate because my primary school don’t have it

  89. Plz has the screening deadline been postponed?

  90. ibezim chukwuemerie

    please wat wil i fill in d spaces for o level results?
    how can i get ma local govt document stuff
    i dnt hv first scul leaving certificate yet wat shud i do
    wil i nid to upload my jamb results wen registring?
    u mean i hv to go to the cybercafe wit my birth cert,my jamb results and all those stuffs?!buh hw do i upload all these nline AM CONFUSED SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!

  91. Pls sir will Unn admit candidate with awaiting results dis year

  92. pls i wasnt given first school leaving certificate and testimonials from my primary school and there is no way for me to get them can collect from another primary school?

  93. I’m still awaiting my waec result. in the application process, they gave room to input the O level results, but they didn’t give room for those awaiting result.. nd I can’t continue with the application until I fill in the results
    I’m only saying because the online application is said to end on 19th July and I haven’t completed mine

    • U can just capture any form in order to proceed just make sure u pur AR ion d grade side

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      Please, exercise a little patience, at least before the closing date. I am hoping the the school will correct the application form and make provision for AR candidates. So just keep trying, let’s see what happens before the closing date

  94. Please, I chose UNN as my first choice and scored above 200 In JAMB and the JAMB has not posted my name yet, please can I go on with the Post utme form?

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      If your basic details are coming up on unnportal, just go ahead and register. JAMB may be uploading the details on their own site in batches or just slowly.

  95. UNN You guys should give answers to dis questions please…………………….the closing date for dis form is Tuesday no time please we are pleading

  96. Mrs Otamiri Beatrice

    Please Mr Lawrence of UNN INFO, am having a very big challenge, my daughter generated her remita number via UNN portal for screening and made payment of 2,500 at Zenith bank via remita. Yesterday we filled the form cos she just finished her WAEC May/June 2016 and NECO June/July 2016 so she is waiting for her results. We uploaded other documents except the O level which is not ready and she put AR in all the subject meaning awaiting result but UNN did not accept her form saying “you must upload at least one O level result. Please what do we do ? for the closing date is approaching.Is it that UNN is not accepting awaiting result candidates? she scored above 200 and JAMB sent her approval to UNN for screening. PLEASE WE NEED YOUR ADVICE.

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      Please, exercise a little patience. I found out about this challenge yesterday and I am hoping the the school will correct it and make provision for AR candidates. So just keep trying, let’s see what happens before the closing date.

    • sir what your daughter has to do is to go to her school and request for her waec I.D card photocopy she should scan it and upload it as o’level result 1. the school certainly will request for the hard copy of the result as she has gotten a space in the schools data base already with the waec I.D card that was uploaded earlier on….

      • it was exactly what me and my sister did and it worked and we have our acknowledgement slip with us now.. the I.D card is a proof that you really have taken waec this is what we is the right way to escape the problem..our results will come out before they summon us to go to nsukka for our screening………

  97. It would have been better if fg has not said anything on this. we would ve been preparing nd nt confused

  98. Pls I don’t HV d local govt of origin can I swear affidavit

  99. Pls I need answers

  100. And jamb has not post me yet also I don’t know d kind of testimonial dey want

    • your secondary/primary school testimonial is what they want bro… go to your secondary and primary school and request for a testimonial from them.

  101. According to >>Ten (10) Things You Must Do & Know Before Coming To Nsukka For UNN Post UTME … we were required to post our O’level results correctly including the grades or something, what of those awaiting their results what are they going to fill or will there be an option on the form to put awaiting results or rather can they upload their waec or neco pin/reg no. so that it could be accessed by UNN when our results are out..

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      For all Awaiting Result candidates, please exercise a little patience with the online registration. Don’t just upload anything yet. I believe the school will make a provision for AR candidates on the portal in no distant time. Let’s see what happens before the closing date.
      Just keep checking here for updates.

      • Pls, what’s the unn portal and also direct to the particular place I can check if my name is really in UNN…please I need it urgently

  102. Okoro Ikenna Dickson

    those that hav nt ben posted by jamb but scored 200 nd above are we going to be admitted lyk others. Nd pls jamb post us so we wont be confused

  103. Sampson Jessica

    What if u don’t have all the credentials required? Is it okay to upload the ones u have?

    • Sampson Jessica

      Please I just uploaded my jamb result, O’level Result, birth certificate and LGA Identification Letter. I couldn’t get hold to my testimonials and first School Leaving Certificate and it uploaded.. Wat should I do?

  104. please are they going to extend the registration date. the place I wanted to register they asked me to bring my waec id card so that they will put the details and unn will check my result when waec result is released.

  105. Please, I have started my admission screening process,I have encountered a problem because I am a student awaiting the release of my WAEC 2016/2017 result. I cannot complete the registration because I have I do not have a WAEC result to upload. I have already paid the 2500naira fee. But cannot continue because of I presently have no WAEC result. Please I need help urgently because the registration forum will be closed on the 19/7/2016. Thank you

    • Mrs Otamiri Beatrice

      Okezie I have the same problem,the closing date is now 26/7/16 and we were asked to exercise patience that UNN will correct it and make provision for awaiting results candidate.

      • UNN INFO_Lawrence

        Please, go ahead and upload a scanned copy of your ward’s WAEC ID card or Photocard as the school is not forthcoming with any clarification on registration for AR candidates. All the best.

  106. Confusion everywhere. Thanks for clarifying those points. I think in other to be on the safe side, it is best to buy the form.

  107. Plz concerning d awaiting result issue,I went ahead 2 fill all d information required and on d print out given 2 me,AR was written beside d 4 subjects I’m 2 write during putme.Is there any problem.can I still make amendmets when ours is uploaded

  108. what of those that scored 197 in jamb am choose unn as there first choice…can they be able to seat for the post utme screening?

  109. Pls can the registration be done or completed without the complete documents required for example one has three over five of the document

  110. Please when is the actual closing of the e registration forum 19th July or 26th July

  111. Pls Sir d letter of recognition from local govt is it d same as certificate of state of origin?…thanks in anticipation

  112. pls,I scored 234 for medical rehab but JAMB has not posted me yet,my details appeared in unn portal and I registered but am still confused. any hope?

  113. Please is direct entry people among the screening that is going on now.

  114. plz enough of this argument READ UP 4 the fortcoming examination and commit yourself in prayers ASPIRANTS

  115. can we get the letter of identification from any other state at the license office of that state

  116. Pls admin I need urgent attention,I mistakenly submit my form pls hw can I reload it again will DAT b possible? Pls help me out

  117. Ogar Stephen Dominic

    Mr Lawrence I am going through pains because I scored 213 in my jamb here am I .I have not been posted by jamb and the Unn registeration will soon come to an end as a matter of fact I am applying for public admin sir I am going strath to do my registeration I can not sit down and miss out of the registeration pleas I need your reply as soon as possible very very important thanks and god bless

  118. please sir Lawrence, if you haven’t been posted by the jamb, is there still any advantage of registering the unn screening form?, please answer.

  119. Pls how can I obtain the form? Am seriously confused

  120. I hv finished my registrations but jamb have not posted me .

    Am confused

    I need a feedback pls

  121. afeez oluwashola adisa

    My O level is not yet out can i fill the UNN Form because of the documents required, O level result is require and i dont have it. how can i go about filling it.

    Thank you.

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      After selecting AR during registration, go ahead and upload a scanned copy of your O’level exam’s ID card or Photocard, showing details of your exam number, centre and year of exam

  122. plz sir lawrence i hv been posted by jamb. my awaiting result is NECO. bcus i hv d7 in litetature (waec) plz wat do u advice

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      After selecting AR during registration, go ahead and upload a scanned copy of your O’level exam’s ID card or Photocard, showing details of your exam number, centre and year of exam

  123. ogar stephen dominic

    the confusion we are right now in this country Nigeria takes my memory back to one of IDRIS HIT RECORD TITLE NIGERIA JAKAR JAKAR in did we are in serious problem and only god can help us it has come to an extent where jamb now give admission to aspirant just like that if I where to be the minister of education I will rather scramble jamb not post utme because jamb is not reliable just imagine the frustration in this year jamb 2016 our leader should try and think for ones pleas

  124. Pls Sir Lawrence how will I know if my details is in UNN database?

  125. Pls Sir, when is the closing date for selling of the screening form.

  126. pls can somebody tell me what to do, I paid for UNN screen and I hv being finding it difficult, register, when i get to o’level it demand for exam center which I put, the center where I did do exam but is telling me inconsistent. pls someone Help Me….

  127. pls jamb has not posted me yet,should I go on with the registration


    when is the post utme closing

  129. plz we beseech unn info group to plz attend to some of our relevant posts…some myt seem irrelivant buh does ar emanatin posts trigard by cunfusion

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      I implore you to take your time and carefully read the post above again and the follow-up comments. You will surely get your answers.
      Remember, I also told you that we simply don’t have definite answers to some of the questions being thrown at us. This year’s admission processes will be a tough one and we can only do the much we can to assist. All the best.

  130. plz attend to some of our relevant posts…some myt seem irrelivant buh does ar emanations posts trigard by confusions

  131. emanating posts stimulated by confusion

  132. After more that half a century of Independence, Nigeria should have gotten this one about education of our children right at least. Why the hurry by UNN. The institution could do well to wait for at least one in-school SSCE result to be released considering the huge number of candidates that apply for University admissions from high school. Why stampede and confuse candidates when ICT can handle these issues within a day, The reason why humans are still needed in organizations it to think through and resolve issues when situations change. I don’t think UNN is manifesting any DIGNITY OF MAN by this panicking. Because this is what I feel is causing all this confusion. This is a University, an Ivory Tower,, a Citadel of Learning for blessed sake.. Professors should not be responding to prompts from programming companies. It should be the other way round

  133. Pls,what’s the UNN portal and also can someone direct me to the particular place where I can check if my name has been sent to the school….please I need urgent answers

  134. Please sir the time is not on our side. We really want to know,will there be admission for awaiting results student. I have known unn to be among the best uni that does things right.so please they should help us out in this one for we the student have sacrificed a lot. Please sir we need a reply and my heavenly father will surely reward you.

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      For awaiting result candidates; After selecting AR during registration, go ahead and upload a scanned copy of your O’level exam’s ID card or Photocard, showing details of your exam number, centre and year of exam.


  135. Please Sir, how do I know that my name has been listed on the UNN portal cos JAMB has not post me but I scored above 200

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      As soon as you enter your JAMB registration number on the Unnportal screening application link, your basic details will come up

  136. it has bcum a tyt corner for prospective students. ..unn info group plz ur silence is making most people clueless. plz help

  137. its nt our pleasure to b bombating u pple with all dis questions.its d situation dat present itself

  138. Please sir, I was not able to finish Yesterday being the last day the reg but i finished paying to the bank and the bank said that the portal is having problems dt I shud wait please what do I do?

  139. Pls sir,can i use declaration of age document instead of birth certificate?

  140. pls sir update myn via mail at abilityfavourmmesoma@gmail.com 10nx 2 u sir

  141. Stephen chikwado

    Unn… Why 200….. After all this pushing Nigeria government is pushing us…. Y not give people chance to study in there dream school.. Ppl that have chosen you as there first and only hope… After one year you guys faild us… One year is not a joke oooo… First choice is not a joke.. We can make… You not give 180 and above the opportunity… You not…. To restore human dignity.. Do it now!!! Crying

  142. Mr Lawrence thank you for the wonderful work your doing. Today is 21st what’s the situation with awaiting results candidates. Should they still exercise patience??

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      Please, awaiting result candidates should go ahead and upload a scanned copy of their O’level exam’s ID card or Photocard with details of their exam number, centre and year of exam clearly visible.

  143. how will unn screen their candidate

  144. What will the screening look like pls

  145. Vincent Chinecherem

    pls how will the screening be?will it be written?
    and when will it be?

  146. If you are posted by jamb to unn and u had below 200 would u be accepted by the school??

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      There may be a second screening where candidates with JAMB score of 180 and above may be invited. Until then, you can’t register for the current UNN screening if your details doesn’t come up on UnnPortal

  147. When is the screening date for unn

  148. deas space 4awaiting result candidates on d screening form.

  149. please does this mean that even if you haven’t been posted but you scored 200 and above and you chose UNN as your first choice, you can still go ahead and buy the form?

  150. please what will the screenin look like? and the date for it. I use state of origin letter instead of LGA although it was not intentional. Am i safe? I live in kaduna but from enugu.

  151. Please sir the closing date of the form is approaching nd yet no news about awaiting result student. What are we going to do sir?

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      For awaiting result candidates; After selecting AR during registration, go ahead and upload a scanned copy of your O’level exam’s ID card or Photocard, showing details of your exam number, centre and year of exam.

      • pls sir i registered witout any scanned copy of o’level ID i only put awaitin result on all d subjects. plz is dea any effect

  152. Odo Chisom Maryjane

    I Didnt Write Fscl, So I Put My Primary School Testimonal, I Hope It Dosn’t Affectme

  153. Pls i can’t get hold on both my testimonial and first leaving SCH certificate. Will it affect me. Wat do i do? Can I go ahead to register with does 2?.

    • UNN INFO_Lawrence

      No one at the moment can say exactly what will affect whom or not for this year’s admission. You just have to do the best you can and leave the rest to God. All the best

  154. Can I go ahead 2 register without testimonials and first school leaving certificate? I couldn’t get hold on both of them .

  155. Godwin Ezikeanyi

    pls sir; i wrote my first ssce in 2014 and i credited all my shbjects except maths . so i wrote neco this year(2016) for my maths. Should i write the grades of all other subjects and write AR for maths. if not; am i going scan my 2014 waec ID card and 2016 neco ID card .pls sir i need your help remain blessed.

  156. Esomnofu Emmanuel

    Can Baptismal card replace the birth cert?

  157. Joycelyn Indiana

    pls can I gain addmition into UNN to study nursing science with my jamb score (200)

  158. any print out after screening registration?????,

  159. Onyegbadue Ikenna

    Will there be a screening exercise for postgraduate candidates specifically for PhD candidates?

  160. pls sir if I don’t have my first school leving what will I do to submit what will I do to submit my form

  161. Good day Sir, as regards to uploading documents, is the limit on a document 100kb or should the sum total of all the documents to be uploaded be less than 100kb? An immediate response will be really appreciated

  162. Please sir,,, I scored 208 in jamb,, do I still have chance of getting admission in unn, political science under art

    Still waiting to be added in your whatsapp room, I have sent you message but no reply

    • If u have not registered, go and register because today is d deadline for registration. This is what u have to do first

  163. Pls unn, I have registered as an awaiting student without uploading my O’level exam ID and photo card as I did not get the information on time. Pls what should I do now?. Is it going to affect me??

  164. please am refering dis question a second tym. plz i nid clearity. i uploaded my form witout a scanned copy of o’level ID. but i filled AR in my subjects nd my center,registration no. nd d year of d xam. plz any effect

  165. my fslc has a diff surname frm d one i registered in jamb bcus i did chnge of name but unable to attach it to d fslc i uploaded. plz any help on wot to do. tnx unn info

  166. Please wat are we going to do with the acknowledgment slip?

  167. Please I need very very urgent assistance..

    I am filling the application form but I cannot get past the “PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR O-LEVEL RESULTS” because of error message “The result in red is inconsistent with your earlier entry” even when the results entered are correct.

    The application is for an AR candidate and after entering the subjects she sat for in the MAY/JUNE 2015 WAEC Exams, and also ticking AR for her grades under each subject , the same error message has continued to appear.

    Can somebody help out as to how to get through this section of the form?

    • Olinya sam go back to the first page where u filled ur weac and check how u spelt ur words starting from the name of ur school till the place u filled ur olevel scores. Also check where u used capital letter nd use it exactly in d second place where u will confirm it. Thanks

  168. I had 290 for medsurg wats d chance

  169. Pls sir is any possibilty that putme will conducted

  170. Bianca u have no chance for the course ur score is too poor

    • U mean 290 is poor for medsurg… How do u knw, haha maybe ur brain has faults. Jamb already sent me admission. I just wanted to post..

  171. @ Bianca Why asking question that you already have answers to……………..i think i know, you want to get comment like Wow “you are there already, you will definitely be admitted well i wish you luck

  172. Pls… Add me to unn whatsapp grp
    My number 09039261222

  173. I have already registered without scanning neco photo card pls what can I do

  174. pls info i hv nt been posted & unn is my 1st choice, i scored 245 & dey said dat purchasing of form has been closed is dere still hope 4 me

  175. hello sir am having problem uploading my weac results pls wat x going on,wat can I do I hv tryed it manytyms.

  176. and pls contact me or add me on unn watapp 08139525488

  177. umeokwuegbu favour ebuka

    Pls I passed my screening but I didn’t reach my screening cutoff mark and I want to change my course hw do I go any it? And am applying to enter newly

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